Fabric 40

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Fabric 40
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Compilation album by
ReleasedMay 2008
Label Fabric
Producer Mark Farina
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Fabric 40 is a 2008 album by Mark Farina. The album was released as part of the Fabric Mix Series.

Mark Farina is a disc jockey and musician, known for his Chicago house, acid jazz and downtempo works. Notable releases include Mood and the Mushroom Jazz series, and recently known also from house compilations El Divinio. He is primarily identified with the house music scene in San Francisco, California. Farina resides in Dallas, Texas, but DJs widely around the world.

Track listing

  1. Giom - Together - Amenti
  2. Chuck Love - Yellow Truth (Atnarko Mix) - Onethirty Recordings
  3. JT Donaldson & Uneaq - Why Not Rock? - Uneaq
  4. Ricardo Rae - Lead The Way - So Sound
  5. John Larner & Slater Hogan - Gettin' Ready - Muzique Boutique
  6. Inland Knights - Where Ya At? - Drop Music
  7. Homero Espinosa - Got This Feeling (LNS Disco Dub) - Yerba Buena Discos
  8. Alexander East - Believe En Me - Nordic Trax
  9. Frank Solano - The Blues Line (Tommy Largo Remix) - Kolour Recordings Digital
  10. Kris G - Feel My Love (Bobby Valentine Remix) - Union Recordings
  11. Non Believers - Stasera - Hudd Traxx
  12. Johnny Fiasco - Last Word - Dae Recordings
  13. Mood II Swing - Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix) - King Street Sounds
  14. James Curd - Pick Up What I'm Putting Down - A Second Smell
  15. Rylan White Ft. Olly Brunton - There Goes The Neighbourhood - All House Music
  16. Lawnchair Generals - Broke Acid - LCG Music
  17. Jeremy Joshua - Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix) - Digital Disco
  18. DJ Sneak - Mumbler - Blu Funk Productions
  19. Prztz - Brutality - Jamanta Crew
  20. Mark Farina - Das Shibuya (Cheeba Mix) - Great Lakes Audio
  21. King Kooba - Hoose Musik - King Kooba

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