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The Choir of Hard Knocks consisted of homeless and disadvantaged people, which was formed in September 2006 with 47 members. It was developed by cooperation between Jonathon Welch, Jason Stephens and RecLink. It came to prominence as the subject of a five-part Australian Broadcasting Corporation documentary TV series of the same name, broadcast weekly from May 2007. They released two albums, Choir of Hard Knocks: the Voice of RecLink, which peaked at No. 21 on the ARIA Albums Chart, and Songs of Hope and Inspiration, which reached No. 39. A DVD of the series also titled, Choir of Hard Knocks: the Voice of RecLink, was issued in August. A second series in November 2007 followed the choir members preparing for a concert at the Sydney Opera House. In April 2009 the choir was replaced by the Choir of Hope and Inspiration after a falling-out between Welch and RecLink.

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