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Compilation album by
ReleasedOctober 6, 2003
Genre Broken beat
Label Fabric
Producer Bugz in the Attic
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Got the Bug: the Bugz in the Attic Remixes Collection
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FabricLive.12 is a DJ mix compilation album by Bugz in the Attic, as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Track listing

  1. Umod – Tromboline – Dominic Stanton
  2. Kaidi Tatham & Dego – Got Me Puzzled – 2000 Black
  3. Nutmeg – Bicycle Kick – Neroli
  4. Focus – Having Your Fun (4 Hero Rework) – Versatile
  5. Artwork – Red – Big Apple
  6. Seiji ft Lyric L – Loose Lips – Bitasweet
  7. Daluq – Oriental Express – Soulja
  8. Vikter Duplaix – Looking For Love (Bugz in the Attic Remix) – Hollywood
  9. Nu Design – Time To Skyank – Zed Bias
  10. dkd – Future Rage – Bitasweet/2000 Black
  11. Alison David – Dreams Come True (Afronaught Mix) – Fresh Air
  12. Trouble Man – Strike Hard – Far Out Recordings
  13. Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (The Neptunes Remix) – Virgin
  14. N'Dambi – Call Me (Re-Edit) – Cheeky Recordings

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Bugz in the Attic is a collective of DJs and producers based in West London, who are prominent in broken beat. The collective includes Orin Walters (Afronaught), Paul Dolby (Seiji), Kaidi Tatham, Daz-I-Kue, Alex Phountzi, Cliff Scott, Mark Force and Matt Lord. The collective founded in late 96' also has a label, BitaSweet Records, and a studio, The BitaSuite. The group also runs its own Co-Op club night at Plastic People in Shoreditch, London. They have released numerous singles as well as remixes and compilations. Their debut album Back in the Doghouse was released in July 2006, on V2 Records.

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Tiefschwarz are a German house group consisting of brothers, Alexander "Ali" and Sebastian "Basti" Schwarz, which formed in Stuttgart in 1996. Peter Hoff, who runs the Benztown studios in Stuttgart, joined later, and completed the first Tiefschwarz production team. Their name means "deep black" in German, and is a combination of the brothers' surnames, and their love of deep house.

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Ed Rush is the stage name used by the drum and bass producer and DJ, Ben Settle. Rush has been releasing records since 1992 and primarily with his musical partner Optical, since 1997. Along with Optical he is also the co-founder of the record label Virus Recordings which releases his records along with other drum and bass acts. He is most associated with the aggressive styles of drum and bass music known as techstep, darkcore and neurofunk.

Matt Quinn, known by his stage name Optical, is a British musician, producer and DJ. He is co-founder and owner of Virus Recordings, a widely regarded drum and bass record label. He is best known as one half of drum and bass duo Ed Rush and Optical, whose debut album Wormhole has been described as one of the most significant LPs of the drum and bass genre. He is also the brother of Jamie Quinn also known as Matrix.