Fabric 25

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Fabric 25
Carl Craig Fabric 25.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 2005
Genre Electronic
Label Fabric
Producer Carl Craig
Fabric Mix Series chronology
Fabric 24
Fabric 25
Fabric 26
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Fabric 25 is a DJ mix compilation album by Carl Craig released as part of the Fabric Mix Series.


Track listing

  1. Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) - TVT Records – 2:29
  2. Carl Craig - Angel (Caya Dub) - Planet E – 3:50
  3. Trickski - Sweat - Sonar Kollektiv – 4:34
  4. Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym - Nite Grooves/King St – 5:42
  5. Just One - Love2Love (Phlash Edit) - Neroli Productions – 3:33
  6. Megablast - Jupita (Stereotyp Remix) - Luv Lite Recordings – 4:27
  7. Scott Grooves - The Journey - From The Studio Of Scott Grooves – 2:17
  8. Africanism - Imbalaye - Yellow Productions – 2:17
  9. Blaze/UDA/Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (DF Future 3000 Instrumental) - Nite Grooves/King St – 5:46
  10. Rayon - The Panther (Rubber Re-Edit) - Crosstown Rebel Music/Rebelone – 4:33
  11. Soundstream - 3rd Movement - Soundstream – 4:03
  12. Dark Comedy - Good God - Art of Dance Records – 5:12
  13. D'Malicious - Alive - Wave Music – 4:25
  14. Pasta Boys - Limit - Disco Inn – 4:40
  15. DJ Yoav B. - Energize - Wabi Sabi/Nomorewords – 4:46
  16. Nick Petty/Shamus Coghlan - Crushing - Missing Unit – 2:12
  17. Carl Craig - Darkness - Planet E – 4:34
  18. Tokyo Black Star - Blade Dancer (Dixon Edit) - Sonar Kollektiv – 3:45

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Matthew "Recloose" Chicoine is an American electronic music producer, DJ and musician hailing from Detroit, Michigan, US. He is known for numerous releases on independent dance labels like Planet E, Rush Hour, Peacefrog, Studio !K7, Sonar Kollektiv and Delusions of Grandeur. Chicoine is also a touring DJ who has played in and around Europe, the UK, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Mladen Solomun, better known under his stage name Solomun, is a Bosnian-German DJ. He is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer, Best DJ and Best Melodic House DJ.

Dixon (DJ)

Dixon is a Berlin-based artist, best known as a house and techno DJ and producer, as well founder of record label Innervisions. In recent years, he has also made endeavours into fashion and technology, and is the joint owner of club-wear clothing brand Together We Dance Alone. In 2019 he launched an Ibiza residency and digital platform of the same name, Transmoderna. Dixon was voted as the number one DJ on Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJ Poll every year from 2013 to the last annual poll in 2016.