List of British monarchs by longevity

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This is a list of British monarchs by longevity since the Union of the Crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1603. To maintain consistency within the table, the dates of birth and death for each monarch are given in New Style. Two measures of the longevity are given—this is to allow for the differing number of leap days occurring within the life of each monarch. The first column is the number of days between date of birth and date of death, allowing for leap days; the second column breaks this number down into years, and days, with the years being the number of whole years the monarch lived, and then days after his or her last birthday. Elizabeth II (queen since 6 February 1952), is the longest lived British sovereign.

The Union of the Crowns was the accession of James VI of Scotland to the thrones of England and Ireland, and the consequential unification for some purposes of the three realms under a single monarch on 24 March 1603. The Union of Crowns followed the death of Elizabeth I of England, the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, who was James's unmarried and childless first cousin twice removed.

England Country in north-west Europe, part of the United Kingdom

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RankMonarchDate of birthDate of deathLongevity
daysyears, days
1 Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 21 April 1926Living34,00093 years, 32 days*
2 Victoria of the United Kingdom 24 May 181922 January 190129,82881 years, 243 days
3 George III of the United Kingdom 4 June 173829 January 182029,82381 years, 239 daysDagger-14-plain.png
4 Edward VIII of the United Kingdom 23 June 189428 May 197228,46377 years, 340 days
5 George II of Great Britain 10 November 168325 October 176028,10876 years, 350 days
6 William IV of the United Kingdom 21 August 176520 June 183726,23571 years, 303 days
7 George V of the United Kingdom 3 June 186520 January 193625,79770 years, 231 days
8 Edward VII of the United Kingdom 9 November 18416 May 191025,01468 years, 178 days
9[[James II of England|James II of England and VII of

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