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A helicopter flies over the water with a load slung below. In the background is an island with a series of pyramid-shaped peaks.
Wessex helicopter delivering supplies on Ascension Island

The British depended on complex logistical arrangements to recapture the Falkland Islands in 1982, as the British forces were operating 13,000 kilometres (8,000 mi) from home. The Royal Navy's ships were augmented by ships taken up from trade (STUFT), and a base was developed on remote Ascension Island. The 3rd Commando Brigade was landed in May on East Falkland, but struggled to build up its supplies as the Argentine air forces made repeated attacks on ships. SS Atlantic Conveyor was struck by a missile, and sank with Chinook and Wessex helicopters (example pictured) on board, along with vital stores. This forced the 3rd Commando Brigade to yomp across East Falkland. Forward Brigade Maintenance Areas (FBMAs) were established, and ammunition was delivered to gun positions by helicopters to enable the artillery to support the attacks on the mountains ringing Port Stanley. The successful conclusion of these battles resulted in the surrender of the Argentine forces in June. ( Full article... )

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Little Amal
  • ... that the 3.5-metre (11 ft) puppet Little Amal (pictured) was met in Rome by Pope Francis, who took her hand?
  • ... that the Epson ActionNote was one of the first Windows laptops with a touchpad?
  • ... that to print money during the Indonesian National Revolution, Lukman Hakim had to lead a group to the town of Muara Bungo to find a printing machine?
  • ... that a cheat code for the 2003 video game Hulk is hidden in a scene of the film it is based on?
  • ... that the sewing-themed board game Patchwork has been described as "devious and cutthroat"?
  • ... that the subjects of the documentary Found discover that they are biological cousins as teenagers?
  • ... that the 1977 Yili fire , the deadliest since the founding of the People's Republic of China, was caused by a special jumping firecracker?
  • ... that one owner of Montana radio station KXGF went from owning the Plush Pillow to liquidating his assets in a span of six months?

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A Meeting in the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters is a monumental 1897 oil-on-canvas group portrait by Peder Severin Krøyer, depicting the membership of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters during one of its meetings in the Prince's Mansion in Copenhagen. Commissioned by the Carlsberg Foundation, the painting measures 266.7 by 519.4 centimetres (105.0 in × 204.5 in), and hangs in the Academy's building in central Copenhagen.

Painting credit: Peder Severin Krøyer

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