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Background information
Birth nameFitzroy Heslop
Origin Brixton, London, England
Genres Drum and bass, Liquid funk
LabelsCreative Source
Associated acts Grooverider
Website http://www.djfabio.net

Fitzroy Heslop, better known as Fabio, is a British drum and bass DJ and producer. Fabio has been described as one of the best DJs of all time, and he with DJ partner Grooverider, are regarded as the "originators" of the scene. [1] [2]



Fabio has been at the forefront of the dance/rave scene for over two decades. He started his career on the pirate radio station Phase One in the mid-1980s, and DJing at Brixton club Mendozas, where he would first meet his longtime DJ partner Grooverider, the pair were at the forefront as the acid house scene exploded. Fabio and Grooverider developed their sound and partnership at raves up and down the country but particularly at the groundbreaking Rage at Heaven. [3] [4]

Taking the music from the raves to the radio with Grooverider on Kiss 100 between 1994 and 1997, then on to BBC Radio 1 initially hosting the One in the Jungle show, and then with their own immensely popular show from 1998. [5] The Radio 1 show is credited with helping bring drum and bass to mainstream audiences. Fabio left the show and the station (along with Grooverider) when the new BBC Radio 1 lineup commenced in April 2012. [6]

Since September 2016, they have bought their long-running radio show to London's Rinse FM. [7]

Fabio is in a relationship with DJ Charlotte Devaney. [8]

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