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ReleasedFebruary 2009
Genre Drum and Bass
Label Fabric
Producer Commix
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FabricLive.44 is a 2009 album by Commix. The album was released as part of the FabricLive Mix Series. It was awarded Best Compilation in Best of British awards 2009 by DJ Mag. [2]


Track listing

  1. Commix - Life We Live - Soul:R
  2. Rufige Kru - Sometime Sad Day - Metalheadz
  3. D-Bridge - Creatures of Habit - Exit
  4. Alix Perez - The Reckoning - Alix Perez
  5. Data - The Causeway - Influence
  6. Logistics - Murderation - Hospital
  7. Commix - Justified - Metalheadz
  8. Spectrasoul - Buried - 31 Records
  9. Calibre - Can't Get Over You - Soul:R
  10. Lynx & Alix Perez ft. Kemo - Dangerous - Soul:R
  11. Commix - Belleview (D-Bridge's Belle-reviewed Mix) - Metalheadz
  12. Spectrasoul & Ben E - Suppression - Spectrasoul
  13. Calibre - In Denial - Soul:R
  14. Commix - Bear Music - Hospital
  15. OAK - No Sunrise - Brand Nu
  16. Breakage - Old School Ting - Breakage
  17. Instra:mental - No Future - NonPlus+
  18. Photek - Yendi - Science
  19. Instra:mental - Photograph - Darkestral

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