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British sailors preparing bombs during the operation

Operation Goodwood was a series of air raids launched from aircraft carriers of the British Home Fleet against the German battleship Tirpitz in Kaafjord, Norway. It was the Royal Navy's last attack on Tirpitz, which posed a significant threat to the Allied convoys travelling to the Soviet Union. The Fleet departed its base on 18 August 1944 and first launched air raids against Kaafjord on the morning and evening of 22 August. Further attacks were made on 24 and 29 August. All of these attacks failed, and only two bombs struck Tirpitz. German forces suffered the loss of 12 aircraft and damage to 7 other ships. The British lost 17 aircraft and a frigate. HMS Nabob, an escort carrier, was also badly damaged. Historians attribute Operation Goodwood's failure to shortcomings of the Fleet Air Arm's aircraft and armament. The mission to sink Tirpitz was subsequently transferred to the Royal Air Force. (Full article...)

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SMS Arcona was a member of the Carola class of steam corvettes built for the German Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy) in the 1880s. Intended for service in the German colonial empire, the ship was designed with a combination of steam and sail power for extended range, and was equipped with a battery of ten 15-centimeter (5.9 in) guns. Arcona was laid down at the Kaiserliche Werft (Imperial Shipyard) in Danzig in 1881, she was launched in May 1885, and she was completed in December 1886.

This picture shows Arcona in Nagasaki, Japan, around 1897. The photograph is part of the Farenholt Collection of the United States Naval History and Heritage Command.

Photograph credit: unknown; restored by Adam Cuerden