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Reconstructed Argentinosaurus skeleton

Argentinosaurus is a genus of giant sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous in what is now Argentina. It was one of the largest land animals of all time, and possibly the largest, with length estimates ranging from 30 to 39.7 metres (98 to 130 ft) and weight estimates from 50 to 100 tonnes (55 to 110 short tons). It was a member of Titanosauria, the dominant group of sauropods during the Cretaceous. The first Argentinosaurus bone was discovered in 1987 by a farmer near the city of Plaza Huincul in the Huincul Formation, which is rich in dinosaur fossils. A scientific excavation of the site led by the Argentine palaeontologist José Bonaparte was conducted in 1989, yielding several back vertebrae and parts of a sacrum—fused vertebrae between the back and tail vertebrae. Additional specimens include a complete femur (thigh bone) and the shaft of another. The fragmentary nature of the remains makes their interpretation difficult. ( Full article... )

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Coat of arms of Naples
  • ... that one legend on the origin of the coat of arms of Naples (pictured) claims that it alludes to the colors of the sun and moon cult practiced by the city's pre-Christian inhabitants?
  • ... that Tara Downs co-founded the Tomorrow Gallery in a converted paintball studio in Toronto?
  • ... that the principles of quantum mechanics have been demonstrated to hold for complex molecules with thousands of atoms?
  • ... that MLS Cup 2000 was the first championship game in league history not to feature D.C. United?
  • ... that Abdallah Oumbadougou , the "godfather of all the present-day Tuareg musicians in Niger", distributed illegal cassette tapes of banned ishumar music while in exile from 1984 to 1995?
  • ... that an owner of Wyoming radio station KATI donated the station to the University of Wyoming, only to be "disappointed" when the university opted not to use his gift?
  • ... that after the start of Afghan peace talks in 2019, journalist Farahnaz Forotan travelled the country to collect testimonies from women and prevent the rollback of their freedoms?
  • ... that the settling of Martensdale, California , went so badly that the town's namesake spent the rest of his life as a fugitive?

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Hurdling is the act of running over an obstacle at high speed or in a sprint. It is a highly specialized form of obstacle racing, and forms part of track and field in the sport of athletics. In hurdling events, barriers known as hurdles are set at precisely measured heights and distances. This photograph shows the Austrian athlete Leon Okafor taking part in the men's 110-metre (120 yd) hurdles at the Leichtathletik Gala in Linz in 2018.

Photograph credit: Isiwal

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