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J Majik (born Jamie Spratling, [1] Northwood, England) has been a drum and bass DJ since his early teens in the early 1990s.

Northwood, London settlement in the London Borough of Hillingdon, England

Northwood is an area in the north-west of Greater London, England. It is located within the London Borough of Hillingdon and the historic county of Middlesex, on the border with Hertfordshire, and is 14.5 miles (23.3 km) from Charing Cross.

England Country in north-west Europe, part of the United Kingdom

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north. The Irish Sea lies west of England and the Celtic Sea to the southwest. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain, which lies in the North Atlantic, and includes over 100 smaller islands, such as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight.

Drum and bass is a genre of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers. The style grew out of breakbeat hardcore and jungle in the United Kingdom during the early 1990s. The popularity of drum and bass at its commercial peak ran parallel to several other homegrown dance styles in the UK. A major influence was the original Jamaican dub and reggae sound. Another feature of the style is the complex syncopation of the drum tracks' breakbeat.



He released his first track in 1992 (as DJ Dextrous) on the Planet Earth record label. By 1994, he had changed his stage name to the current moniker (because there was already another DJ Dextrous within the scene with a following) recording with Suburban Base Records, [2] and was releasing tracks on the Metalheadz label. Since then Majik has released tracks on the Mo' Wax label, and now runs his own label, Infrared. He also makes music under the names Innervisions and Infrared. [3]

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists, and maintaining contracts with recording artists and their managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information. Within the mainstream music industry, recording artists have traditionally been reliant upon record labels to broaden their consumer base, market their albums, and be both promoted and heard on music streaming services, radio, and television. Record labels also provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets.

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DJ Dextrous British music producer

Errol Francis, better known as DJ Dextrous, is a British DJ, producer and composer.

Collaborations with

Goldie English musician, DJ, visual artist and actor

Clifford Joseph Price, MBE, better known by his stage name Goldie, is an English musician, DJ, visual artist and actor from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Adam F English music producer and DJ

Adam Fenton is an English record producer and DJ who has worked across various genres. He is also the co-founder of the drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos along with DJ Fresh. He found initial success with the 1990s drum and bass singles "Circles", "Metropolis" / "Mother Earth", and "F-Jam", before releasing his debut studio album Colours in 1997. In 2001, he transitioned into hip hop music, producing the album Kaos: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare, featuring collaborations with LL Cool J, Redman and De La Soul. He later released a remix album, Drum and Bass Warfare, and collaborated with DJ Fresh

DJ Hype English record producer and DJ

DJ Hype is the stage name of drum and bass producer and DJ Kevin Ford. His track "Shot in the Dark" appeared in the UK Singles Chart in 1993.


Selected albums


Kathy Brown is an American Dance and House singer from South Carolina. Her credits include vocals on the songs "Turn Me On " and "Strings of Life ".

UK Singles Chart British singles sales chart

The UK Singles Chart is compiled by the Official Charts Company (OCC), on behalf of the British record industry, listing the top-selling singles in the United Kingdom, based upon physical sales, paid-for downloads and streaming. The Official Chart, broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and MTV, is the UK music industry's recognised official measure of singles and albums popularity because it is the most comprehensive research panel of its kind, today surveying over 15,000 retailers and digital services daily, capturing 99.9% of all singles consumed in Britain across the week, and over 98% of albums. To be eligible for the chart, a single is currently defined by the Official Charts Company (OCC) as either a 'single bundle' having no more than four tracks and not lasting longer than 25 minutes or one digital audio track not longer than 15 minutes with a minimum sale price of 40 pence. The rules have changed many times as technology has developed, the most notable being the inclusion of digital downloads in 2005 and streaming in July 2014.

Wickaman British DJ

Wickaman is a British drum and bass producer and DJ.


Deadmau5 Canadian musician

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known professionally as Deadmau5, is a Canadian electronic music producer, DJ, and musician. Zimmerman mainly produces progressive house music and sometimes other forms of electronic music. His works have been included in compilation albums such as Tiësto's In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza and presented on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance radio show.

Kaskade American DJ and record producer

Ryan Gary Raddon, better known by his stage name Kaskade, is an American DJ, record producer and remixer. DJ Times voted Kaskade "America's Best DJ" in 2011 and 2013". DJ Mag named Kaskade fifty-first on its 2009 list of Top 100 DJs.

The Qemists electronic music group from Brighton, United Kingdom

The Qemists are an English electronic music group, hailing from Brighton, United Kingdom. They are signed to Amazing Record Co., an indie record label based in the UK. The band have a separate deal with Beat Records for distribution in Japan, and announced in February 2016 that they had signed a North American deal with Detroit-based label, FiXT Music.

Infrared Records releases

2012RED001 The Prototypes Cascade Remixes
RED002 J Majik & Wickaman Behind The Mask EP
RED003RewindI Get Up / Rock My Body
RED004 Wickaman & SuddenDefThe Return / Skreecher / The Truth
RED005Various ArtistsThe InfraSound Vol. 1
RED006The InfraSound Vol. 2
RED007RewindLove Yourself EP
RED008 Wickaman, Hoodlum & MavrikPitch Shift 2012 / Yes I
RED009Various ArtistsThe InfraSound Vol. 3 (Dubstep Edition)
RED010 Wickaman, Hoodlum & SuddenDefBass Rider / Hurt You
2013RED011 Wickaman & RVThe Chant EP
RED012RewindSoul Survivour EP
RED013Various ArtistsThe InfraSound Vol. 4 (Jungle Edition)
RED014 J Majik & Wickaman Beyond Our Dreams / Fight It
RED015GuzzlaFunkSlap / Switch
RED016Schoolboy & James EgbertSilver Lining EP
RED017 J Majik & Wickaman Lift Me Up EP
RED018Karl Future & Brother SimonSoundshower / It's Over
RED019 Wickaman, SuddenDef & RVSnarl / Something Deeper
RED020 Wickaman, Hoodlum & MythzFrequency / Look In My Eyes
RED021 Wickaman The War Cry / Oriental Dreams
RED022 J Majik & Wickaman Right Now EP
RED023Karl Future & Brother SimonPraise / Tell The World
RED024SalarymanEra Of Man / Move On

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Rupert Parkes, known as Photek, is a Los Angeles–based British record producer, film and TV composer, and electronic music DJ. Photek was born and raised in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Valerie Olukemi A "Kemi" Olusanya, commonly known by her stage name Kemistry, was a leading English drum and bass DJ of the early 1990s, half of duo Kemistry & Storm, and co-founder of the Metalheadz record label.

Metalheadz British record label

Metalheadz is a drum and bass record label based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1994 by Kemistry & Storm and Goldie.

Scott Alexander Brown is a Glasgow-born Scottish DJ and music producer, now living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Brown produces and plays a variety of genres, although he is most associated with bouncy techno. His music ranges from happy hardcore, through hard trance, to gabber. He is the founder of Evolution Records, which started in 1994.

DJ Craze Nicaraguan DJ and record producer

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MJ Cole is an English DJ, record producer, musician and remixer.

Breakbeat Kaos is a British independent record label based in London, UK that specialises in drum and bass. It is jointly owned by Fresh and Adam F, who founded the label in 2003 by merging Fresh's Breakbeat Punk with Adam F's Kaos Recordings. The label's first release was a 12" double A-side single by Fresh titled "Dalicks / Temple of Doom". The following year the label released the single "Another Planet / Voyager" by Pendulum, which peaked at number one in the UK Dance Chart. They also produced their first full-length release with the compilation album Jungle Sound: The Bassline Strikes Back!.

<i>FabricLive.18</i> 2004 compilation album by Andy C and DJ Hype

FabricLive.18 is a DJ mix compilation album produced by Andy C and DJ Hype, as part of the FabricLive series. It was released on 18 October 2004 by the Fabric record label. The album is the second in the series to be produced by DJ Hype, who also produced FabricLive.03.

DJ Fresh British DJ

Daniel Edward Stein, better known by his stage name DJ Fresh, is an English musician, DJ and record producer, best known for making electronic music. He was one of the principal members of the drum and bass group Bad Company, alongside Darren White (dBridge), Jason Maldini and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas). He also owns and runs the drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos with Adam F.

<i>DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm</i> 1999 compilation album by Kemistry & Storm

DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm is a DJ mix album, mixed by Kemistry & Storm. It was released on 25 January 1999 on the Studio !K7 independent record label as part of the DJ-Kicks series.

Fonzerelli is a DJ and music producer from the UK. His 2006 single, "Moonlight Party", charted in the Netherlands, Finland and Australia. Fonzerelli's remix of J. Majik & Wickaman's "Crazy World" is featured on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack on Vladivostok FM.

Commix is a drum and bass project now solely composed of George Levings from Cambridge, UK.

<i>FabricLive.58</i> 2011 compilation album by FabricLive

FabricLive.58 is a 2011 DJ mix album by Goldie. The album was released as part of the FabricLive Mix Series.

Matt Quinn, known by his stage name Optical, is a British musician, producer and DJ. He is co-founder and owner of Virus Recordings, a widely regarded Drum and Bass record label. He is best known as one half of drum and bass duo Ed Rush and Optical, whose debut album Wormhole has been described as one of the most significant LPs of the drum and bass genre. He is also the brother of another successful dance musician Jamie Quinn aka Matrix.


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