Yuki Maeda

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Yuki Maeda
前田 有紀
Also known as Yukidon
Born (1979-08-28) August 28, 1979 (age 38)
Origin Kōchi, Kōchi Prefecture, Japan
Genres Enka
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1998-2011
Labels Teichiku, Zetima, Rice Music
Associated acts Akagumi 4, Salt5, H.P. All Stars
Website Hello! Project.com

Yuki Maeda(前田 有紀,Maeda Yuki, born August 28, 1979 in Kōchi, Kōchi Prefecture, Japan) is a former Japanese enka singer within Hello! Project. She started her career under the enka record label Teichiku in 2000 with her debut single "Naki Usagi", but did not have any charting singles in Japan until she signed with Up-Front Works and their label Zetima in 2003. In mid-2004 she was transferred to another Up-Front Works' label, Rice Music.

Kōchi Prefecture Prefecture of Japan

Kōchi Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located on the south coast of Shikoku. The capital is the city of Kōchi.

Enka (演歌) is a popular Japanese music genre considered to resemble traditional Japanese music stylistically. Modern enka, however, is a relatively recent musical form, while adopting a more traditional musical style in its vocalism than ryūkōka music, popular during the prewar years.

Hello! Project Japanese musical project

Hello! Project is the umbrella name for all-female recording artists and groups under the Japanese idol entertainment company Up-Front Promotion, a subsidiary of Up-Front Group.



The following CDs are released by Teichiku, Zetima, and Rice Music. [1]

Zetima (ゼティマ) is a Japanese record label owned by Up-Front Works, a Japanese entertainment management company. The label is handled by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Outside Japan the label is most famous for releasing music by several participants in Hello! Project, the most famous of these being Morning Musume. Former Zetima acts include Michiyo Heike, Minimoni and Naomi Tamura.

Rice Music is a Japanese record label owned by Up-Front Works, a Japanese entertainment management company. The label is handled by King Records. The label tends to focus on enka or enka-inspired pop music.


# Title Release date Peak rank
1 " Naki Usagi "(鳴きうさぎ) April 12, 2000
2 " Tokyo You Turn "(東京 You ターン,Tōkyō You Tān) January 1, 2001
3 " Tokyo, Yoimachigusa "(東京, 宵町草。) February 21, 2002
4 " Tokyo Kirigirisu "(東京きりぎりす) July 16, 2003 #134 [2]
5 " Sarasara no Kawa "(さらさらの川, "The River of Rustling") January 1, 2004 #130 [3]
6 " Nishishinjuku de Atta Hito "
(西新宿で逢ったひと, "The People Who Met in Nishinshinjuku")
September 29, 2004 #83 [4]
7 " Omae no Namida o Ore ni Kure "(お前の涙を俺にくれ) July 26, 2006 #182 [5]
8 " Ai Ai Daiko "(相愛太鼓) September 26, 2007 #119 [6]
9 " Kenchana: Daijōbu "(ケンチャナ~大丈夫~) [7] February 25, 2009 #118 [6]
10 "Mianeyo: Gomennasai"(ミアネヨ ~ごめんなさい~) April 7, 2010 #106 [6]
11 "Pusan-hatsu"(釜山発) May 25, 2011 #130 [6]


# Title Release date
1 Maeda Yuki Zenkyoku-shū: Kenchana(前田有紀 全曲集 ~ケンチャナ~) September 9, 2009 [6]
2 Pusan-hatsu: Kankoku Series Best(釜山発 ~韓国シリーズベスト~) November 22, 2011 [6]

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Yuuka Maeda is a former Japanese pop idol singer, and was one of the four founding members of S/mileage. She retired from S/mileage, Hello! Project and Up-Front Agency on December 31, 2011.

Irori Maeda is a Japanese pop singer and former member of the Japanese idol group AKBN0. She is a former Hello Pro Egg member. She joined Hello! Project in 2006 as a member of Hello! Pro Egg. In 2011, she left Hello Project for AKBN0. She left AKBN0 in 2012.

Aki Yashiro, real name Akiyo Masuda, is a Japanese enka singer and painter. Her stage name "Yashiro" is adopted from her hometown, "Yatsushiro" (八代).

<i>Moshidora</i> (film) 2011 film by Makoto Tanaka

Moshi Kōkō Yakyū no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no "Management" o Yondara is a 2011 Japanese live-action film directed by Makoto Tanaka which was released in Japanese cinemas on 4 June 2011. It is based on the bestselling book of the same name and followed a preceding anime series also of the same name.

Gin Maeda is a Japanese actor. He had a regular role in the Otoko wa Tsurai yo films, beginning with the first in the series (1969), as Sakura's husband.

Up-Front Group Co., Ltd. is a Japanese holding company for various entertainment companies. Its subsidiaries include the talent agency Up-Front Promotion and Up-Front Works, a music production and sales company that manages such record labels as Zetima, Piccolo Town, and Hachama.

Yuki or Yūki/Yuuki are separate Japanese given names used for females or males, though they can be romanized the same way.

Hello Pro Kenshusei is a pre-debut training group established by Japanese entertainment agency Up-Front Group within Hello! Project in 2004.


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