Fabric 20

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Fabric 20
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Compilation album by
Released17 January 2005
Genre Electronic
Label Fabric
Producer John Digweed
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Fabric 20
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Fabric 20
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Fabric 20 is a DJ mix compilation album by John Digweed, as part of the Fabric Mix Series. It was whittled down from a five-hour set based on Digweed's time at Fabric. [1]



Fabric 20 is more similar to Digweed's Kiss FM radio show, rather than his previous progressive and house mixes. [2] The first half is punctuated with a techy, electro vibe. [3] The second half of the set features more of Digweed's uplifting sound that helped make him and Sasha a global phenomenon in the late 1990s. [4]

Critical reaction

Many fans have commented that Digweed is "too commercial" or mainstream for an entry in the Fabric series. [5] [4] It received generally positive reviews, [5] [6] but some critics such as Pitchfork Media found the mix to be nothing particularly special. [7]

Track listing

  1. Pete Moss - Strive To Live (16b Mix) - Alola Records
  2. Adam Johnson - Traber - Merck/Narita
  3. Repair - Forgive + Forget (Richard Davis Remix) - Sub Static Records
  4. DJ Rasoul - True Science - DJ Rasoul
  5. The Glass - Won't Bother Me (20:20 Mix) - Fine/Four Music
  6. Billy Dalessandro - In The Dark - Kompute Musik
  7. Bobby Peru - Venom - 20/20 Vision
  8. Martin Solveig - Rocking Music (Martin Solveig Dub) - Defected Records
  9. Slam - Lie To Me (FreestyleMan Thirsty Monk Dub) - Soma Records
  10. Angel Alanis - Knob Job - A Squared Muzik
  11. Infusion - Better World (Wink Interpretation) - BMG
  12. Superpitcher - Happiness (Michael Mayer Mix) - Kompakt
  13. Joel Mull - Emico - Elp
  14. Matrix - Vertigo (Goldtrix Remix) - Metro Recordings

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