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Zazi District (Pashto : ځاځي ولسوالۍ, Persian : ولسوالی جاجی), also called Jaji, Dzadzi or Aryob, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. [1] The main town is Aryob. The district is within the heartland of the Zazi tribe of Pashtuns. [2]


Demographics & population

Like in the rest of Afghanistan, no exact population numbers are available. The Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD) along with UNHCR and Central Statistics Office (CSO) of Afghanistan estimated the population of Zazi district to be around 45,923 (CSO 2004). [1] According to the same sources, but according to the local tribe estimation and counting, the total population of Zazai(Pashto : ځاځي) is in two district of Ahmad Khel and Aryub 375000 in 2016 (Malak Aziz Khan from Larliwani village), Pashtuns make up 100% of the total population.

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Aryob Place in Paktia Province, Afghanistan

Aryob or Aryub is the main town of Zazi District in the Paktia Province of Afghanistan where the Zazi tribe of Pashtuns live.

The Zazi, also spelled Zazai, or Jaji, is a Karlani Pashtun tribe. They are found in Paktia and Khost provinces in the Loya Paktia region of southeastern Afghanistan, as well as Kurram Valley of Pakistan, but also have an effective presence in Kabul, Logar, Ghazni, Nangharhar, Kunduz, and Baghlan in Afghanistan.

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Jaji may refer to:

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Tsamkani, also Chamkani or Samkani, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town is Tsamkani. The district is home to the Chamkani tribe of Pashtuns.

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Gardez is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The center of the district which is also the capital of Paktia Province is Gardez.

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Janikhel is a district in Paktika Province, in eastern Afghanistan. It was created in 2004 out of a part of Khairkot District.

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Said Karam is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. The main town in the district is Khandkhel. The district is within the heartland of the Muqbil tribe of Pashtuns. Villages in the Said Karam district are Khandkhel (خڼخیل), Khunderkhel, Goud Qala Mangal, Chino Klalai, Shaiyesta Kalay and Shaikhan Kalay (توتاخېل)

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Lōya Paktiā is a historical and cultural region of Afghanistan, comprising the modern Afghan provinces of Khost, Paktia, and Paktika, as well as parts of Logar and parts of Kurram and Waziristan in Pakistan. Loya Paktia is vaguely defined by a common culture and history that is connected to the local indigenous tribes that reside in the region. Particular styles of clothing, articles of clothing, turban styles, turban cloth colors, dialects of Pashto language, etc. may sometimes be associated with specific tribes indigenous to Loya Paktia and thus integrate themselves into regional culture. For instance, a Pashtun tribesman from Loy Kandahar may quickly recognize a Pashtun from Loya Paktia based upon his turban style and color. Likewise, a Pashtun from Loya Paktia may recognize someone from Loy Kandahar based upon his unique style of collarless kameez (shirt) with specific embroidered patterns on the front. There are many subtle and intricate cultural indicators of this type that are not recorded in any known written history but simply known and observed by the tribesmen of the various Pashtun regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Janikhel District, Paktia

Janikhel is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. It is on the border with Khost Province, and is mostly inhabited by the Wazir and Mangal tribes of Pashtuns.

Surobi, Sarobi or Sarubi District is a district of Paktika Province, Afghanistan, with a population of 48,291 people. It is situated northeast of Gomal, west of Barmal and south of Urgun and Sar Hawza. The Kharoti tribe of Ghilji Pashtuns have a strong presence here.


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