Zdravko Čolić (album)

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Zdravko Čolić
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 1988
StudioStudio Aquarius, Belgrade
Muzički Atelje, Subotica
Genre Pop, Pop-rock
Label Diskoton / Kamarad
Producer Kornelije Kovač
Zdravko Čolić chronology
Ti si mi u krvi
Zdravko Čolić
Da ti kažem šta mi je

Zdravko Čolić is the seventh studio album by Zdravko Čolić, released in 1988.

Track listing

  1. Rodi me majko sretnog (Born Me Lucky, Mother)
  2. Ne kunite, ne krivite (Don't Swear, Don't Blame)
  3. Samo ona zna (Only She Knows)
  4. Da mi nije ove moje tuge (If It Wasn't For This Sorrow Of Mine)
  5. Hej, suzo (Hej, Cigani) (Hey, Tear (Hey, Gypsies))
  6. Oj djevojko selen, velen (Hey, Fickle Girl)
  7. Ko te ljubi kad nisam tu (Who Kisses You When I'm Not There)
  8. Hvala ti nebo (Thank You, Heaven)
  9. Jastreb (Falcon)
  10. Ne daj se, mladosti (Don't Give Up, Youth)

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