Zero Tester

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Zero Tester
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Genre Mecha
Created by Yoshitake Suzuki
Anime television series
Directed by Ryosuke Takahashi
Music by Nayazumi Yamamoto
Studio Tohokushinsha Film
Crystal Art Studio
Sunrise Studio/Soeisha
Original network FNS (Fuji TV, KTV)
Original run October 1, 1973 December 30, 1974
Episodes66 (List of episodes)
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Zero Tester (ゼロテスター, Zerotesutā) is a mecha produced anime series by Sunrise and Crystal Art Studio.


It consists of 66 episodes and was originally broadcast on Fuji TV. [1] [2] The first 39 episodes tells the attempted invasion of the earth by Armanoid aliens, while the remaining 27 episodes, with the series retitled Zero Tester: Save the Earth! (Chikyu o Mamotte!), are about an attack by Gallos aliens. [1]

According to Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy's The Anime Encyclopedia , it was "an early gathering of many of anime's future greats, particularly for the Gundam series". [1]


The first directorial work by Ryosuke Takahashi . In response to the failure of Hazedon in the previous year, the second work of Soeisha changed the project content from marine adventure to science fiction.

" Thunderbird was a Japanese copyright's" Tohokushinsha planning as a concept of "Japanese-made Thunderbird" is, was produced as the No. 2 work of creation Utsusha a subsidiary. In contrast to "Hazedon," which failed in terms of audience rating, this work succeeded in terms of audience rating.

Initially, the Zero Tester was also in a scenario that eventually led to battle in the incident investigation and rescue mission, but the battle color was strengthened by repeated route changes.

At the end of the next announcement , the line "Let's charge this channel again next week" was always included.

The mechanical design has been credited as "John Dedowa" is a fictional character, the reality is Studio Nue is a SF planning company Crystal Art Studio is a de facto predecessor, as those of the current studio bran example relationship first It is a TV animation of.


Broadcast list



On-air dateEpisode TitleWriterConteDirectorAppearing enemy mechaGuest Voice
October 1
The birth of Zero Tester Fuyunori Gobu Kazuo NakamuraArmanoid Tank
2October 8Hit the hurricane top! Haruya Yamazaki Hurricane top
3October 15Pit of the UniverseSatoshi InouePlanetary Fortress, Bomb Robot
4October 22SOS First Planet BaseFuyunori GobuArmanoid Robot
5October 29Horror Human Remodeling MachineGolem
6November 5Dispatch Tester No. 3!Haruya YamazakiSubmarine Bethbias
7November 12Blow up the underground power plant!Satoshi InoueArmanoid bats
8November 19Antarctic OperationHino TakamotoWhale-class submarine
9November 26Fubuki! Zero life supportString GoroKing (Pharaoh) Robot (Voice: Hisayoshi Yoshizawa),
Prince Robot (Voice: Akira Kamiya)
10December 3The Earth BurnsHaruya YamazakiMachine Bird
11December 10Protect the laser car!Satoshi InoueMonster Butterfly
12December 17Hit the Space Fortress! Ryosuke Takahashi
13December 24Armanoid Gifts Yu Yamamoto * 1
14December 31Mobius's CounterattackFuyunori Gobu
January 7
Close call! Three people aimed atHaruya YamazakiLightning laser
16January 14Scoop the Sun!Satoshi Inoue
17January 21Aimed Undersea CityYu Yamamoto
18January 28Space Jellyfish PolypHaruya YamazakiPolyp
19February 4Yousei Silver BroncoSatoshi Inoue
20February 11Crazy Artificial Sun Kenichi Matsuzaki
Masaaki Sakurai
21February 18The tanker spacecraft that was taken overGengoro
22February 25Fear of 10,000 km / sFuyunori Gobu
23March 4Shoot down the planetary machineYu Yamamoto
24March 11A space ghost appeared !!Fuyunori GobuMonster
25March 18Break through the spider web barrierSatoshi InoueArabella
26March 25Monster Brain MadFuyunori GobuMad
27April 1Secret Tester Machine Z-1
28April 8The artificial island was intimidated!
29April 15Dr. Tachibana's Uragiri?Haruya YamazakiLadybugs Rocket
30April 22Fierce fight! Confrontation with DekuningerYu YamamotoDekuninger
31April 29Strong enemy! Robot Great FortressString GoroDinosaur Robot Fortress
32May 6Remodeled Barghis CounterattackFuyunori GobuRemodeled Barghis
33May 13Armanoid Deep Sea TrapYu Yamamoto
34May 20Captain Desperate CounterattackString GoroCentipede Tank
35May 27Appearance! Mecha Plant Dyler Yoshiaki Yoshida Iron-eating Mushroom, Dyler
36June 3Cryonic Humans!String GoroTemperature Sensing Robot
37June 10Target is Zero TesterYu Yamamoto
38June 17Zero Robot AppearsYoshiaki YoshidaPhantom Fish Submarine
39June 24The End of the Strong Enemy BargisFuyunori Gobu Noboru Ishiguro King Squid Gander
40July 1Garos Seven People Appeared Yoshiyuki Tomino (Credit)
It has not been)
Garos Seven People, Decoy Robot
41July 8Invasion of Animal GarosGengoro Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Animal Garos (Voice: Kiyoshi Kobayashi)
42July 15I'm here! Dinosaur ArmyRyosuke TakahashiYoshiyuki TominoDinosaur Garos (Voice: Shozo Iizuka)
43July 22Intense! AshlangerYu Yamamoto Seiji Okuda Yuichiro Yokoyama Warrior Garos Ashlanger (Voice: Kenji Utsumi),
Iron buffalo
44July 29Ambush of Fire GarosNoboru IshiguroKazunori TanahashiFire Garos (Voice: Shojiro Kihara)
45August 5Challenge of Esper Garos Soji Yoshikawa Yoshikazu YasuhikoEsper Garos (Voice: Ikuo Nishikawa)
46August 12Yokai GamagarosYoshiaki YoshidaYoshikazu YasuhikoGamagaros (Voice: Junpei Takiguchi)
47August 19Three-stage deformed GarosString Goro Hisashi Sakaguchi Yuichiro YokoyamaTransformed Garos (Voice: Reizo Nomoto)
48August 26Fear of Mecha AntsYu YamamotoYoshiyuki TominoBlack Demon (Voice: Shozo Iizuka)
49September 2Zero Flight of TrialsSoji YoshikawaNoboru IshiguroKazunori TanahashiArmageddon (Voice: Yoshihisa Kamo)
50September 9Advance! Crusher 7Yu YamamotoYoshikazu YasuhikoSuper Garos (voice: Mikio Terashima)
51September 16Transparent Garos TrapSeiji OkudaYuichiro YokoyamaTransparent Garos (Voice: Kenji Utsumi)
52September 23Three Stars LaunchYoshiaki YoshidaYoshiyuki TominoMagmagaros (Voice: Shozo Iizuka)
53September 30Unit 2 Fortress PlanYu YamamotoKazunori TanahashiNobuyoshi SasakadoHydragaros
54October 7Deep Sea Zero ChargeYoshikazu YasuhikoYoshikazu YasuhikoDragon Garos (Voice: Reizo Nomoto)
55October 14Shoot the Garos Bullet TrainYu YamamotoYuichiro YokoyamaKazuo Nakamura
56October 21Phantom Zero TesterYoshikazu YasuhikoIntroductory Garos (Voice: Teiji Omiya)
57October 28Underground Garos SasoligulaGengoroYoshiyuki TominoKazuo NakamuraUnderground Garos Sasoligula (Voice: Uncredited)
58November 4Transform Zero Buggy!Soji YoshikawaKazunori Tanahashi Nobuyoshi Sasakado Bagindagaros (Voice: Toshihiko Kojima * 2)
59November 11Escape the Bomb IslandYoshiaki YoshidaYuichiro Yokoyama Saburo Sakamoto Bomb Garos (Voice: Masashi Amenomori)
60November 18Devil's Specter Garos Kazuo Terada Kazuo TeradaKazuo NakamuraSpecter Garos (Voice: Shozo Iizuka)
61November 25The Secret of Yuki Shonen RobotSoji YoshikawaYoshikazu YasuhikoBison Garos (Voice: Rei Nomoto) three)
62December 2SOS! Robot TournamentMasaaki SakuraiYoshiyuki Tomino(Credit)
It has not been)
Driller Garos (voice: Shozo Iizuka)
63December 9Laughter of Hell GarosYu YamamotoYoshikazu YasuhikoYuichiro YokoyamaNobuyoshi SasakadoHell Garos (voice: Mikio Terashima)
64December 16Horror Cyborg PlanSoji YoshikawaKazuo TeradaSaburo SakamotoZoomer (Voice: Reizo Nomoto)
65December 23Armanoid Star ApproachingYu YamamotoYoshikazu YasuhikoBangers
66December 30The end of the Armanoid starFuyunori GobuYoshiyuki TominoNobuyoshi SasakadoArmanoid star, multi-warhead nuclear missile
* 1 The credit is misprinted as "Yu Yamamoto". * 2 You are a racer with credit.

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