Fabric 44

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Fabric 44
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ReleasedJanuary 2009
Label Fabric
Producer John Tejada
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Fabric 44
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Fabric 44 is an album by electronic artist John Tejada. It was released in 2009 as part of the Fabric Mix Series.


Track listing

  1. Dave Hughes - Let's Do It - Palette
  2. Pigon - Kamm - Beatstreet
  3. Namlook - Subharmonic Atoms - Macro
  4. Donnacha Costello - Colorseries Olive B - Minimise
  5. WAX - WAX10001 - Hardwax
  6. Nekes - Cristal - Oslo Records
  7. Alex Cortez - Phlogiston EP - Pal SL
  8. Palette All-Stars - Downtown Hotel - Palette
  9. Palette All-Stars - After School Special - Palette
  10. EQD - Equalized001 - Hardwax
  11. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Benus Boats - Palette
  12. John Tejada & Arian Leviste - M Track 1 - Palette
  13. Orbital - Fahrenheit 303 - FFRR
  14. John Tejada - Torque - Palette
  15. M-Core - Be Gene - Ifach
  16. John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Forbidden Planet - Palette
  17. Substance - Relish (Shed Remix) - Scion Versions
  18. Spooky - Candy - Spooky
  19. John Tejada - The Open - Palette
  20. LJ Kruzer - Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost Remix) - Uncharted audio

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