Zinkensdamms IP

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Zinkensdamms idrottsplats
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Owner City of Stockholm
Capacity Bandy: 6,500
Opened18 May 1937 (1937-05-18)
Hammarby IF (bandy)
Reymersholms IK (association football)
Stockholm Mean Machines (American football)

Zinkensdamms idrottsplats, usually Zinkensdamms IP or colloquially Zinken or Zinkens, is a sports ground in Södermalm in central Stockholm, Sweden.

The ground was designed by architect Paul Hedqvist [1] and was inaugurated on 18 May 1937 with a football game between Reymersholms IK and Djurgårdens IF. [2]

Nowadays, it is mainly known for bandy, because Hammarby IF, playing in the highest bandy league in Sweden (Elitserien), use it as its home ground. The ice can be artificially frozen since 1986. [3] It is also used as the home ground for association football team Reymersholms IK and American football team Stockholm Mean Machines. Matches were played at the 1997 European Lacrosse Championships.

Zinkendamms IP in February 2012 Zinkensdamms IP February 2012.jpg
Zinkendamms IP in February 2012
Bandy match between Djurgarden and Gustavsberg Zinkensdamms IP corner situation01.jpg
Bandy match between Djurgården and Gustavsberg

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Hammarby IF Bandyförening is a Swedish Bandy club from Södermalm, Stockholm, a section of the sports club Hammarby IF. Hammarby IF was founded under its present name in 1897 and has been playing bandy since 1905. The club currently play in Elitserien, which is the highest division in Sweden.

IK Göta is a Swedish sports club, which was very successful in several sports such as track and field, handball, bowling, field hockey, ice hockey, soccer and bandy during the 20th century. Their most famous and successful sport was ice hockey. They won the Swedish ice hockey championship nine times, including the inaugural championship in 1922. The club was also operating bandy teams, both women's and men's, winning the Swedish men's championship in bandy once, in 1927. In women's bandy they were far more successful, winning eight times, the last time in 1984.

Elitserien (bandy) Swedish mens bandy top division

The Elitserien is since the 2007–08 season the highest bandy league in Sweden. It consists of 14 teams. The season ends with one final game in March. The final was held at Studenternas IP in Uppsala from 1991 until 2012. In 2013 and 2014 the final was played at Friends Arena in Solna, and from 2015 to 2017 it was played at the Tele2 Arena. The final returned to Studenternas IP in 2018.

The 2006–07 season in Swedish bandy, starting August 2006 and ending July 2007:

Tele2 Arena multi-purpose stadium in Stockholm

Tele2 Arena is a retractable roof multi-purpose stadium in Stockholm Globe City, Johanneshov, just south of Stockholm City Centre, Sweden. It is used mostly for concerts and football matches, hosting the home matches of Allsvenskan teams Djurgårdens IF and Hammarby IF. The arena has a capacity of 30,000 to 35,000 spectators for football matches, depending on the number of people standing, and its facilities fulfill the requirements of FIFA and UEFA for hosting international games and tournaments. When configured for concerts, the arena has a capacity of 45,000.

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Enskede IK

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Zinkensdamm is an area and a former manor in Södermalm in inner Stockholm. The Zinkensdamm manor was demolished. The name is today used for Zinkensdamm metro station and the sports ground Zinkensdamms IP.

Essinge IK sports club on the Essingen Islands in Sweden

Essinge IK is a Swedish football club located in Stockholm.

Östermalms IP sportsground in Östermalm in Stockholm, Sweden

Östermalms IP is a sports ground located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden. Completed in 1906, the facility played host to several sports during the 1912 Summer Olympics. These sports included equestrian, fencing, and tennis. It also hosted the exhibition for baseball at those same games. Current tenants are the bandy department of Djurgårdens IF, the youth program of the said club's football department and several lower league teams. The athletic grounds also hosts a speed skating rink during winter.

The 2010 IFAF Women's World Championship was the first world championship of American football for women. It was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 26 June to 3 July 2010.

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Studenternas IP is a multi-use stadium in Uppsala, Sweden and the home arena for the football club IK Sirius Fotboll and in bandy for IK Sirius in Elitserien and several other bandy teams. The summer arena has a total capacity of 7,200 spectators and the winter arena 8,000. The bandy finals were played here from 1991 until 2012. Starting in 2018, the finals are once again played at Studenternas. The arena has a much bigger capacity during that weekend, for example 25,560 spectators saw the 2010 men's final. The summer arena will undergo a major upgrade between 2017 and 2020. The "new Studenternas" will have a capacity of 10,000 spectators.

Reymersholms IK

Reymersholms IK is a sports club located in Stockholm and was founded on 1 September 1899. From the 1920s to the 1940s the club was successful in bandy, football and ice hockey. Today football is the only sport in the club. The club is affiliated to Stockholms Fotbollförbund which is a district organisation of the Swedish Football Association.

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Football in Stockholm

Football in Stockholm organises about 60,000 players and is governed by Stockholm Football Association since 1917. Stockholm has several of Sweden's leading football clubs, and the city is home to 39 teams in the national league system and more than 100 amateur leagues regulated by the Stockholm Football Association. At the moment there are three Stockholm teams in the first-tier Allsvenskan, four in the second-tier Superettan, four in the third-tier Division 1.

1899 in Sweden Sweden-related events during the year of 1899

Events from the year 1899 in Sweden

The 2016–17 Elitserien was the tenth season of the present highest Swedish men's bandy top division, Elitserien. The regular season began on 21 October 2016, and the final was played at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 25 March 2017. Edsbyns IF won the Swedish national championship title by defeating Bollnäs GIF, 3–1, in the final game, thereby securing Edsbyn's tenth championship title, making the club alone the third most successful Swedish bandy club so far.


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