Yvon Robert

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Yvon Robert
Yvon Robert Sr.jpg
BornOctober 8, 1914
Verdun, Quebec
DiedJuly 12, 1971(1971-07-12) (aged 56)
Laval, Quebec
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Yvon Robert
The French Canadian Lion
Billed height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Billed weight250 lb (110 kg)
Trained byEmil Maupas
DebutApril 9, 1932

Yvon Robert (October 8, 1914 - July 12, 1971) was a French Canadian professional wrestler who was best known to fans as Yvon "The Lion" Robert.


Professional wrestling career

Yvon Robert Portrait. Yvon Robert BAnQ P48S1P05653.jpg
Yvon Robert

American Wrestling Association (1932-1935)

Yvon Robert started wrestling in 1932 at age 17. He got his first stint in Boston with promoter Paul Bowser's American Wrestling Association. He was trained by Emil Maupas. He was billed as the "French Canadian Lion". He made his professional wrestling debut on April 4, 1932. During his early career, Robert feuded with wrestlers such as Rasputin, Joe Cox and Ernie Dusek.

National Wrestling Association (1935-1936)

In 1935, he made his National Wrestling Association (NWA) debut as Yvon "The Lion" Robert. It was a territory of the National Boxing Association to sanction professional wrestling. He got his first big exposure after attacking world champion Danno O'Mahony during a match. He left the promotion in 1936.

Montreal (1936-1944)

At his tavern in Montreal in 1940 with pictures of wrestlers on the wall Snapshots. Taverne Yvon Robert. St. Gabriel & St. Jacques BAnQ P48S1P05750.jpg
At his tavern in Montreal in 1940 with pictures of wrestlers on the wall

In April 1936, he started wrestling in Montreal, Quebec. During his time in Montreal, he won the Montreal International Heavyweight Championship 16 times between 1936 and 1956. During 1943, he won the Montreal British Empire Heavyweight Championship.

American Wrestling Association (1936-1940)

Robert returned to the American Wrestling Association (AWA) in July 1936. Just two weeks after his return, Robert defeated O'Mahony to win the AWA World Heavyweight Championship in Montreal, claiming his first world title. He was recognized as the world champion in New England and by the Montreal Athletic Commission. [1] Robert was stripped in December 1937 for not defending against Lou Thesz. [2] In 1940, he left AWA for a second time.

National Wrestling Association (1940-1943)

In 1940, he started his second stint with the NWA. There, got the biggest victory of his career, on October 7, 1942. On that day, he beat "Wild" Bill Longson to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Montreal, Quebec. On November 27, he lost the title to Bobby Managoff in Houston, Texas. In 1943, he left the NWA.

Return to Montreal (1944-1959)

Robert returned to Montreal in 1944, and became a successful wrestler during this time. In 1948, he wrestled Gorgeous George to a draw before a Montreal-record gate of $21,000 and broke that record within a year. In 1953, he formed a successful tag team with Whipper Billy Watson and won the Canadian Tag Team Championship. On November 12, Watson and Robert defeated Al Mills and Tiny Mills at a wrestling event held in Toronto with boxing champion Joe Louis as the special guest referee. On January 5, 1958, he teamed with Billy Wicks to defeat Corsica Joe and Corsica Jean in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Mid-America Tag Team Championship, which would be Robert's final title. In 1959, he came out of retirement.

Personal life

Robert was married to Leona. They had two daughters, Leona and Suzanne, and one son, Yvon Jr., who became a professional wrestler and promoter. [3]

On July 12, 1971, Robert died at his home in Laval, Quebec.

Championships and accomplishments

  • International Heavyweight Championship (Montreal version) (16 times)
  • British Empire Heavyweight Championship (Montreal version) (1 time)

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