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The interior of fabric nightclub in Farringdon, London, circa 2009
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From November 2001 to November 2018, the London nightclub fabric ran a monthly mix compilation series. Mixed by a variety of emerging and established DJs, the two series were entitled fabric and FABRICLIVE respectively. The compilation mixes were released independently by fabric on an alternating monthly basis. [1]


In May 2018, fabric announced that the fabric series would end "in its current form" with its 100th instalment; in October 2018, fabric revealed the final fabric compilation would be a triple-disc set, mixed by two of the club's residents—Craig Richards and Terry Francis—as well as its founder, Keith Reilly. [2] In August 2018, the club announced that the FABRICLIVE series would also end with its 100th instalment, and would be mixed by Kode 9—founder of the celebrated underground electronic music label, Hyperdub—and Burial—a pioneering UK dubstep producer. [3]

In January 2019, fabric announced a revamped quarterly mix series, titled fabric presents, coinciding with the club's 20th anniversary celebrations. [4] The inaugural mix of the new series was released in February 2019 — compiled by UK electronic musician, producer, and DJ, Bonobo. [5]

fabric series (2001–2018)

The albums in this series generally feature music in the techno, house, electronica, and tech-house genres. The mixes in the fabric series reflect the kinds of music typically showcased at the nightclub's Saturday night events. [6]

FABRICLIVE series (2001–2018)

The albums in this series generally feature music in the UK bass, drum & bass, grime, and hip hop genres. 'Live' in the series' title does not in fact indicate that the mixes were recorded live. The mixes in the FABRICLIVE series reflect the kinds of music typically showcased at the nightclub's Friday night events. [6]

fabric presents series (2019–present)

fabric podcast series (2007–2010)

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Four Tet English musician and DJ

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<i>FabricLive.01</i> 2001 mixtape by James Lavelle

FabricLive.01 is a DJ mix compilation album by James Lavelle, as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

This is a comprehensive listing of releases, collaborations, remixes and productions documenting the solo work of the British electronic musician Kieran Hebden. Alongside his role as a member of Fridge, Hebden has established himself as a solo artist under the moniker Four Tet, and has performed as part of the duo Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid.

<i>FabricLive.37</i> 2007 compilation album by Caspa & Rusko

FabricLive.37 is a 2007 album by the British dubstep producers Caspa & Rusko. The album was released as part of the FabricLive Mix Series and was the first edition of the series to feature the dubstep genre of electronic music. Some of the tracks feature samples from the Guy Ritchie film Snatch, the Nick Love film The Business, the TV Series The Armando Iannucci Shows and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The album featured other notable primarily dubstep producers such as Skream, Coki, Buraka Som Sistema and many more.

<i>FabricLive.42</i> 2008 compilation album by Freq Nasty

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<i>FabricLive.45</i> 2009 mix album by A-Trak

FabricLive.45 is a 2009 album by A-Trak. The album was released as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Misstress Barbara Italian-born Canadian producer, DJ and singer-songwriter

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<i>FabricLive.61</i> 2012 compilation album by Pinch

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Ali B (DJ) English DJ, radio presenter and producer

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<i>FabricLive.74</i> 2014 compilation album by Jack Beats

FabricLive.74 is a DJ mix album by English electronic music duo Jack Beats. The album was released as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Annie Mac is a BBC Radio 1 radio show featuring Annie Mac and focusing on Music, chat and Live Music Sessions, broadcasting since 2004.

<i>FabricLive.82</i> 2015 compilation album by Ed Rush & Optical

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Midland (DJ)

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