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Death in Vegas
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Background information
Origin London, England, United Kingdom
Genres Electronic, neo-psychedelia, shoegaze, trip hop
Years active1994–present
Members Richard Fearless
Past membersTim Holmes
Steve Hellier
Dominic Keane
Ian Button
Simon Hanson
Terry Miles
Danny Hammond
Mat Flint
Seamus Beaghen
Dave Neale

Death in Vegas are an English electronic music group, for which Richard Fearless serves as frontman. [1] The band was formed in 1994 by Fearless and Steve Hellier and signed to Concrete Records under the name of Dead Elvis. Owing to an Irish record label of the same name, Dead Elvis became the title of their first album instead.



Dead Elvis

The band's debut, Dead Elvis (1997), used a blend of musical genres. Most of the tracks are mainly based in electronic dance music. Shortly after the release of the album, Hellier left the band and was replaced by Tim Holmes, who had already been involved with mixing and engineering tracks on the album. [1]

The Contino Sessions

The band's second album, The Contino Sessions (1999), marked a slight change in direction with more attention to live instrumentation than their first and the inclusion of guest vocalists (including Dot Allison, Bobby Gillespie, Iggy Pop, and Jim Reid). [1] Although predominantly rock-influenced, the album still retained some electronic elements, in particular the opening track, "Dirge", with its drum machine-based rhythm track. "Dirge" was featured on a Levi's jeans commercial, as well as the second installment of The Blair Witch Project , and was used in the trailer for the 2006 film The Black Dahlia . The song was also used in the trailer for the 2013 film Cheap Thrills and used in the 2002 film 28 Days Later, at the end of the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left , near the end of the Being Human episode "The Longest Day", and in the second episode of season two of Misfits . Along with "Aisha" (with vocals from Iggy Pop), "Dirge" helped the band gain more recognition, culminating in a Mercury Music Prize nomination in 2000. "Dirge" was the subject of a lawsuit by the band Five or Six, as it borrowed extensively from their song "Another Reason". The matter was settled with Five or Six receiving a writing credit. "Aisha" was a top 10 hit in the UK and also featured in the PlayStation 2 title Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec . [2]

Scorpio Rising

In September 2002, the band released their third album, Scorpio Rising , after almost a three-year gap. During their time off, the band had toured and briefly returned to their techno roots with the track "Scorpio", which, although not appearing on any album, was included as the B-side of "Hands Around My Throat", the first single from Scorpio Rising. Scorpio Rising takes its name from the cult avant-garde film of the same name by Kenneth Anger. The lyrics of the title track (featuring vocals from Liam Gallagher) reflected the controversial nature of Anger's film. It also borrowed extensively from Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men". The matter was settled once again with Francis Rossi receiving a writing credit. It also continued to attract attention from advertisers and filmmakers with "Hands Around My Throat" being used in a Sony Ericsson advert and appearing on the soundtrack to The Animatrix , while the track "Girls" was used on the soundtracks to Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation and Angela Robinson's D.E.B.S. , [3] as well as in an episode of the TV show Veronica Mars and a commercial for BBC's most recent production of Sense and Sensibility . This was their last studio album for Concrete Records. Concrete released a best-of album, entitled Milk It, in 2004.

Satan's Circus

Death in Vegas set up their own label, Drone Records, [4] and released their fourth album, Satan's Circus , in 2004.

The melody of Kraftwerk's "Trans-Europe Express" and "Kometenmelodie 2" are featured in the tracks "Zugaga" and "Kontroll" respectively. Unlike the previous two albums, Satan's Circus did not feature any guest vocalists. The album was also released as a limited edition double pack including a live CD, recorded on the Scorpio Rising tour at the Brixton Academy, London.

Oasis album production

In late December 2003 Death in Vegas was hired by Oasis to produce some tracks on their sixth album Don't Believe the Truth at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall. [5] [6]

Trans-Love Energies

The band released their fifth studio album, Trans-Love Energies , on 26 September 2011 in the UK. The album featured vocals by Katie Stelmanis of Austra and Richard Fearless.


Death in Vegas' sixth studio album was released on 27 May 2016 on Fearless's Drone Records label, [4] featuring vocals by writer and sex symbol Sasha Grey. The former Throbbing Gristle members Chris & Cosey remixed "Consequences of love"a Transmission song performed and composed by Grey and Fearlessand in 2017 Michael Mayer adapted the Chris & Cosey remix in his DJ-Kicks album. [7] [8] Vice described Transmission as an "EBM-inspired romp through the darker edges of the sleazier clubs in the nightlife spectrum". [9] In a cameo appearance DJ Harvey plays "Consequences of love" in the rave party at the Grand Palais scene of Mission: Impossible – Fallout . [10]


Current members

Former members


Studio albums

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
1997 Dead Elvis
  • Released: 10 March 1997
  • Label: Concrete
1999 The Contino Sessions
  • Released: 13 September 1999
  • Label: Concrete
2002 Scorpio Rising
  • Released: 16 September 2002
  • Label: Concrete
2004 Satan's Circus
  • Released: 11 October 2004
  • Label: Drone Records [4]
2011 Trans-Love Energies
  • Released: 26 September 2011
  • Label: Portobello
  • Released: 27 May 2016
  • Label: Drone Records

Compilation albums



YearSinglePeak chart positionsAlbum
1996"Dirt"79Dead Elvis
"Twist And Crawl"81
"Dirt (Slayer mix)"61
"Rocco" (reissue)51
1999"Dirge" (feat. Dot Allison)135The Contino Sessions
"Neptune City"
"Dirge (Slam mix)" (feat. Dot Allison)24
"One More Time" (feat. Bobby Gillespie)163Non-album single
2002"Hands Around My Throat" (feat. Nicola Kuperus)36Scorpio Rising
"Scorpio Rising" (with Liam Gallagher)148130
2016"You Disco I Freak" (feat. Sasha Grey)Transmission
2018"Honey" (feat. Sasha Grey) [17] Non-album single
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.

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<i>The Contino Sessions</i> 1999 studio album by Death in Vegas

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Richard Maguire, known professionally as Richard Fearless, is a British musician. He is the founder of the bands Death in Vegas and Black Acid. In 2004, Death in Vegas created Drone Records for Satan's Circus in the UK. After having moved to New York City he returned to record at his London studio. In 2016, Fearless released Transmission under his Drone Records label. "Consequences of Love"—a coproduction with Sasha Grey—was remixed by Chris & Cosey and Michael Mayer; in 2018 it was used in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

<i>Satans Circus</i> 2004 studio album by Death in Vegas

Satan's Circus is the fourth studio album by Death in Vegas, released on 11 October 2004 on Drone Records in the United Kingdom and on 24 May 2005 on Sanctuary Records in the United States. Contrary to previous releases, this album features no guest vocalists. This album is the first release through Death in Vegas's own label, Drone Records. It peaked at #79 on the French Albums Chart.

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<i>Milk It</i> (album) 2005 greatest hits album by Death in Vegas

Milk It: The Best of Death in Vegas is a compilation album by Death in Vegas, released on 7 February 2005 in the UK and on 23 February 2005 in Japan. Disc one is a collection of some of the band's best album tracks, while disc two is a bonus disc of remixes. The album was not released in the US.

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Ian Button is an English guitarist best known for his work in the bands Thrashing Doves (1985-1991) and Death In Vegas (1994-2011). Button was one of a core of additional musicians originally brought in by Death In Vegas founders Richard Fearless and Steve Hellier, and his contribution was significant throughout the band's first four albums and in the live band up to 2004.

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