International Democrat Union

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International Democrat Union
Formation1983;40 years ago (1983)
PurposeWorld federation of right-of-centre/moderate-to-conservative political parties [1] [2]
Headquarters Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Region served
84 political parties and 8 organizations
Official language
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Stephen Harper (Conservative)
Deputy Chairman
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Brian Loughnane (Liberal)

The International Democrat Union (IDU) is an international alliance of centre-right political parties. [3] [4] Headquartered in Munich, Germany, [5] the IDU consists of 84 full and associate members from 65 countries. [6] It is chaired by Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, two affiliated international organizations (International Young Democrat Union and International Women's Democrat Union) and six affiliated regional organizations (Union of Latin American Parties, Asia Pacific Democrat Union, Caribbean Democrat Union, Democrat Union of Africa, European People's Party and European Conservatives and Reformists Party).


The IDU allows centre-right conservative political parties around the world to establish contacts and discuss different views on public policy and related matters. Their stated goal is the promotion of "democracy and [of] centre-right policies around the globe". [7] The IDU has some overlap of member parties with the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), but the CDI is more centrist and communitarian than the IDU. [8]

Though the IDU was founded to be politically on the centre-right, a number of its member parties have been increasingly seen as further right on the political spectrum. [9] [10]

The group was founded in 1983 as the umbrella organisation for the European Democrat Union (EDU), Caribbean Democrat Union (CDU), and the Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU). Created at the instigation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush, the organisation was founded at a joint meeting of the EDU and APDU in London, United Kingdom. [11]

The IDU has several regional affiliates: the Democrat Union of Africa, the Union of Latin American Parties, the Asia Pacific Democrat Union, the Caribbean Democrat Union, the European People's Party, and the European Conservatives and Reformists Party. [12] It also has an affiliated youth wing in the International Young Democrat Union, and an affiliated women's wing in the International Women's Democrat Union.


The IDU was founded in London on 24 June 1983. [13] According to Richard V. Allen, to be admitted as a member, a party must qualify as a "mainstream conservative" party influenced by classical liberalism. [14]

The founding declaration was signed by 19 persons: [15]

Alois Mock Austrian People's Party Austria
Margaret Thatcher Conservative Party United Kingdom
Helmut Kohl Christian Democratic Union of Germany Germany
Franz Josef Strauss Christian Social Union in Bavaria
Jacques Chirac Rally for the Republic France
Andrew Peacock Liberal Party of Australia Australia
Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza New Democracy Greece
Manuel Fraga People's Alliance Spain
Oscar Alzaga People's Democratic Party
Susanne Wood New Zealand National Party New Zealand
Glafcos Clerides Democratic Rally Cyprus
Ilkka Suominen National Coalition Party Finland
Lucas Pires CDS – People's Party Portugal
Tatsuo Tanaka  [ ja ] Liberal Democratic Party Japan
Ulf Adelsohn Moderate Party Sweden
Erik Nielsen Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Canada
Poul Schlüter Conservative People's Party Denmark
Jo Benkow Conservative Party Norway
Frank Fahrenkopf Republican Party United States

Member parties

Full members

The IDU has 84 member parties.

Full members
CountryPartyAbbreviationGovernmentLower ChamberUpper Chamber
Flag of Albania.svg  Albania Democratic Party of Albania PDIn opposition
59 / 140(42%)
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina Republican Proposal PROIn opposition
53 / 257(21%)
8 / 72(11%)
Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Liberal Party of Australia LIBIn opposition
42 / 151(28%)
31 / 76(41%)
Flag of Austria.svg  Austria Austrian People's Party ÖVPIn coalition
71 / 183(39%)
26 / 61(43%)
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan Azerbaijan National Independence Party AMIPExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 125(0%)
Flag of Bangladesh.svg  Bangladesh Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNPIn opposition
7 / 350(2%)
Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus BPF Party BNFExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 110(0%)
0 / 64(0%)
United Civic Party AHPExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 110(0%)
0 / 64(0%)
Flag of Belize.svg  Belize United Democratic Party UDPIn opposition
5 / 31(16%)
3 / 13(23%)
Bandera de Bolivia (Estado).svg  Bolivia Democrat Social Movement MDSExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 130(0%)
0 / 36(0%)
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg  Bosnia and Herzegovina Party of Democratic Action SDAIn coalition
9 / 42(21%)
3 / 15(20%)
Party of Democratic Progress PDPIn opposition
2 / 42(5%)
0 / 15(0%)
Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina HDZIn coalition
16 / 98(16%)
14 / 58(24%)
Croatian Democratic Union 1990 HDZ 1990In opposition
2 / 98(2%)
0 / 58(0%)
Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil Brazil Union UBIn coalition
81 / 513(16%)
7 / 81(9%)
Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria GERB GERBIn opposition
59 / 240(25%)
Union of Democratic Forces SDSIn opposition
2 / 240(0.8%)
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada Conservative Party of Canada CPC / PCCIn opposition
116 / 338(34%)
15 / 105(14%)
Flag of Chile.svg  Chile Independent Democratic Union UDIIn opposition
23 / 155(15%)
9 / 43(21%)
National Renewal RNIn opposition
25 / 155(16%)
8 / 43(19%)
Flag of Colombia.svg  Colombia Colombian Conservative Party PCCIn coalition
21 / 172(12%)
14 / 108(13%)
Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia Croatian Democratic Union HDZIn coalition
61 / 151(40%)
Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus Democratic Rally DISYIn government
17 / 56(30%)
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic Civic Democratic Party ODSIn coalition
34 / 200(17%)
18 / 81(22%)
Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark Conservative People's Party DKFIn opposition
13 / 179(7%)
Flag of Dominica.svg  Dominica Dominica Freedom Party DFPExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 21(0%)
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg  Dominican Republic National Progressive Force FNPExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 190(0%)
0 / 32(0%)
Flag of Ecuador.svg  Ecuador Social Christian Party PSCIn opposition
19 / 137(14%)
Flag of El Salvador.svg  El Salvador Nationalist Republican Alliance ARENAIn opposition
14 / 84(17%)
Flag of Estonia.svg  Estonia Isamaa In coalition
12 / 101(12%)
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland National Coalition Party KokIn opposition
38 / 200(19%)
Flag of Georgia.svg  Georgia United National Movement ENMIn opposition
36 / 150(24%)
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany Christian Democratic Union of Germany CDUIn opposition
152 / 736(21%)
22 / 69(32%)
Christian Social Union in Bavaria CSUIn opposition
45 / 736
4 / 69
Flag of Ghana.svg  Ghana New Patriotic Party NPPIn government
137 / 275(50%)
Flag of Greece.svg  Greece New Democracy NDIn government
158 / 300(53%)
Flag of Grenada.svg  Grenada New National Party NNPIn government
14 / 15(93%)
10 / 13(77%)
Flag of Guatemala.svg  Guatemala Unionist Party PUIn coalition
3 / 160(2%)
Flag of Honduras.svg  Honduras National Party of Honduras PNHIn opposition
44 / 128(34%)
Flag of Hungary.svg  Hungary Fidesz In government
117 / 199(59%)
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland Independence Party DIn coalition
16 / 63(25%)
Flag of India.svg  India Bharatiya Janata Party BJPIn government
303 / 543(56%)
95 / 245(39%)
Flag of Israel.svg  Israel Likud Party LikudIn government
32 / 120(27%)
Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica Jamaica Labour Party JLPIn government
49 / 63(78%)
13 / 21(62%)
Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya Democratic Party of Kenya DPIn opposition
1 / 394(0.3%)
0 / 67(0%)
Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon Kataeb Party In opposition
4 / 128(3%)
Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats TS–LKDIn coalition
50 / 141(35%)
Flag of Maldives.svg  Maldives Maldivian Democratic Party MDPIn government
65 / 87(75%)
Flag of Moldova.svg  Moldova Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova PLDMExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 101(0%)
Party of Action and Solidarity PASIn government
63 / 101(62%)
Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia Democratic Party DPIn opposition
12 / 76(16%)
Flag of Montenegro.svg  Montenegro Movement for Changes PzPIn coalition
5 / 81(6%)
Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco Istiqlal Party In coalition
81 / 395(21%)
24 / 120(20%)
Flag of Namibia.svg  Namibia Popular Democratic Movement PDMIn opposition
16 / 104(15%)
2 / 42(5%)
Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand National Party NATIn opposition
33 / 120(28%)
Flag of Nicaragua.svg  Nicaragua Conservative Party PCNIn opposition
1 / 92(1%)
Flag of North Macedonia.svg  North Macedonia VMRO-DPMNE In opposition
36 / 120(30%)
Flag of Nepal.svg    Nepal Rastriya Prajatantra Party RPPIn coalition
14 / 275(5%)
0 / 59(0%)
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway Conservative Party HIn opposition
36 / 169(21%)
Flag of Panama.svg  Panama Democratic Change CDIn opposition
18 / 71(25%)
Flag of Paraguay.svg  Paraguay Partido Colorado ANR-PCIn government
42 / 80(53%)
17 / 45(38%)
Flag of Peru.svg  Peru Christian People's Party PPCExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 130(0%)
Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal CDS – People's Party CDS–PPExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 230(0%)
Flag of Russia.svg  Russia Union of Right Forces Movement SPSExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 450(0%)
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg  Saint Kitts and Nevis People's Action Movement PAMIn coalition
4 / 11(36%)
Flag of Saint Lucia.svg  Saint Lucia United Workers Party UWPIn opposition
2 / 17(12%)
3 / 11(27%)
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines New Democratic Party NDPIn opposition
6 / 15(40%)
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Serbian Progressive Party SNSIn government
95 / 250(38%)
Flag of Slovenia.svg  Slovenia Slovenian Democratic Party SDSIn opposition
27 / 90(30%)
Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa Inkatha Freedom Party IFPIn opposition
14 / 400(4%)
2 / 90(2%)
Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea People Power Party PPPIn government
114 / 300(38%)
Flag of Spain.svg  Spain People's Party PPIn opposition
88 / 350(25%)
97 / 265(37%)
Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka United National Party UNPIn coalition
1 / 225(0.4%)
Flag of Sweden.svg  Sweden Moderate Party MIn coalition
68 / 349(19%)
Flag of the Republic of China.svg  Taiwan Kuomintang KMTIn opposition
38 / 113(34%)
Flag of Tanzania.svg  Tanzania Chama Cha Demokrasia Na Maendeleo CHADEMAIn opposition
20 / 393(5%)
Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg  Turks and Caicos Islands People's Democratic Movement PDMIn opposition
1 / 15(7%)
Flag of Uganda.svg  Uganda Forum for Democratic Change FDCIn opposition
32 / 375(9%)
Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine Batkivshchyna VOBIn opposition
25 / 450(6%)
European Solidarity YeSIn opposition
27 / 450(6%)
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom Conservative and Unionist Party CONIn government
357 / 650(55%)
262 / 786(33%)
Flag of the United States.svg  United States Republican Party R / GOPIn opposition
222 / 435(51%)
49 / 100(49%)
Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela Project Venezuela PVExtraparliamentary opposition
0 / 167(0%)


ChairpersonTerm StartTerm EndPolitical AffiliationCountry
William Hague 19972002 Conservative Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  United Kingdom
John Howard 20022014 Liberal Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia
Sir John Key 20142018 National Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand
Stephen Harper 2018incumbent Conservative Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada

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