Luxembourg women's national rugby union team

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UnionFédération Luxembourgeoise de rugby
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First colours
World Rugby ranking
Current52 (as of 23 November 2020)
First international
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 0-73 Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg
( Leuven, Belgium 11 April 2007)
Biggest win
Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg 20-0 Serbia  Flag of Serbia.svg
( Dendermonde, Belgium 13 April 2007)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 73-0 Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg
( Leuven, Belgium 11 April 2007)

The Luxembourg women's national rugby union team represents Luxembourg at rugby union. The side first played in 2007.



Results summary

(Full internationals only)

Rugby: Luxembourg internationals 2007-
OpponentFirst gamePlayedWonDrawnLostPercentage
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium 198810010.00%
Flag of Finland.svg  Finland 200710010.00%
Flag of Germany.svg  Germany 200710010.00%
Flag of Romania.svg  Romania 200710010.00%
Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia 20071100100.00%


See Women's international rugby for information about the status of international games and match numbering

Full internationals

2007-04-11 (FIRA) Belgium  Flag of Belgium (civil).svg73-0 Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Leuven, Belgium [13/1/1]
2007-04-12 (FIRA) Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg0-38 Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Kituro (Brussels), Belgium [2/2/1]
2007-04-13 (FIRA) Luxembourg  Flag of Luxembourg.svg20-0 Flag of Serbia.svg  Serbia Dendermonde, Belgium [3/3/1]
2007-04-15 (FIRA) Finland  Flag of Finland.svg14-7 Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Tervuren, Belgium [2/1/4]
2007-10-28 Germany  Flag of Germany.svg37-0 Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg Heidelberg [51/5/1]

Other matches

2007-10-28 Germany A  Flag of Germany.svg63-0 Flag of Luxembourg.svg  Luxembourg A Heidelberg [-/-/-]

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