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Arkansas is a state located in the Southern United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Arkansas is the 33rd most populous state with 2,915,958 inhabitants and the 27th largest by land area spanning 52,033.48 square miles (134,766.1 km2) of land. [1] Arkansas is divided into 75 counties and contains 502 incorporated municipalities consisting of cities and towns. [2]

Arkansas State of the United States of America

Arkansas is a state in the southern region of the United States, home to over 3 million people as of 2018. Its name is of Siouan derivation from the language of the Osage denoting their related kin, the Quapaw Indians. The state's diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta.

U.S. state constituent political entity of the United States

In the United States, a state is a constituent political entity, of which there are currently 50. Bound together in a political union, each state holds governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory and shares its sovereignty with the federal government. Due to this shared sovereignty, Americans are citizens both of the federal republic and of the state in which they reside. State citizenship and residency are flexible, and no government approval is required to move between states, except for persons restricted by certain types of court orders. Four states use the term commonwealth rather than state in their full official names.

Southern United States Cultural region of the United States

The southern United States, also known as the American South, Dixie, Dixieland, or simply the South, is a region of the United States of America. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the western United States, with the midwestern United States and northeastern United States to its north and the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico to its south.


Arkansas municipalities are divided into three categories based on population. [3] City of the First Class has a population over 2,500, City of the Second Class has a population between 500 and 2,499 population and an Incorporated Town has 499 or fewer population. Other differences include that town council members must be elected at-large whereas cities may elect members from city wards, and towns generally have fewer municipal responsibilities and obligations. [4]

At-large is a designation for members of a governing body who are elected or appointed to represent the whole membership of the body, rather than a subset of that membership. At-large voting is in contrast to voting by electoral districts.

A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. It is common in the United States for wards to simply be numbered.

Arkansas does not use villages or civil townships as possible designations for its minor civil divisions. [5] In Arkansas, a municipality may extend into multiple counties.

Village Small clustered human settlement smaller than a town

A village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town, with a population ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. Though villages are often located in rural areas, the term urban village is also applied to certain urban neighborhoods. Villages are normally permanent, with fixed dwellings; however, transient villages can occur. Further, the dwellings of a village are fairly close to one another, not scattered broadly over the landscape, as a dispersed settlement.

A civil township is a widely used unit of local government in the United States that is subordinate to a county. The term town is used in New England, New York, and Wisconsin to refer to the equivalent of the civil township in these states. Specific responsibilities and the degree of autonomy vary based on each state. Civil townships are distinct from survey townships, but in states that have both, the boundaries often coincide and may completely geographically subdivide a county. The U.S. Census Bureau classifies civil townships as minor civil divisions. Currently, there are 20 states with civil townships.

County (United States) Subdivision used by most states in the United States of America

In the United States, an administrative or political subdivision of a state is a county, which is a region having specific boundaries and usually some level of governmental authority. The term "county" is used in 48 U.S. states, while Louisiana and Alaska have functionally equivalent subdivisions called parishes and boroughs respectively.

List of municipalities by population

     State capital and county seat
     County seat
Map of the United States with Arkansas highlighted Arkansas in United States.svg
Map of the United States with Arkansas highlighted
Little Rock is Arkansas's capital and most populous city Littlerock.JPG
Little Rock is Arkansas's capital and most populous city
Fort Smith GarrisonFSM.jpg
Fort Smith
Fayetteville Block Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.jpg
Springdale E Emma Ave.jpg
Jonesboro ChrisLitherlandJonesboroARk.jpg
North Little Rock Downtown North Little Rock.jpg
North Little Rock
Conway EM Downtown shot.jpg
Rogers Rogers (Arkansas).jpg
Pine Bluff Pine Bluff AR - main street and courthouse.jpg
Pine Bluff
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art--2012-04-12.jpg
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville
Hot Springs AR7HotSprings.jpg
Hot Springs
Saline County Courthouse, Benton Saline County Courthouse (Benton, Arkansas).jpg
Saline County Courthouse, Benton
Texarkana U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Texarkana Texarkana stateline.jpg
Texarkana U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Texarkana
Jacksonville City Hall Jacksonville, AR 006.jpg
Jacksonville City Hall
Russellville Downtown Russellville, AR.jpg
Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, Bella Vista Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel inside.jpg
Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, Bella Vista
West Memphis BroadwayWestMemphis.jpg
West Memphis
Greene County Courthouse, Paragould Paragould AR 2011 06 23 003.jpg
Greene County Courthouse, Paragould
Searcy ChrisLitherlandSearcy.jpg
Van Buren VBUREN 13-06-2010 09-38-38 a.m. 4000x2248.jpg
Van Buren
El Dorado ChrisLitherlandElDorado.jpg
El Dorado
Blytheville Mississippi County Courthouse, Blytheville.jpg
Forrest City Forrest City AR 016.jpg
Forrest City
Siloam Springs Siloam Springs Arkansas Fountains.JPG
Siloam Springs
RankNameTypeCountyPopulation (2010)Land areaFoundedIncorporated
1 Little Rock City IPulaski193,524116.2 sq mi (301 km2)1820 [6] 1831 [7]
2 Fort Smith City ISebastian88,20961.7 sq mi (160 km2)1837 [8] 1842 [8]
3 Fayetteville City IWashington76,89953.8 sq mi (139 km2)18361867
4 Springdale City IWashington [lower-alpha 1] 69,79731.3 sq mi (81 km2)18381878
5 Jonesboro City ICraighead67,26379.6 sq mi (206 km2)n.d.1859
6 North Little Rock City IPulaski62,30444.8 sq mi (116 km2)18661903
7 Conway City IFaulkner58,90845.34 sq mi (117.4 km2)18721875
8 Rogers City IBenton55,96433.53 sq mi (86.8 km2)n.d.1881
9 Pine Bluff City IJefferson49,08344.576 sq mi (115.45 km2)18321839 [9]
10 Bentonville City IBenton35,30121.2 sq mi (55 km2)n.d.1873
11 Hot Springs City IGarland35,19332.9 sq mi (85 km2)18071851
12 Benton City ISaline30,68117.9 sq mi (46 km2)18331836
13 Texarkana City IMiller29,91931.8 sq mi (82 km2)18731880
14 Sherwood City IPulaski29,52320.6 sq mi (53 km2)n.d.1948
15 Jacksonville City IPulaski28,36421.2 sq mi (55 km2)18701941
16 Russellville City IPope27,92028.2 sq mi (73 km2)18341870
17 Bella Vista City IBenton26,46144.26 sq mi (114.6 km2)19652006
18 West Memphis City ICrittenden26,24530.00 sq mi (77.7 km2)n.d.1927
19 Paragould City IGreene26,11330.8 sq mi (80 km2)18831883
20 Cabot City ILonoke23,77619.1 sq mi (49 km2)18731891
21 Searcy City IWhite22,85814.7 sq mi (38 km2)18381851
22 Van Buren City ICrawford22,79115.1 sq mi (39 km2)18311842
23 El Dorado City IUnion18,88416.3 sq mi (42 km2)18311842
24 Maumelle City IPulaski17,1639.3 sq mi (24 km2)19741985
25 Bryant City ISaline16,68820.796 sq mi (53.86 km2)n.d.1892; 1946 [10]
26 Blytheville City IMississippi15,62020.6 sq mi (53 km2)18791889
27 Forrest City City ISt. Francis15,43542.2 sq mi (109 km2)18681870
28 Siloam Springs City IBenton15,03910.6 sq mi (27 km2)18801881
29 Harrison City IBoone12,94316.5 sq mi (43 km2)18691876
30 Hot Springs Village City IGarland [lower-alpha 2] 12,807230 sq mi (600 km2)20002000
31 Mountain Home City IBaxter12,44810.6 sq mi (27 km2)18881888
32 Marion City ICrittenden12,34520.42 sq mi (52.9 km2)18361851
33 Helena-West Helena City IPhillips12,28213.3 sq mi (34 km2)18332006
34 Camden City IOuachita12,18316.5 sq mi (43 km2)18241884
35 Magnolia City IColumbia11,57712.94 sq mi (33.5 km2)18531858
36 Arkadelphia City IClark10,7147.26 sq mi (18.8 km2)18571857
37 Malvern City IHot Spring10,3187.4 sq mi (19 km2)18701870
38 Batesville City IIndependence10,24810.98 sq mi (28.4 km2)18211822
39 Hope City IHempstead10,09510.08 sq mi (26.1 km2)18521875
40 Centerton City IBenton9,51511.76 sq mi (30.5 km2)19001914
41 Monticello City IDrew9,46710.7 sq mi (28 km2)18461852
42 Stuttgart City IArkansas9,3267.22 sq mi (18.7 km2)18801889
43 Clarksville City IJohnson9,17818.48 sq mi (47.9 km2)18361848
44 Greenwood City ISebastian8,9529.82 sq mi (25.4 km2)18711884
45 Wynne City ICross8,3678.86 sq mi (22.9 km2)18851888
46 Newport City IJackson7,87913.43 sq mi (34.8 km2)18351875
47 Osceola City IMississippi7,7579.79 sq mi (25.4 km2)18371853
48 Lowell City IBenton7,3279.15 sq mi (23.7 km2)18471905
49 Beebe City IWhite7,31510.11 sq mi (26.2 km2)18721875
50 Trumann City IPoinsett7,2435.02 sq mi (13.0 km2)18961917
51 Heber Springs City ICleburne7,1658.39 sq mi (21.7 km2)18821882
52 Morrilton City IConway6,7678.75 sq mi (22.7 km2)18251879
53 Pocahontas City IRandolph6,6087.36 sq mi (19.1 km2)18371857
54 De Queen City ISevier6,5945.95 sq mi (15.4 km2)18971897
55 Warren City IBradley6,0037.21 sq mi (18.7 km2)18401850
56 Farmington City IWashington5,9749.83 sq mi (25.5 km2)18681946
57 Mena City IPolk5,7376.717 sq mi (17.40 km2)18961896
58 White Hall City IJefferson5,5266.978 sq mi (18.07 km2)n.d.1964 [11]
59 Crossett City IAshley5,5075.97 sq mi (15.5 km2)18901903
60 Alma City ICrawford5,4195.4 sq mi (14 km2)18721874
61 Berryville City ICarroll5,3566.10 sq mi (15.8 km2)18521876
62 Walnut Ridge City ILawrence4,89011.6 sq mi (30 km2)18751880
63 Pea Ridge City IBenton4,7944.1 sq mi (11 km2)18501935
64 Dardanelle City IYell4,7453.1 sq mi (8.0 km2)18471855
65 Ashdown City ILittle River4,7237.1 sq mi (18 km2)n.d.1892
66 Dumas City IDesha4,7063 sq mi (7.8 km2)n.d.1904
67 Greenbrier City IFaulkner4,7067.75 sq mi (20.1 km2)18571880
68 Cherokee Village City ISharp4,67119.9 sq mi (52 km2)19551998
69 Barling City ISebastian4,64921.9 sq mi (57 km2)18901956
70 Nashville City IHoward4,6274.6 sq mi (12 km2)18481883
71 Sheridan City IGrant4,6034 sq mi (10 km2)n.d.1887
72 Prairie Grove City IWashington4,3802.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)18401888
73 Fordyce City IDallas4,3006.6 sq mi (17 km2)n.d.1884
74 Lonoke City ILonoke4,2454.3 sq mi (11 km2)18691872
75 McGehee City IDesha4,2196.4 sq mi (17 km2)18791906
76 Marianna City ILee4,1153.6 sq mi (9.3 km2)18481878
77 Ward City ILonoke4,0673.9 sq mi (10 km2)18821923
78 Booneville City ILogan3,9904.1 sq mi (11 km2)18281878
79 Haskell City ISaline3,9904.6 sq mi (12 km2)n.d.1910
80 Piggott City IClay3,8495.2 sq mi (13 km2)18821891
81 Vilonia City IFaulkner3,8156.4 sq mi (17 km2)n.d.1938
82 Ozark City IFranklin3,6847.2 sq mi (19 km2)18371850
83 Waldron City IScott3,6185 sq mi (13 km2)18381852
84 Gosnell City IMississippi3,5481.7 sq mi (4.4 km2)19021968
85 Paris City ILogan3,5324.5 sq mi (12 km2)18741879
86 Corning City IClay3,3773.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)18731877
87 Johnson City IWashington3,3543.1 sq mi (8.0 km2)18861961
88 Manila City IMississippi3,3423.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)n.d.1901
89 Prescott City INevada3,2966.5 sq mi (17 km2)18731874
90 DeWitt City IArkansas3,2922.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18621876
91 Brinkley City IMonroe3,1885.5 sq mi (14 km2)18691872
92 Gentry City IBenton3,1582.4 sq mi (6.2 km2)18941898
93 Shannon Hills City ISaline3,1431.5 sq mi (3.9 km2)n.d.1978
94 Atkins City IPope3,0166.1 sq mi (16 km2)18731876
95 Alexander City ISaline [lower-alpha 3] 2,9010.4 sq mi (1.0 km2)18781887
96 Bald Knob City IWhite2,8974.5 sq mi (12 km2)18721887
97 Hamburg City IAshley2,8573.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)18491854
98 Pottsville City IPope2,8387.5 sq mi (19 km2)18241897
99 England City ILonoke2,8251.86 sq mi (4.8 km2)18801897
100 Hoxie City ILawrence2,7804 sq mi (10 km2)n.d.1888
101 Green Forest City ICarroll2,7612.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)18551895
102 Mountain View City IStone2,7486.8 sq mi (18 km2)18731890
103 Elkins City IWashington2,6482.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18921964
104 Clinton City IVan Buren2,60211.4 sq mi (30 km2)18331851 [lower-alpha 4]
105 Little Flock City IBenton2,5857.6 sq mi (20 km2)n.d.1971
106 Lake Village City IChicot2,5752.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)18571898
107 Marked Tree City IPoinsett2,5662.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)18831897
108 Charleston City IIFranklin2,4944.2 sq mi (11 km2)18461874
109 Tontitown City IIWashington2,4607.0 sq mi (18 km2)18981909
110 Earle City IICrittenden2,4143.3 sq mi (8.5 km2)n.d.1905
111 Danville City IIYell2,4094.2 sq mi (11 km2)18411899
112 Bethel Heights City IIBenton2,3726.5 sq mi (17 km2)n.d.1967
113 Huntsville City IIMadison2,3463 sq mi (7.8 km2)18371925
114 Fairfield Bay City IIVan Buren [lower-alpha 5] 2,33815.2 sq mi (39 km2)19651993
115 Gravette City IIBenton2,3252.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)18931899
116 West Fork City IIWashington2,3463.3 sq mi (8.5 km2)18481885
117 Dermott City IIChicot2,3162.8 sq mi (7.3 km2)18441890
118 Lavaca City IISebastian2,2892.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)18701919
119 Harrisburg City IIPoinsett2,2882.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)18561883
120 Star City City IILincoln2,2744.2 sq mi (11 km2)18711876
121 Eudora City IIChicot2,2693.1 sq mi (8.0 km2)18561904
122 Lincoln City IIWashington2,2491.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18841907
123 Mayflower City IIFaulkner2,2342.98 sq mi (7.7 km2)18711928
124 Glenwood City IIPike [lower-alpha 6] 2,2282.8 sq mi (7.3 km2)n.d.1909
125 Carlisle City IILonoke2,2144.9 sq mi (13 km2)18721878
126 Gurdon City IIClark2,2122.5 sq mi (6.5 km2)18751880
127 Augusta City IIWoodruff2,1992.0 sq mi (5.2 km2)18481860
128 Horseshoe Bend City IIIzard2,18413.3 sq mi (34 km2)n.d.1969
129 Bono City IICraighead2,1311.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)18841916
130 Wrightsville City IIPulaski2,1142.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)n.d.1973
131 Lake City City IICraighead2,0822.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)18781898
132 Gassville City IIBaxter2,0783.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)18681903
133 Eureka Springs City IICarroll2,0736.8 sq mi (18 km2)18791880
134 Austin City IILonoke2,0733.0 sq mi (7.8 km2)n.d.1895
135 Judsonia City IIWhite2,0193 sq mi (7.8 km2)18391872
136 Leachville City IIMississippi1,9931.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)18961916
137 Rector City IIClay1,9771.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)18821887
138 Bull Shoals City IIMarion1,9505.0 sq mi (13 km2)19461953
139 Cave City City IISharp [lower-alpha 7] 1,9502.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18911907
140 Lepanto City IIPoinsett1,8932.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18941909
141 Smackover City IIUnion1,8654.2 sq mi (11 km2)18791922
142 Tuckerman City IIJackson1,8622.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)18741891
143 Melbourne City IIIzard1,8486.2 sq mi (16 km2)18761878
144 Bay City IICraighead1,8013.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)18831913
145 Cave Springs City IIBenton1,7297.3 sq mi (19 km2)19081910
146 McCrory City IIWoodruff1,7292.4 sq mi (6.2 km2)18621910
147 Des Arc City IIPrairie1,7172 sq mi (5.2 km2)18401854
148 Decatur City IIBenton1,6992.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)18831908
149 Stamps City IILafayette1,6933.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)18871888
150 Clarendon City IIMonroe1,6641.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18281859, 1898
151 Mulberry City IICrawford1,6557.6 sq mi (20 km2)18751880
152 Kensett City IIWhite1,6481.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18721911
153 Brookland City IICraighead1,6421.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)18821911
154 Murfreesboro City IIPike1,6411.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)18361878
155 Salem City IIFulton1,6352.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)18391900, 1927
156 Lamar City IIJohnson1,6054.4 sq mi (11 km2)18741887
157 Calico Rock City IIIzard1,5453.6 sq mi (9.3 km2)19021905
158 Elm Springs City IIWashington [lower-alpha 8] 1,5353.8 sq mi (9.8 km2)18481917
159 Monette City IICraighead1,5013.8 sq mi (9.8 km2)18861900
160 Hazen City IIPrairie1,4683.7 sq mi (9.6 km2)18721884
161 Perryville City IIPerry1,4604.8 sq mi (12 km2)18501878
162 Hughes City IISt. Francis1,4412.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)19071916
163 Cedarville City IICrawford1,3948.8 sq mi (23 km2)18791881 [lower-alpha 9]
164 Dover City IIPope1,3781.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18411870
165 Waldo City IIColumbia1,3722.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)18831888
166 Flippin City IIMarion1,3551.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18781921
167 Marshall City IISearcy1,3552.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18571884
168 Rison City IICleveland1,3442.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)18831890
169 Hampton City IICalhoun1,3243.0 sq mi (7.8 km2)18501853
170 Diaz City IIJackson1,3185.9 sq mi (15 km2)18821956
171 Redfield City IIJefferson1,2973.024 sq mi (7.83 km2)18801898 [12]
172 Ola City IIYell1,2811.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)18751900
173 Lewisville City IILafayette1,2802.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)18361850
174 Caraway City IICraighead1,2792.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)19121923
175 Greenland City IIWashington1,2592.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)18821910
176 Mineral Springs City IIHoward1,2082.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)18431879
177 Yellville City IIMarion1,2042.5 sq mi (6.5 km2)18281855
178 Marvell City IIPhillips1,1861.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)18721876
179 Luxora City IIMississippi1,1780.9 sq mi (2.3 km2)18821897
180 Newark City IIIndependence1,1761.7 sq mi (4.4 km2)18831889
181 Mansfield City IISebastian [lower-alpha 10] 1,1392.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)18491888
182 Dierks City IIHoward1,1331.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)19001907
183 Marmaduke City IIGreene1,1111.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)18821909
184 Parkin City IICross1,1052.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)18901912
185 Ash Flat City IISharp1,0825.6 sq mi (15 km2)18561931
186 Mount Ida City IIMontgomery1,0761.6 sq mi (4.1 km2)18421890
187 Goshen City IIWashington1,07111.2 sq mi (29 km2)18361982
188 Highland City IISharp1,0458.9 sq mi (23 km2)19621998
189 Horatio City IISevier1,0441.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)18921898
190 London City IIPope1,0392.4 sq mi (6.2 km2)18771882
191 Coal Hill City IIJohnson1,0122.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)18761880
192 Foreman City IILittle River1,0112.0 sq mi (5.2 km2)18951959
193 Altheimer City IIJefferson9842.102 sq mi (5.44 km2)n.d.1919 [13]
194 Mammoth Spring City IIFulton9771.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)n.d.1889
195 Cotter City IIBaxter9702.5 sq mi (6.5 km2)n.d.1904
196 Bearden City IIOuachita9661.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)n.d.1892
197 Kibler City IICrawford9614.5 sq mi (12 km2)n.d.1963
198 East Camden City IIOuachita9310.6 sq mi (1.6 km2)n.d.1965
199 Wilson City IIMississippi9031.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)n.d.1959
200 Greers Ferry City IICleburne8917.1 sq mi (18 km2)n.d.1968
201 Stephens City IIOuachita8912.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)n.d.1889
202 Oak Grove Heights City IIGreene8893.0 sq mi (7.8 km2)n.d.1979
203 Dyer City IICrawford8762.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)n.d.1889
204 Wooster City IIFaulkner8602.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)n.d.1958
205 Fouke City IIMiller8591.0 sq mi (2.6 km2)n.d.1911
206 Magazine City IILogan8471.7 sq mi (4.4 km2)n.d.1878
207 Norphlet City IIUnion8442.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)n.d.1923
208 Gould City IILincoln8371.5 sq mi (3.9 km2)n.d.1907
209 Hermitage City IIBradley8301.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)n.d.1907
210 Plumerville City IIConway8268.54 sq mi (22.1 km2)n.d.1880
211 Hackett City IISebastian8121.6 sq mi (4.1 km2)n.d.1885
212 Swifton City IIJackson7980.5 sq mi (1.3 km2)n.d.1890
213 Diamond City City IIBoone7822.68 sq mi (6.9 km2)
214 Oppelo City IIConway7812.48 sq mi (6.4 km2)
215 Hardy City IISharp [lower-alpha 11] 7725.41 sq mi (14.0 km2)
216 Mountain Pine City IIGarland7701.76 sq mi (4.6 km2)
217 Madison City IISt. Francis7691.77 sq mi (4.6 km2)
218 Cammack Village City IIPulaski7680.28 sq mi (0.73 km2)1943
219 Quitman City IICleburne [lower-alpha 12] 7621.98 sq mi (5.1 km2)
220 Tyronza City IIPoinsett7621.54 sq mi (4.0 km2)
221 Bradford City IIWhite7590.88 sq mi (2.3 km2)
222 Keiser City IIMississippi7590.36 sq mi (0.93 km2)1912
222 Altus City IIFranklin7581.81 sq mi (4.7 km2)1870
223 Rockport City IIHot Spring County7553.404 sq mi (8.82 km2)n.d.1851 [14]
224 Wickes TownPolk7542.33 sq mi (6.0 km2)
225 Lakeview City IIBaxter7411.13 sq mi (2.9 km2)
226 Lockesburg City IISevier7393.54 sq mi (9.2 km2)
227 Knoxville City IIJohnson7313.19 sq mi (8.3 km2)
228 Amity City IIClark7233.28 sq mi (8.5 km2)
229 Weiner City IIPoinsett7161.37 sq mi (3.5 km2)
230 Guy City IIFaulkner7086.71 sq mi (17.4 km2)
231 Gillett City IIArkansas6911.04 sq mi (2.7 km2)
232 McRae City IIWhite6820.70 sq mi (1.8 km2)
233 Palestine City IISt. Francis6813.13 sq mi (8.1 km2)
234 Imboden City IILawrence6770.89 sq mi (2.3 km2)18281887
235 Oxford City IIIzard6706.49 sq mi (16.8 km2)
236 Black Rock City IILawrence6623.34 sq mi (8.7 km2)
237 Cherry Valley City IICross6510.87 sq mi (2.3 km2)
238 Cotton Plant City IIWoodruff6491.03 sq mi (2.7 km2)1887
239 Hartford City IISebastian6421.81 sq mi (4.7 km2)n.d.1900
240 Elaine City IIPhillips6360.51 sq mi (1.3 km2)
241 Caddo Valley City IIClark6352.94 sq mi (7.6 km2)1974
242 Huntington City IISebastian6350.72 sq mi (1.9 km2)18871888
243 Mountainburg City IICrawford6311.51 sq mi (3.9 km2)
244 Bradley City IILafayette6280.92 sq mi (2.4 km2)
245 Higginson City IIWhite6210.94 sq mi (2.4 km2)
246 DeValls Bluff City IIPrairie6191.14 sq mi (3.0 km2)
247 Turrell City IICrittenden6155.13 sq mi (13.3 km2)
248 Plainview City IIYell6081.45 sq mi (3.8 km2)
249 Summit City IIMarion6041.16 sq mi (3.0 km2)
250 Holly Grove City IIMonroe6021.02 sq mi (2.6 km2)
251 Pangburn City IIWhite6010.54 sq mi (1.4 km2)
252 Huttig City IIUnion5973.07 sq mi (8.0 km2)
253 Highfill TownBenton58318.0 sq mi (47 km2)
254 Junction City City IIUnion5812.27 sq mi (5.9 km2)
255 Joiner City IIMississippi5760.61 sq mi (1.6 km2)
256 Bonanza City IISebastian5752.78 sq mi (7.2 km2)
257 Subiaco TownLogan5721.90 sq mi (4.9 km2)
258 Taylor City IIColumbia5660.99 sq mi (2.6 km2)
259 Strong City IIUnion5581.61 sq mi (4.2 km2)
260 Holland City IIFaulkner5576.71 sq mi (17.4 km2)
- Humphrey City IIArkansas [lower-alpha 13] 5571.370 sq mi (3.55 km2)n.d.1905 [15]
261 Caldwell TownSt. Francis5553.20 sq mi (8.3 km2)
262 Grannis City IIPolk5547.98 sq mi (20.7 km2)
263 Wilmot City IIAshley5501.76 sq mi (4.6 km2)
264 Hartman City IIJohnson5191.60 sq mi (4.1 km2)
265 Emmet City IINevada5181.45 sq mi (3.8 km2)
266 Traskwood City IISaline5185.64 sq mi (14.6 km2)
267 McNeil City IIColumbia5161.25 sq mi (3.2 km2)
268 Norfork City IIBaxter5112.47 sq mi (6.4 km2)
269 Sulphur Springs City IIBenton5111.00 sq mi (2.6 km2)
270 Wilmar City IIDrew5111.53 sq mi (4.0 km2)
271 Fountain Lake TownGarland5033.34 sq mi (8.7 km2)
272 Central City TownSebastian5022.31 sq mi (6.0 km2)
273 Garfield TownBenton5023.08 sq mi (8.0 km2)
274 Leola TownGrant5010.70 sq mi (1.8 km2)
275 Calion City IIUnion4941.30 sq mi (3.4 km2)
276 Avoca TownBenton4881.87 sq mi (4.8 km2)
277 Bauxite TownSaline4873.12 sq mi (8.1 km2)
278 Rose Bud TownWhite4826.06 sq mi (15.7 km2)
279 Crawfordsville TownCrittenden4790.54 sq mi (1.4 km2)
280 Ravenden TownLawrence4702.12 sq mi (5.5 km2)
281 Jasper City IINewton4660.68 sq mi (1.8 km2)
282 Lafe TownGreene4582.03 sq mi (5.3 km2)
283 Reyno City IIRandolph4561.01 sq mi (2.6 km2)
284 Sulphur Rock TownIndependence4561.22 sq mi (3.2 km2)
285 Bellefonte TownBoone4540.62 sq mi (1.6 km2)
286 Cushman City IIIndependence4524.07 sq mi (10.5 km2)
287 Patterson City IIWoodruff4521.12 sq mi (2.9 km2)
288 Hector TownPope4502.28 sq mi (5.9 km2)
289 Salesville City IIBaxter4504.54 sq mi (11.8 km2)
290 Grady City IILincoln4491.85 sq mi (4.8 km2)
291 Tull TownGrant4484.08 sq mi (10.6 km2)
292 Kingsland City IICleveland4471.10 sq mi (2.8 km2)
293 Lake View City IIPhillips4434.95 sq mi (12.8 km2)
294 Belleville City IIYell4411.86 sq mi (4.8 km2)
295 Leslie City IISearcy4410.73 sq mi (1.9 km2)
296 Bergman TownBoone4391.30 sq mi (3.4 km2)
297 Portia TownLawrence4371.29 sq mi (3.3 km2)
298 Evening Shade City IISharp4321.66 sq mi (4.3 km2)
299 Portland City IIAshley4301.06 sq mi (2.7 km2)
300 Edmondson TownCrittenden4273.00 sq mi (7.8 km2)
301 Sparkman City IIDallas4271.29 sq mi (3.3 km2)
302 Maynard TownRandolph4261.17 sq mi (3.0 km2)
303 Mount Pleasant TownIzard4143.51 sq mi (9.1 km2)
304 Hatfield TownPolk4131.35 sq mi (3.5 km2)
305 Dyess TownMississippi4100.95 sq mi (2.5 km2)
306 Thornton City IICalhoun4071.94 sq mi (5.0 km2)
307 Gateway TownBenton4056.54 sq mi (16.9 km2)
308 Alpena TownBoone3921.27 sq mi (3.3 km2)
309 Winslow City IIWashington3911.82 sq mi (4.7 km2)
310 Midway TownBaxter3893.53 sq mi (9.1 km2)
311 Grubbs City IIJackson3860.56 sq mi (1.5 km2)
312 Western Grove TownNewton3841.07 sq mi (2.8 km2)
313 Cove TownPolk3821.62 sq mi (4.2 km2)
314 Damascus TownFaulkner3821.85 sq mi (4.8 km2)
315 Colt City IISt. Francis3781.31 sq mi (3.4 km2)
316 Norman TownMontgomery3781.13 sq mi (2.9 km2)
317 Havana City IIYell3750.47 sq mi (1.2 km2)
318 Wilton City IILittle River3741.10 sq mi (2.8 km2)
319 Clarkedale City IICrittenden37111.4 sq mi (30 km2)
320 Oak Grove TownCarroll3692.75 sq mi (7.1 km2)
321 Emerson TownColumbia3680.99 sq mi (2.6 km2)
322 Branch City IIFranklin3673.12 sq mi (8.1 km2)
323 Arkansas City City IIDesha3660.49 sq mi (1.3 km2)
324 Fredonia (Biscoe) TownPrairie3630.95 sq mi (2.5 km2)
325 Mitchellville City IIDesha3600.11 sq mi (0.28 km2)
326 Wheatley City IISt. Francis3553.07 sq mi (8.0 km2)
327 Montrose City IIAshley3540.38 sq mi (0.98 km2)
328 Etowah TownMississippi3515.94 sq mi (15.4 km2)
329 Pleasant Plains TownIndependence3490.87 sq mi (2.3 km2)
330 Biggers TownRandolph3471.02 sq mi (2.6 km2)
331 Carthage City IIDallas3430.98 sq mi (2.5 km2)
332 Cash TownCraighead3420.27 sq mi (0.70 km2)
333 Enola TownFaulkner3382.71 sq mi (7.0 km2)
334 Viola TownFulton3371.51 sq mi (3.9 km2)
335 Twin Groves TownFaulkner3354.60 sq mi (11.9 km2)
336 Midland TownSebastian3250.35 sq mi (0.91 km2)
337 Bigelow TownPerry3150.93 sq mi (2.4 km2)
338 Blevins City IIHempstead3151.26 sq mi (3.3 km2)
339 Denning TownFranklin3141.07 sq mi (2.8 km2)
340 Prattsville TownGrant3051.62 sq mi (4.2 km2)
341 Menifee TownConway3022.26 sq mi (5.9 km2)
342 Strawberry TownLawrence3022.34 sq mi (6.1 km2)
343 Donaldson TownHot Spring3010.59 sq mi (1.5 km2)
344 Horseshoe Lake TownSt. Francis2920.15 sq mi (0.39 km2)
345 Shirley TownVan Buren2912.46 sq mi (6.4 km2)
346 Poyen TownGrant2900.30 sq mi (0.78 km2)
347 Lynn TownLawrence2882.31 sq mi (6.0 km2)
348 Chidester City IIOuachita2895.30 sq mi (13.7 km2)
349 Knobel City IIClay2870.41 sq mi (1.1 km2)
350 Lexa TownPhillips2860.41 sq mi (1.1 km2)
351 Garner TownWhite2840.84 sq mi (2.2 km2)
352 Humnoke City IILonoke2840.31 sq mi (0.80 km2)
353 Almyra TownArkansas2830.38 sq mi (0.98 km2)
354 Delight City IIPike2790.55 sq mi (1.4 km2)
355 Parkdale City IIAshley2771.02 sq mi (2.6 km2)
356 Buckner City IILafayette2751.17 sq mi (3.0 km2)
357 Widener TownSt. Francis2730.59 sq mi (1.5 km2)
358 Hickory Ridge City IICross2720.64 sq mi (1.7 km2)
359 Perrytown TownHempstead2721.40 sq mi (3.6 km2)
360 Lead Hill TownBoone2710.65 sq mi (1.7 km2)
361 Perry TownPerry2700.66 sq mi (1.7 km2)
362 Black Oak TownCraighead2620.41 sq mi (1.1 km2)
363 Rosston TownNevada2614.44 sq mi (11.5 km2)
364 Oil Trough TownIndependence2600.22 sq mi (0.57 km2)
365 Keo TownLonoke2564.96 sq mi (12.8 km2)
366 Campbell Station City IIJackson2551.70 sq mi (4.4 km2)
367 Letona TownWhite2550.38 sq mi (0.98 km2)
- Wabbaseka TownJefferson2550.364 sq mi (0.94 km2)n.d.1920 [16]
368 Harrell TownCalhoun2540.55 sq mi (1.4 km2)
369 St. Francis City IIClay2500.54 sq mi (1.4 km2)
370 Concord TownCleburne2443.08 sq mi (8.0 km2)
371 Garland TownMiller2420.87 sq mi (2.3 km2)
372 Perla TownHot Spring2410.94 sq mi (2.4 km2)
373 Tollette TownHoward2400.96 sq mi (2.5 km2)
374 Pineville TownIzard2381.79 sq mi (4.6 km2)
375 Briarcliff City IIBaxter2362.21 sq mi (5.7 km2)
376 Oden TownMontgomery2320.83 sq mi (2.1 km2)
377 St. Charles TownArkansas2300.89 sq mi (2.3 km2)
378 Griffithville TownWhite2250.54 sq mi (1.4 km2)
379 Tillar City IIDrew2250.78 sq mi (2.0 km2)
380 Scranton City IILogan2240.50 sq mi (1.3 km2)
381 Dell TownMississippi2230.92 sq mi (2.4 km2)
382 Fisher City IIPoinsett2230.24 sq mi (0.62 km2)
383 Pollard City IIClay2220.29 sq mi (0.75 km2)
384 Pyatt TownMarion2211.28 sq mi (3.3 km2)
385 Moro TownLee2160.96 sq mi (2.5 km2)
386 Russell TownWhite2160.20 sq mi (0.52 km2)
387 Caulksville TownLogan2131.36 sq mi (3.5 km2)
388 Jacksonport TownJackson2120.36 sq mi (0.93 km2)
389 Watson City IIDesha2110.19 sq mi (0.49 km2)
390 Adona City IIPerry2090.94 sq mi (2.4 km2)
391 Greenway City IIClay2090.26 sq mi (0.67 km2)
392 Magness TownIndependence2020.56 sq mi (1.5 km2)
393 Ratcliff City IILogan2021.81 sq mi (4.7 km2)
394 Fulton TownHempstead2010.20 sq mi (0.52 km2)
395 Franklin TownIzard1982.21 sq mi (5.7 km2)
396 Rondo TownLee1981.00 sq mi (2.6 km2)
397 Sunset TownCrittenden1980.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)
398 O'Kean TownRandolph1941.02 sq mi (2.6 km2)
399 Winthrop City IILittle River1921.04 sq mi (2.7 km2)
400 Burdette TownMississippi1910.74 sq mi (1.9 km2)
401 Gilmore City IICrittenden26313.5 sq mi (35 km2)
402 McDougal TownClay1860.37 sq mi (0.96 km2)
403 West Point TownWhite1850.43 sq mi (1.1 km2)
404 Valley Springs TownBoone1830.51 sq mi (1.3 km2)
405 Sidney TownSharp1812.07 sq mi (5.4 km2)
406 Ogden City IILittle River1800.37 sq mi (0.96 km2)
407 Tupelo TownJackson1800.27 sq mi (0.70 km2)
408 Washington City IIHempstead1801.00 sq mi (2.6 km2)
409 Friendship TownHot Spring1760.71 sq mi (1.8 km2)
410 Fountain Hill TownAshley1750.56 sq mi (1.5 km2)
411 Bassett TownMississippi1730.24 sq mi (0.62 km2)
412 Fifty-Six City IIStone1732.08 sq mi (5.4 km2)
413 Houston TownPerry1731.01 sq mi (2.6 km2)
414 Casa TownPerry1711.09 sq mi (2.8 km2)
415 Aubrey TownLee1700.33 sq mi (0.85 km2)
416 Ulm TownPrairie1700.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)
417 Omaha TownBoone1690.39 sq mi (1.0 km2)
418 Winchester TownDrew1670.50 sq mi (1.3 km2)
419 Louann TownOuachita1640.23 sq mi (0.60 km2)
420 Anthonyville TownCrittenden1610.07 sq mi (0.18 km2)
421 Gillham TownSevier1600.89 sq mi (2.3 km2)
422 Chester TownCrawford1590.49 sq mi (1.3 km2)
423 Sedgwick TownLawrence1520.26 sq mi (0.67 km2)
424 Willisville TownNevada1521.60 sq mi (4.1 km2)
425 Felsenthal TownUnion1501.66 sq mi (4.3 km2)
426 Haynes TownLee1500.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)
427 Success TownClay1490.22 sq mi (0.57 km2)
428 Okolona TownClark1470.79 sq mi (2.0 km2)
429 Ben Lomond TownSevier1453.91 sq mi (10.1 km2)
430 Mount Vernon TownFaulkner1451.00 sq mi (2.6 km2)
431 Reed TownDesha1720.11 sq mi (0.28 km2)
432 Bodcaw TownNevada1383.03 sq mi (7.8 km2)
433 Moorefield TownIndependence1371.12 sq mi (2.9 km2)
434 Peach Orchard City IIClay1351.03 sq mi (2.7 km2)
435 Everton TownBoone1330.47 sq mi (1.2 km2)
436 St. Joe TownSearcy1321.25 sq mi (3.2 km2)
437 Alicia TownLawrence1240.43 sq mi (1.1 km2)
438 Banks TownBradley1240.37 sq mi (0.96 km2)
439 Blue Mountain TownLogan1241.06 sq mi (2.7 km2)
440 Bluff City TownNevada1242.32 sq mi (6.0 km2)
441 Georgetown TownWhite1240.28 sq mi (0.73 km2)
442 Gum Springs TownClark1200.39 sq mi (1.0 km2)
443 Higden TownCleburne1200.44 sq mi (1.1 km2)
444 Jericho TownCrittenden1190.30 sq mi (0.78 km2)
445 Ravenden Springs TownRandolph1181.16 sq mi (3.0 km2)
446 Antoine TownPike1170.51 sq mi (1.3 km2)
447 Delaplaine TownGreene1161.10 sq mi (2.8 km2)
448 Allport TownLonoke1150.21 sq mi (0.54 km2)
449 Daisy TownPike1151.45 sq mi (3.8 km2)
450 Jennette TownCrittenden1152.27 sq mi (5.9 km2)
451 Roe TownMonroe1140.17 sq mi (0.44 km2)
452 St. Paul TownMadison1130.45 sq mi (1.2 km2)
453 Egypt TownCraighead1120.33 sq mi (0.85 km2)
454 Pindall TownSearcy1121.67 sq mi (4.3 km2)
455 Minturn TownLawrence1090.56 sq mi (1.5 km2)
456 Beedeville TownJackson1071.13 sq mi (2.9 km2)
457 Big Flat TownBaxter1051.06 sq mi (2.7 km2)
458 Hunter TownWoodruff1050.62 sq mi (1.6 km2)
459 Zinc TownBoone1030.75 sq mi (1.9 km2)
460 South Lead Hill TownBoone1020.16 sq mi (0.41 km2)
461 Beaver TownCarroll1000.50 sq mi (1.3 km2)
462 Datto TownClay1000.61 sq mi (1.6 km2)
463 Black Springs TownMontgomery990.36 sq mi (0.93 km2)
- Amagon TownJackson980.111 sq mi (0.29 km2)n.d.1948 [17]
464 Fargo TownMonroe980.47 sq mi (1.2 km2)
465 Coy TownLonoke960.67 sq mi (1.7 km2)
466 McCaskill TownHempstead960.73 sq mi (1.9 km2)
467 Lonsdale TownGarland940.44 sq mi (1.1 km2)
468 Whelen Springs TownClark920.23 sq mi (0.60 km2)
469 La Grange TownLee890.15 sq mi (0.39 km2)
470 Springtown TownBenton870.54 sq mi (1.4 km2)
471 Vandervoort TownPolk870.29 sq mi (0.75 km2)
472 Guion TownIzard860.55 sq mi (1.4 km2)
473 Ozan TownHempstead850.32 sq mi (0.83 km2)
474 Marie TownMississippi840.14 sq mi (0.36 km2)
- Sherrill TownJefferson840.137 sq mi (0.35 km2)n.d.1935 [18]
475 Cale TownNevada791.05 sq mi (2.7 km2)
476 Smithville TownLawrence780.65 sq mi (1.7 km2)
477 Weldon TownJackson750.24 sq mi (0.62 km2)
478 Williford TownSharp750.34 sq mi (0.88 km2)
479 Powhatan TownLawrence720.28 sq mi (0.73 km2)
480 Corinth TownYell703.15 sq mi (8.2 km2)
481 Nimmons TownClay690.24 sq mi (0.62 km2)
482 McNab TownHempstead680.34 sq mi (0.88 km2)
483 Morrison Bluff TownLogan641.30 sq mi (3.4 km2)
484 Patmos TownHempstead640.10 sq mi (0.26 km2)
485 Oakhaven TownHempstead630.04 sq mi (0.10 km2)
486 Fourche TownPerry620.19 sq mi (0.49 km2)
487 Hindsville TownMadison610.37 sq mi (0.96 km2)
488 Rudy TownCrawford611.35 sq mi (3.5 km2)
489 Waldenburg TownPoinsett610.13 sq mi (0.34 km2)
490 Tinsman TownCalhoun540.53 sq mi (1.4 km2)
491 Birdsong TownMississippi410.20 sq mi (0.52 km2)
492 Jerome TownDrew390.09 sq mi (0.23 km2)
493 Wiederkehr Village City IIFranklin384.19 sq mi (10.9 km2)
494 Victoria TownMississippi370.31 sq mi (0.80 km2)
495 Blue Eye TownCarroll300.09 sq mi (0.23 km2)1932 [19]
496 Gilbert TownSearcy280.38 sq mi (0.98 km2)

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  1. Partially located in Benton County
  2. Partially located in Saline County
  3. Partially located in Pulaski County
  4. Reincorporated in 1879
  5. Partially located in Cleburne County
  6. Partially located in Montgomery County
  7. Partially located in Independence County
  8. Partially located in Benton County
  9. Unincorporated in 1981, reincorporated in 1998
  10. Partially located in Scott County
  11. Partially located in Fulton County
  12. Partially located in Faulkner County
  13. Partially located in Jefferson County

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Lincoln County, Arkansas County in the United States

Lincoln County is located between the Arkansas Timberlands and Arkansas Delta in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It is also within the Pine Bluff metro area, and on the outer edge of the Central Arkansas region. The county is named for Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Created as Arkansas's 65th county on March 28, 1871, Lincoln County has three incorporated cities, including Star City, the county seat and most populous city. The county contains 46 unincorporated communities and ghost towns, Cane Creek State Park at the confluence of Cane Creek and Bayou Bartholomew, and nine listings on the National Register of Historic Places to preserve the history and culture of the county.

Jefferson County, Arkansas County in the United States

Jefferson County, Arkansas is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas in the area known as the Arkansas Delta, that extends west of the Mississippi River. As of the 2010 census, the population was 77,435. Its county seat and largest city is Pine Bluff. Jefferson County is Arkansas's 21st county, formed on November 2, 1829, from portions of Arkansas and Pulaski counties, and named for Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States. Jefferson County is included in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is bisected by the Arkansas River, which was critical to its development and long the chief transportation byway.

Hot Spring County, Arkansas County in the United States

Hot Spring County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 32,923. The county seat is Malvern. Hot Spring County was formed on November 2, 1829, from a portion of Clark County. It was named for the hot springs at Hot Springs, Arkansas, which were within its boundaries until Garland County was formed in 1874. It is an alcohol prohibition or dry county. However, there is no record of this law.

Arkansas County, Arkansas County in the United States

Arkansas County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 19,019. Located in the Arkansas Delta, the county has two county seats, De Witt and Stuttgart.

Briarcliff, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Briarcliff is a second-class city in Baxter County, Arkansas, United States. The population was 236 at the 2010 census.

Elm Springs, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Elm Springs is a city in Benton and Washington counties, Arkansas, United States. The community is located between the Boston Mountains and the Springfield Plateau within the Ozark Mountains. Initially a community surrounding a spring-fed mill, the community flourished even after the mill's destruction during the Civil War.

Greenway, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Greenway is a city in Clay County, Arkansas, United States. The population was 209 at the 2010 census.

Fulton, Arkansas Town in Arkansas, United States

Fulton is a town in Hempstead County, Arkansas, United States. The population was 201 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Hope Micropolitan Statistical Area. The community is named after steamboat inventor, Robert Fulton.

Altheimer, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Altheimer is a city in Plum Bayou Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas. It is situated on the Union Pacific Railway, 11 miles (18 km) northeast of Pine Bluff. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 984, down from 1,192 at the 2000 census. As of 2016 the estimated population was 869.

Redfield, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Redfield is a small city in the Pine Bluff metropolitan area of northwestern Jefferson county in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The city is situated on the Union Pacific Railway and is approximately 24 miles (39 km) south of Little Rock, the state capital. As of the 2010 census, Redfield has a population of 1,297.

Sherrill, Arkansas Town in Arkansas, United States

Sherrill is a town in Plum Bayou Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas, United States. Its population was 84 at the 2010 U.S. census. It is included in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Wabbaseka, Arkansas Town in Arkansas, United States

Wabbaseka is a town in Dunnington Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas, United States. Its population was 255 at the 2010 U.S. census. It is included in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area.

White Hall, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

White Hall is a city in Washington Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas, with a population of 5,526 in the 2010 census. It is included in the Pine Bluff Metropolitan Statistical Area and the greater Little Rock-North Little Rock-Pine Bluff Combined Statistical Area. The city is home to the Pine Bluff Arsenal.

Louisville, Georgia City in Georgia, United States

Louisville is a city in Jefferson County, Georgia, United States. It is a former state capital of Georgia and is the county seat of Jefferson County. It is located southwest of Augusta on the Ogeechee River, and its population was 2,493 at the 2010 census, down from 2,712 at the 2000 census. The name is of French origin, but is pronounced "Lewis-ville" by locals.

Jefferson, Jefferson County, Arkansas Unincorporated community in Arkansas, United States

Jefferson, also known as Jefferson Springs, is an unincorporated community in Jefferson Township, Jefferson County, Arkansas. It is situated on the Union Pacific Railway (UP), 15.5 miles (24.9 km) northwest of Pine Bluff, the county seat. Jefferson is home to the National Center for Toxicological Research.


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