Fabric 18

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Fabric 18
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Compilation album by
Baby Mammoth, Beige & Solid Doctor
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2004
Genre Electronic
Label Fabric
Producer Baby Mammoth, Beige & Solid Doctor
Fabric Mix Series chronology
Fabric 17
Fabric 18
Fabric 19
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Fabric 18 is a DJ mix compilation album by Baby Mammoth, Beige & Solid Doctor, as part of the Fabric Mix Series.


Track listing

  1. Baby Mammoth - Elephunk - Pork
  2. Baby Mammoth - Blind Date - Ecco Chamber
  3. Baby Mammoth - Finale (Nickodemus + Soirees Remix) - Ecco Chamber
  4. Raw Cliff - Bewilder - Unreleased
  5. Momma Gravy - Shut Up - Unreleased
  6. Momma Gravy - Boy With A Comb - Unreleased
  7. Momma Gravy - Bottle Back - Unreleased
  8. Momma Gravy - Sizzling Finch - Different Drummer
  9. Momma Gravy - Did You Piss On My Guitar - Unreleased
  10. Fila Brazillia - Bullshit - Twentythree records
  11. J.J. Fuchs - Stick it in T'Middle - Twentythree records
  12. J*S*T*A*R*S - Spansules - Twentythree records
  13. Mandrillus Sphinx - Pigeon's G-Spot - Twentythree records

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