Descendants of George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

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Here follows a list of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of George III of the United Kingdom and his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Their children include George IV of the United Kingdom, William IV of the United Kingdom, and Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover. Their grandchildren include Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and King George V of Hanover. Their great-grandchildren include King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover.



NameBirthDeathNotes [1]
George IV 12 August 176226 June 1830married 1795, Caroline of Brunswick; had issue
Frederick, Duke of York 16 August 17635 January 1827married 1791, Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia; no issue
William IV 21 August 176520 June 1837married 1818, Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen; no surviving issue
Charlotte, Princess Royal 29 September 17666 October 1828married 1797, Frederick I of Württemberg; no surviving issue
Edward, Duke of Kent 2 November 176723 January 1820married 1818, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; had issue
Princess Augusta Sophia 8 November 176822 September 1840
Princess Elizabeth 22 May 177010 January 1840married 1818, Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg; no issue
Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover 5 June 177118 November 1851married 1815, Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; had issue
Augustus, Duke of Sussex 27 January 177321 April 1843married (1) 1793 (in contravention with the Royal Marriages Act 1772) Lady Augusta Murray; annulled 1794; had issue; (2) 1831 (again in contravention of the Act) Cecilia Underwood, Duchess of Inverness; no issue
Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge 24 February 17748 July 1850married 1818, Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel; had issue
Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester 25 April 177630 April 1857married 1815, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester; no issue
Princess Sophia 3 November 177727 May 1848
Prince Octavius 23 February 17793 May 1783
Prince Alfred 22 September 178020 August 1782
Princess Amelia 7 August 17832 November 1810


Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales 7 January 17966 November 1817married 1816, Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; no surviving issue
Princess Charlotte of Clarence 21 March 181921 March 1819
Princess Elizabeth of Clarence 10 December 18204 March 1821
Queen Victoria 24 May 181922 January 1901married 1840, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; had issue
George V of Hanover 27 May 181912 June 1878married 1843, Marie of Saxe-Altenburg; had issue
Prince George, Duke of Cambridge 26 March 181917 March 1904married 1847, Sarah Fairbrother; had issue (in contravention of Royal Marriages Act 1772. All issue illegitimate)
Princess Augusta of Cambridge 19 July 18225 December 1916married 1843, Friedrich Wilhelm, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; had issue
Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge 27 November 183327 October 1897married 1866, Francis, Duke of Teck; had issue


Victoria, Princess Royal 21 November 18405 August 1901married 1858 Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia; had issue
Edward VII 9 November 18416 May 1910married 1863, Princess Alexandra of Denmark; had issue
Princess Alice 25 April 184314 December 1878married 1862, Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by the Rhine; had issue
Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 6 August 184431 July 1900married 1874, Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia; had issue
Princess Helena 25 May 18469 June 1923married 1866, Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; had issue
Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll 18 March 18483 December 1939married 1871, John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll; no issue
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn 1 May 185016 January 1942married 1879, Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia; had issue
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany 7 April 185328 March 1884married 1882, Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont; had issue
Princess Beatrice 14 April 185726 October 1944married 1885, Prince Henry of Battenberg; had issue
Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover 21 September 184514 November 1923married 1878, Princess Thyra of Denmark; had issue
Princess Frederica of Hanover 9 January 184816 October 1926married 1880, Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen; no surviving issue
Princess Marie of Hanover 3 December 18494 June 1904
Adolf Friedrich V, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 22 July 184811 June 1914married 1877, Princess Elisabeth of Anhalt; had issue
Princess Victoria Mary of Teck 26 May 186724 March 1953married 1893, Prince George, Duke of York, later George V; had issue
Prince Adolphus of Teck 13 August 186823 October 1927married 1894, Lady Margaret Evelyn Grosvenor; had issue
Prince Francis of Teck 9 January 187022 October 1910
Prince Alexander of Teck 14 April 187416 January 1957married 1904, Princess Alice of Albany; had issue

Illegitimate grandchildren

Princess Charlotte, the Prince of Wales's daughter, was, for the whole of her life, the King's only legitimate grandchild. With her death in 1817, the King's unmarried sons scrambled to find appropriate wives from among the German princesses and produce heirs to the throne; but before this, many had been content to keep mistresses or, in the cases of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, to marry invalidly. As a result, George III and Queen Charlotte had 56[ citation needed ] illegitimate grandchildren.

Alleged children of Frederick, Duke of York
Captain Charles Hesse 17861832
Colonel John George Nathaniel Gibbes 30 March 17875 July 1873Legally his father was John Gibbes, his mother's husband.
Captain John Molloy c. 17896 October 1867Said to be the son of Sarah Hussey, Countess of Tyrconnel, fostered and raised by the Molloys.
Frederick George Vandiest18001848
Louisa Ann Vandiest18021890
Children of William IV (then Duke of Clarence) by Dorothea Jordan
George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster 29 January 179420 March 1842married 1819, Mary Wyndham; had issue
Henry FitzClarence 27 March 1795September 1817
Sophia Sidney, Baroness De L'Isle and Dudley August 179610 April 1837married 1825, Philip Sidney, 1st Baron De L'Isle and Dudley; had issue
Lady Mary Fox 19 December 179813 July 1864married 1824, General Charles Richard Fox; no issue
Lord Frederick FitzClarence 9 December 179930 October 1854married 1821, Lady Augusta Boyle; had issue
Elizabeth Hay, Countess of Erroll 17 January 180116 January 1856married 1820, William Hay, 18th Earl of Erroll; had issue
Lord Adolphus FitzClarence 18 February 180217 Mary 1856
Lady Augusta Hallyburton 17 November 18038 December 1865married 1827, the Hon. John Kennedy-Erskine; had issue; married 1854, Lord John Hallyburton; no issue
Lord Augustus FitzClarence 1 March 180514 June 1854married 1845, Sarah Gordon; had issue
Amelia Cary, Viscountess Falkland 21 March 18072 July 1858married 1830, Lucius Cary, 10th Viscount Falkland
Children of Augustus, Duke of Sussex, by Lady Augusta Murray
Sir Augustus d'Este 17941848
Augusta Wilde, Baroness Truro 1801May 1866married 1845, Thomas Wilde, 1st Baron Truro; no issue
Alleged child of Princess Sophia by General Thomas Garth (or her brother Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland)
Thomas Garth1800??Sophia probably had no child.


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