List of current women in the United States House of Representatives

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Women have served in the United States House of Representatives since the 1917 entrance of Jeannette Rankin from Montana, a member of the Republican Party. 345 women have since served as U.S. Representatives and seven more women as non-voting delegates. As of January 3, 2021, there are 122 women in the U.S. House of Representatives (counting four female non-voting members), making women 27.2% of the total of U.S. Representatives. [1] Of the 352 women who have served in the House, 231 have been Democrats (including four from U.S. territories or the District of Columbia), and 121 have been Republicans (counting three from U.S. territories, including pre-statehood Hawaii). One woman has served in the highest office of the House, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from California, a member of the Democratic Party.


Women have been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from 46 of the 50 states. The states that have not elected a woman to the U.S. House of Representatives are Alaska, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Vermont—though Alaska, Mississippi, and North Dakota have elected women to the United States Senate. Women have also been sent to Congress from 5 of the 6 territories of the United States; the only territory that has not sent a woman to the U.S. House of Representatives is the Northern Mariana Islands. California has elected more women to Congress than any other state, with 44 U.S. Representatives elected since 1923. To date, no woman who has served in the House has ever previously been a senator, been elected to represent more than one state in non-consecutive elections, switched parties, or served as a third party member in her career, though one was reelected as an Independent.

List of states represented by women

StateCurrent Reps.Previous Reps.TotalUS House Seats
Alabama 1237
Alaska 0001
Arizona 2579
Arkansas 0444
California 19254453
Colorado 2357
Connecticut 2685
Delaware 1011
Florida 7132027
Georgia 45914
Hawaii 0662
Idaho 0222
Illinois 5131818
Indiana 2689
Iowa 3144
Kansas 1564
Kentucky 0226
Louisiana 0226
Maine 1232
Maryland 0888
Massachusetts 3479
Michigan 671314
Minnesota 4268
Mississippi 0004
Missouri 2578
Montana 0111
Nebraska 0113
Nevada 2354
New Hampshire 1122
New Jersey 25712
New Mexico 2463
New York 8212927
North Carolina 44813
North Dakota 0001
Ohio 281016
Oklahoma 1345
Oregon 1345
Pennsylvania 461018
Rhode Island 0112
South Carolina 1567
South Dakota 0221
Tennessee 1679
Texas 731036
Utah 0444
Vermont 0001
Virginia 34711
Washington 651110
West Virginia 1233
Wisconsin 1128
Wyoming 1231

Number of women

Number of women in both houses of the United States Congress (1917–2023): [2] [3]

CongressYearsin Congress%
113th2013–2015101 [4] 19.1%

Number of women in the United States House of Representatives by party

Notes: "% of party" is taken from voting members at the beginning of the Congress, while numbers and "% of women" include all female House members of the given Congress

CongressYearsWomen totalRepublican% of women% of partyDemocratic% of women% of party

Current female members

PartyDistrictTerm startTerm endReason for leaving
Marcy Kaptur Wikipedia.jpg Marcy Kaptur
(born 1946)
Democratic Ohio's 9th January 3, 1983Present
Nancy Pelosi 2013.jpg Nancy Pelosi
(born 1940)
[lower-alpha 1]
Democratic California's 12th June 2, 1987Present
Rosa DeLauro Portrait.jpg Rosa DeLauro
(born 1943)
Democratic Connecticut's 3rd January 3, 1991Present
Eleanorholmesnorton.jpg Eleanor Holmes-Norton
(born 1937)
Democratic DC at-large January 3, 1991Present
Congresswoman Waters official photo.jpg Maxine Waters
(born 1938)
Democratic California's 43rd January 3, 1991Present
Anna Eshoo 113th Congress.jpg Anna Eshoo
(born 1942)
Democratic California's 18th January 3, 1993Present
Eddie Bernice Johnson, Official Portrait, c112th Congress.jpg Eddie Johnson
(born 1936)
Democratic Texas's 30th January 3, 1993Present
Carolyn Maloney, official portrait, 116th congress.jpg Carolyn Maloney
(born 1946)
Democratic New York's 12th January 3, 1993Present
Lucille Roybal-Allard official photo.jpg Lucille Roybal-Allard
(born 1941)
[lower-alpha 2]
Democratic California's 40th January 3, 1993Present
Nydia Velazquez oficial portrait (cropped).jpg Nydia Velázquez
(born 1953)
Democratic New York's 7th January 3, 1993Present
SheilaJackson.JPG Sheila Jackson-Lee
(born 1950)
Democratic Texas's 18th January 3, 1995Present
Zoe Lofgren headshot.jpg Zoe Lofgren
(born 1947)
Democratic California's 19th January 3, 1995Present
Diana DeGette official photo (cropped).jpg Diana DeGette
(born 1957)
Democratic Colorado's 1st January 3, 1997Present
Kay Granger.jpg Kay Granger
(born 1943)
Republican Texas's 12th January 3, 1997Present
Barbara Lee official portrait (cropped).jpg Barbara Lee
(born 1946)
Democratic California's 13th April 7, 1998Present
Rep-Napolitano (cropped).jpg Grace Napolitano
(born 1936)
Democratic California's 32nd January 3, 1999Present
Jan Schakowsky official photo (cropped).jpg Jan Schakowsky
(born 1944)
Democratic Illinois's 9th January 3, 1999Present
Betty McCollum, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Betty McCollum
(born 1954)
Democratic (DFL) Minnesota's 4th January 3, 2001Present
Linda Sanchez, 116th Congress, official photo.jpg Linda Sánchez
(born 1969)
[lower-alpha 3]
Democratic California's 38th January 3, 2003Present
Virginia Foxx official photo.jpg Virginia Foxx
(born 1944)
Republican North Carolina's 5th January 3, 2005Present
Cathy McMorris Rodgers official photo (cropped).jpg Cathy McMorris-Rodgers
(born 1969)
Republican Washington's 5th January 3, 2005Presnt
Gwen Moore, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Gwen Moore
(born 1951)
Democratic Wisconsin's 4th January 3, 2005Present
Debbie Wasserman Schultz official photo (cropped).jpg Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
(born 1966)
Democratic Florida's 23rd January 3, 2005Present
Doris Matsui Official Photo (cropped).JPG Doris Matsui
(born 1944)
[lower-alpha 4]
Democratic California's 6th March 3, 2005Present
Kathy Castor.jpg Kathy Castor
(born 1966)
Democratic Florida's 14th January 3, 2007Present
Yvette Clarke official photo.jpg Yvette Clarke
(born 1964)
Democratic New York's 9th January 3, 2007Present
Jackie Speier official photo (cropped).jpg Jackie Speier
(born 1950)
Democratic California's 14th April 8, 2008Present
Marcia Fudge 116th Congress photo (cropped).jpg Marcia Fudge
(born 1952)
Democratic Ohio's 11th November 18, 2008PresentResigning to serve as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Chellie Pingree.jpg Chellie Pingree
(born 1955)
Democratic Maine's 1st January 3, 2009Present
Judy Chu official portrait.jpg Judy Chu
(born 1953)
[lower-alpha 5]
Democratic California's 27th June 19, 2009Present
Karen-Bass-2012 (cropped).jpg Karen Bass
(born 1953)
Democratic California's 37th January 3, 2011Present
Vicky Hartzler official portrait ca 115th Congress (cropped).jpg Vicky Hartzler
(born 1960)
Republican Missouri's 4th January 3, 2011Present
Jaime Herrera Beutler, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Jaime Herrera-Beutler
(born 1978)
Republican Washington's 3rd January 3, 2011Present
Terri Sewell official photo.jpg Terri Sewell
(born 1965)
Democratic Alabama's 7th January 3, 2011Present
Fredrica Wilson 112th Congress Portrait.jpg Frederica Wilson
(born 1942)
Democratic Florida's 24th January 3, 2011Present
Suzanne Bonamici.jpg Suzanne Bonamici
(born 1954)
Democratic Oregon's 1st January 21, 2012Present
Suzan DelBene, official portrait, 115th Congress.jpg Suzan DelBene
(born 1962)
Democratic Washington's 1st November 6, 2012Present
Joyce Beatty congressional portrait 114th Congress.jpg Joyce Beatty
(born 1950)
Democratic Ohio's 3rd January 3, 2013present
Julia Brownley official photo.jpg Julia Brownley
(born 1952)
Democratic California's 26th January 3, 2013Present
Bustos-IL17-pic.jpg Cheri Bustos
(born 1961)
Democratic Illinois's 17th January 3, 2013Present
Lois Frankel, Official portrait, 113th Congress (cropped).jpg Lois Frankel
(born 1948)
Democratic Florida's 21st January 3, 2013Present
Ann McLane Kuster official photo (cropped).jpg Ann McLane-Kuster
(born 1956)
Democratic New Hampshire's 2nd January 3, 2013Present
Grace Meng Official Congressional Photo.jpg Grace Meng
(born 1975)
Democratic New York's 6th January 3, 2013Present
Dina Titus official photo (cropped).jpg Dina Titus
(born 1950)
Democratic Nevada's 1st January 3, 2013Present
Ann Wagner 113th Congress official photo.jpg Ann Wagner
(born 1962)
[lower-alpha 6]
Republican Missouri's 2nd January 3, 2013Present
Jackie Walorski, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Jackie Walorski
(born 1963)
Republican Indiana's 2nd January 3, 2013Present
Robin Kelly official photo.jpg Robin Kelly
(born 1956)
Democratic Illinois's 2nd April 11, 2013Present
Katherine Clark 114th.jpg Katherine Clark
(born 1963)
Democratic Massachusetts's 5th December 10, 2013Present
Alma Adams official portrait (cropped).jpg Alma Adams
(born 1946)
Democratic North Carolina's 12th November 12, 2014Present
Debbie Dingell official portrait.jpg Debbie Dingell
(born 1953)
[lower-alpha 7]
Democratic Michigan's 12th January 3, 2015Present
Brenda Lawrence official portrait (cropped).jpg Brenda Lawrence
(born 1954)
Democratic Michigan's 14th January 3, 2015Present
Rep. Stacey E. Plaskett (VI).jpg Stacey Plaskett
(born 1966)
Democratic U.S. Virgin Island's at-large January 3, 2015Present
Aumua Amata Radewagen congressional photo.jpg Amata Radewagen
(born 1947)
[lower-alpha 8] [5] [6]
Republican American Samoa's at-large January 3, 2015Present
Kathleen Rice official photo (cropped).jpg Kathleen Rice
(born 1965)
Democratic New York's 4th January 3, 2015Present
Elise Stefanik, 115th official photo.jpg Elise Stefanik
(born 1984)
Republican New York's 21st January 3, 2015Present
Norma Torres 115th official photo (cropped).jpg Norma Torres
(born 1965)
Democratic California's 35th January 3, 2015Present
Bonnie Watson Coleman (cropped).jpg Bonnie Watson-Coleman
(born 1945)
Democratic New Jersey's 12th January 3, 2015Present
Nanette Barragan official portrait (cropped 2).jpg Nanette Barragán
(born 1976)
Democratic California's 44th January 3, 2017Present
Lisa Blunt Rochester official photo (cropped).jpg Lisa Blunt-Rochester
(born 1962)
Democratic Delaware at-large January 3, 2017Present
Liz Cheney official 116th Congress portrait.jpg Liz Cheney
(born 1966)
[lower-alpha 9]
Republican Wyoming's at-large January 3, 2017Present
US Rep Val Demings (cropped).jpg Val Demings
(born 1957)
[lower-alpha 10]
Democratic Florida's 10th January 3, 2017Present
Jenniffer Gonzalez (cropped).jpg Jenniffer González
(born 1976)
[lower-alpha 11]
Republican Puerto Rico's at-large January 3, 2017Present
Pramila Jayapal 115th Congress photo (cropped).jpg Pramila Jayapal
(born 1965)
[lower-alpha 12]
Democratic Washington's 7th January 3, 2017Present
Stephanie Murphy official photo (cropped).jpg Stephanie Murphy
(born 1978)
[lower-alpha 13]
Democratic Florida's 7th January 3, 2017Present
Debbie Lesko, official portrait, 115th Congress.jpg Debbie Lesko
(born 1958)
Republican Arizona's 8th May 7, 2018Present
Mary Gay Scanlon, official portrait, 2018.jpg Mary Gay Scanlon
(born 1959)
Democratic Pennsylvania's 5th November 27, 2018Present
Susan Wild, Official Portrait, 115th Congress.jpg Susan Wild
(born 1957)
Democratic Pennsylvania's 7th November 27, 2018Present
Axne Official Portrait.jpg Cindy Axne
(born 1965)
Democratic Iowa's 3rd January 3, 2019Present
Angie Craig, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Angie Craig
(born 1972)
Democratic (DFL) Minnesota's 2nd January 3, 2019Present
Sharice Davids.jpg Sharice Davids
(born 1980)
[lower-alpha 14]
Democratic Kansas's 3rd January 3, 2019Present
Madeleine Dean, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Madeleine Dean
(born 1959)
Democratic Pennsylvania's 4th January 3, 2019Present
Veronica Escobar official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Veronica Escobar
(born 1969)
Democratic Texas's 16th January 3, 2019Present
Lizzie Fletcher, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Lizzie Fletcher
(born 1975)
Democratic Texas's 7th January 3, 2019Present
Sylvia Garcia, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Sylvia Garcia
(born 1950)
Democratic Texas's 29th January 3, 2019Present
Deb Haaland, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Deb Haaland
(born 1960)
[lower-alpha 15]
Democratic New Mexico's 1st January 3, 2019PresentResigning to serve as United States Secretary of the Interior
Jahana Hayes, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Jahana Hayes
(born 1973)
Democratic Connecticut's 5th January 3, 2019Present
Chrissy Houlahan, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Chrissy Houlahan
(born 1968)
Democratic Pennsylvania's 6th January 3, 2019Present
Ann Kirkpatrick, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Ann Kirkpatrick
(born 1950)
Democratic Arizona's 2nd January 3, 2019Present
Susie Lee, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Susie Lee
(born 1966)
Democratic Nevada's 3rd January 3, 2019Present
Elaine Luria, Official Portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Elaine Luria
(born 1975)
Democratic Virginia's 2nd January 3, 2019Present
Lucy McBath, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Lucy McBath
(born 1960)
Democratic Georgia's 6th January 3, 2019Present
Carol Miller, Official Portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Carol Miller
(born 1950)
[lower-alpha 16]
Republican West Virginia's 3rd January 3, 2019Present
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Official Portrait.jpg Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
(born 1989)
[lower-alpha 17]
Democratic New York's 14th January 3, 2019Present
Ilhan Omar, official portrait, 116th Congress (cropped).jpg Ilhan Omar
(born 1981)
[lower-alpha 18]
Democratic (DFL) Minnesota's 5th January 3, 2019Present
Katie Porter, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Katie Porter
(born 1974)
Democratic California's 45th January 3, 2019Present
Ayanna Pressley Portrait.jpg Ayanna Pressley
(born 1974)
Democratic Massachusetts's 7th January 3, 2019Present
Kim Schrier, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Kim Schrier
(born 1968)
Democratic Washington's 8th January 3, 2019Present
Mikie Sherrill, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Mikie Sherrill
(born 1972)
Democratic New Jersey's 11th January 3, 2019Present
Elissa Slotkin, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Elissa Slotkin
(born 1976)
Democratic Michigan's 8th January 3, 2019Present
Abigail Spanberger, official 116th Congress photo portrait.jpg Abigail Spanberger
(born 1979)
Democratic Virginia's 7th January 3, 2019Present
Haley Stevens, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Haley Stevens
(born 1983)
Democratic Michigan's 11th January 3, 2019Present
Rashida Tlaib, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Rashida Tlaib
(born 1976)
[lower-alpha 19]
Democratic Michigan's 13th January 3, 2019Present
Lori Trahan, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Lori Trahan
(born 1973)
[lower-alpha 20]
Democratic Massachusetts's 3rd January 3, 2019Present
Lauren Underwood official portrait (cropped).jpg Lauren Underwood
(born 1986)
Democratic Illinois's 14th January 3, 2019Present
Jennifer Wexton, official portrait, 116th Congress.jpg Jennifer Wexton
(born 1968)
Democratic Virginia's 10th January 3, 2019Present
Stephanie Bice 117th U.S Congress.jpg Stephanie Bice
(born 1973)
[lower-alpha 21]
Republican Oklahoma's 5th January 3, 2021Present
Lauren Boebert 117th U.S Congress.jpg Lauren Boebert
(born 1986)
Republican Colorado's 3rd January 3, 2021Present
Carolyn Bourdeaux Official Portrait.jpg Carolyn Bourdeaux
(born 1970)
Democratic Georgia's 7th January 3, 2021Present
Cori Bush 117th U.S Congress.jpg Cori Bush
(born 1974)
Democratic Missouri's 1st January 3, 2021Present
Rep. Kat Cammack official photo, 117th Congress.jpg Kat Cammack
(born 1988)
Republican Florida's 3rd January 3, 2021Present
2020-11-18-LH-Studio1- Fischbach-Michelle-0029-re-SELECT.jpg Michelle Fischbach
(born 1965)
[lower-alpha 22]
Republican Minnesota's 7th January 3, 2021Present
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene official photo, 117th Congress.jpg Marjorie Taylor Greene
(born 1974)
Republican Georgia's 14th January 3, 2021Present
Diana Harshbarger 117th U.S Congress.jpg Diana Harshbarger
(born 1960)
Republican Tennessee's 1st January 3, 2021Present
Yvette Herrell official photo, 117th Congress.jpg Yvette Herrell
(born 1964)
[lower-alpha 23]
Republican New Mexico's 2nd January 3, 2021Present
Ashley Hinson Official portrait.jpg Ashley Hinson
(born 1983)
Republican Iowa's 1st January 3, 2021Present
Sara Jacobs 117th U.S Congress.jpg Sara Jacobs
(born 1989)
Democratic California's 53rd January 3, 2021Present
Young Kim 117th U.S Congress.jpg Young Kim
(born 1962)
[lower-alpha 24]
Republican California's 39th January 3, 2021Present
Teresa Leger Fernandez 117th U.S Congress.jpg Teresa Leger Fernandez
(born 1959)
Democratic New Mexico's 3rd January 3, 2021Present
Nancy Mace.jpg Nancy Mace
(born 1977)
[lower-alpha 25]
Republican South Carolina's 1st January 3, 2021Present
Nicole Malliotakis 117th U.S Congress.jpg Nicole Malliotakis
(born 1980)
Republican New York's 11th January 3, 2021Present
Rep. Kathy Manning official photo 117th Congress.jpg Kathy Manning
(born 1956)
Democratic North Carolina's 6th January 3, 2021Present
Lisa McClain 117th U.S Congress.jpg Lisa McClain
(born 1966)
Republican Michigan's 10th January 3, 2021Present
Mary Miler 117th U.S Congress.jpg Mary Miller
(born 1959)
Republican Illinois's 15th January 3, 2021Present
Mariannette Miller-Meeks 117th U.S Congress.jpg Mariannette Miller-Meeks
(born 1955)
Republican Iowa's 2nd January 3, 2021Present
Marie Newman Official Portrait.jpg Marie Newman
(born 1964)
Democratic Illinois's 3rd January 3, 2021Present
Deborah Ross 117th U.S Congress.jpg Deborah Ross
(born 1963)
Democratic North Carolina's 2nd January 3, 2021Present
Maria Elvira Salazar.jpg Maria Elvira Salazar
(born 1961)
Republican Florida's 27th January 3, 2021Present
Victoria Spartz 117th U.S Congress.jpg Victoria Spartz
(born 1978)
[lower-alpha 26]
Republican Indiana's 5th January 3, 2021Present
MichelleSteel.jpg Michelle Steel
(born 1955)
[lower-alpha 24]
Republican California's 48th January 3, 2021Present
Marilyn Strickland 117th U.S Congress.jpg Marilyn Strickland
(born 1962)
[lower-alpha 24]
Democratic Washington's 10th January 3, 2021Present
Beth Van Duyne.jpg Beth Van Duyne
(born 1970)
Republican Texas's 24th January 3, 2021Present
Nikema Williams 117th U.S Congress.jpg Nikema Williams
(born 1978)
Democratic Georgia's 5th January 3, 2021Present

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  1. First woman party leader
    First woman Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
  2. Daughter of Edward R. Roybal
  3. Sister of Loretta Sanchez
  4. Succeeded her husband
  5. First Chinese American woman elected
  6. Previously served as United States Ambassador to Luxembourg
  7. Succeeded her husband
    First woman to succeed her husband while he was still alive
  8. First woman to represent American Samoa in the U.S. Congress
    Daughter of Peter Tali Coleman
  9. Daughter of Dick Cheney
  10. Wife of Jerry Demings
  11. First woman to represent Puerto Rico in the U.S. Congress. [7]
  12. First Indian American woman elected
  13. First Vietnamese American woman elected
  14. One of the first two Native American women (alongside Deb Haaland) elected to Congress
    First LGBTQ Native American elected
  15. One of the first two Native American women (alongside Sharice Davids) elected to Congress
  16. Daughter of Samuel L. Devine
  17. Youngest woman elected to Congress (at age 29)
  18. One of the first two Muslim women (alongside Rashida Tlaib) and first Somali American elected to Congress
  19. One of the first two Muslim women (alongside Ilhan Omar) and the first Palestinian American woman elected to Congress
  20. First Portuguese American woman elected
  21. First Iranian American elected to Congress
  22. Previously served as Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota
  23. First Cherokee woman and first Native American female Republican elected to Congress
  24. 1 2 3 One of the first Korean American women elected to Congress
  25. First woman to graduate from The Citadel, in 1999
  26. First woman born in the former Soviet Union or Eastern Bloc elected to Congress

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