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ReleasedJune 2007
Genre Electronic music
Label Fabric
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FabricLive.34 is a DJ mix compilation album by Krafty Kuts, as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Krafty Kuts is an English electronic music, dance music and breakbeat producer and DJ.

Track listing

  1. Krafty Kuts - Intro (FabricLive Mix CD Version) - Against the Grain/Supercharged Music
  2. 2 tracks mixed:
    1. A Skillz - Jelly - Finger Lickin'
    2. Lords of the Underground - What I'm After (Acapella) - Capitol
  3. 2 tracks mixed:
    1. Milke - She Says - Adrift
    2. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - "The Message" (Acapella) - Sanctuary
  4. Malente - Move your Body - Unique
  5. Lady Waks & Hardy Hand ft. Mr X "Minimal" - Minimal - Menu
  6. Friendly - It's the Weekend - Finger Lickin'
  7. Krafty Kuts ft. Tim Deluxe - Bass Phenomenon (VIP Mix) - Against the Grain/Supercharged Music
  8. Krafty Kuts & DJ Icey - Thru the Door (Krafty Kuts Remix) - Against the Grain/ Zone
  9. Dave Spoon - At Night (Beat Vandals Remix) - Toolroom
  10. Krafty Kuts vs. Deepcut - Beer Chucker - Deepcut
  11. Maelstrom - Disto Funk - Menu
  12. Splitloop - Tweaked Out - Supercharged Music/Against the Grain
  13. Krafty Kuts ft. Ashley Slater - Freakshow (VIP Mix) - Against the Grain/Supercharged Music
  14. Plump DJs - Listen to the Baddest - Finger Lickin'
  15. Madox - Roger Milla - Expanded
  16. Ralph Robles - Takin' Over - Fania
  17. 2 tracks mixed:
    1. Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out with Him? - A&M
    2. Deekline & Ed Solo ft. DJ Assault - One in the Front (Acapella) - Rat
  18. Rob le Pitch - Twisted (Tom Real and Rogue Element Mix) - Passenger
  19. Aquasky ft. Acafool - Have A Good Time - Passenger
  20. 2 tracks mixed:
    1. Freestylers ft. Corinna Greyson - In Love with You (Instrumental) - Against the Grain/Supercharged Music
    2. Krafty Kuts ft. Dynamite MC - There they Go (Acapella) - Against the Grain/Supercharged Music
  21. Primal Scream - Funky Jam - Sony BMG

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