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ReleasedApril 2005
Genre Electronic music
Label Fabric
Producer Meat Katie
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FabricLive.21 is a DJ mix compilation album by Meat Katie, as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Track listing

  1. Lee Coombs & David Phillips - Banned Practice - Thrust Recordings
  2. Albino Allstars - Can You Hear Me - Tagsta
  3. 2 tracks mixed
    1. Ithaka - So Get Up (Acapella) - Kaos Records Portugal
    2. Figures featuring Ithaka - Phat Prick - Kingsize Records
  4. Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Lee Coombs Back To The Phuture Mix) - Expanded Music
  5. Tim Wright - Oxygen (Abe Duque Remix) - Mute
  6. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Nu-Tron - Kingsize Records
  7. 2 tracks mixed
    1. Unkle Ft. Ian Brown - Reign (Acapella) - Global Underground
    2. Infusion - Better World (Infusion Remix) - BMG
  8. Jem Stone & J.C. - Disco Daze - Finger Lickin' Records
  9. Elite Force - Shadow Box - Kingsize Records
  10. Metric - Stale - Lot 49
  11. Force Mass Motion - Out Of it - Lot 49
  12. Vigi & Nectarios - 2 C Beat (EK Remix) - Streetwise Records
  13. Dylan Rhymes - Salty (Meat Katie Remix) - Kingsize Records
  14. Koma & Bones - Get Down - Lot 49
  15. Vandal - Mad As Hell - Lot 49
  16. Circuit Breaker - Gateway - Lot 49
  17. Atomic Hooligan Ft. Sweet Hustler - Shine A Light (Introspective Remix) - Botchit & Scarper

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