Zygmunt Kęstowicz

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Zygmunt Kęstowicz
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Born(1921-01-24)24 January 1921
Šakiai, Lithuania
Died14 March 2007(2007-03-14) (aged 86)
Warsaw, Poland
Years active1954-1997

Zygmunt Kęstowicz (24 January 1921 14 March 2007) was a Polish actor. [1] He appeared in more than 25 films and television shows between 1954 and 1997.


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Zygmunt Bauman was a Polish sociologist and philosopher. He was driven out of the Polish People's Republic during the 1968 Polish political crisis and forced to give up his Polish citizenship. He emigrated to Israel; three years later he moved to the United Kingdom. He resided in England from 1971, where he studied at the London School of Economics and became Professor of Sociology at the University of Leeds, later Emeritus. Bauman was a social theorist, writing on issues as diverse as modernity and the Holocaust, postmodern consumerism and liquid modernity.

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Klan is a Polish soap opera that premiered on September 22, 1997 on the public TVP1 channel. With more than 3,600 episodes spannig over 22 seasons, the show has been the longest-running Polish TV series. It airs from Monday to Friday at 6.00 p.m. on TVP1.

Stawka większa niż życie was a Polish black and white TV series about the adventures of a soviet secret agent, captain Hans Kloss, who acts as a double agent in the Abwehr during Second World War in occupied Poland.

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