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Tapas Appetizer or snack in Spanish and international cuisine

A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine.

Salad bar Buffet of salad components for people to assemble their own salads

A salad bar is a buffet-style table or counter at a restaurant or food market on which salad components are provided for customers to assemble their own salad plates. Most salad bars provide lettuce, chopped tomatoes, assorted raw, sliced vegetables, dried bread croutons, bacon bits, shredded cheese, and various types of salad dressing. Some salad bars also have additional food items such as cooked cold meats, cooked beans, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cold pasta salads, tortilla chips, bread rolls, soup, and fresh cut fruit slices.

Prospect of Whitby Public house in London, England

The Prospect of Whitby is a historic public house on the banks of the Thames at Wapping in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It lays claim to being the site of the oldest riverside tavern, dating from around 1520.

Meze Small dish in Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines

Meze or mezze is a selection of small dishes served as appetizers in much of West Asia and the Balkans. Meze is often served as a part of multi-course meals. They are hugely popular in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Caucasus and the Balkans.

Fraunces Tavern Historic building in Manhattan, New York

Fraunces Tavern is a museum and restaurant in New York City, situated at 54 Pearl Street at the corner of Broad Street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. The location played a prominent role in history before, during, and after the American Revolution. At various points in its history, Fraunces Tavern served as a headquarters for George Washington, a venue for peace negotiations with the British, and housing federal offices in the Early Republic.


Drapanias is a small village in northwestern Crete, Chania. It is the principal town in the Cretan municipality of Mythimna. It was built in the ruins of the ancient town of Mythimna. The locals describe Drapanias as having three parts: Drapanias, Ano Drapanias and Kato Drapanias.

Tombstone (pizza)

Tombstone is a brand of frozen pizza. It is available with a variety of toppings, including pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, onions, bell peppers, and sausage. The package design typically includes images of a cactus and the pizza.

White Horse Tavern may refer to:

City Tavern Club

The City Tavern Club is a private club in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., United States. It is housed in the City Tavern, one of the oldest buildings and the last remaining Federal-period tavern in the city.

<i>Taverner</i> (opera)

Taverner is an opera with music and libretto by Peter Maxwell Davies. It is based on the life of the 16th-century English composer John Taverner, but in what Davies himself acknowledged was a non-realistic treatment. The gestation for the opera dated as far back as 1956 during Davies's years in Manchester, and continued when he went to Princeton University in 1962. Davies produced several instrumental works related to the opera during this gestation period, including the Points and Dances from 'Taverner' and the Second Fantasia on John Taverner's "In Nomine". Davies had completed the opera in 1968, but lost parts of the score in a fire at his Dorset cottage in 1969, which necessitated recomposition.

Spritz Veneziano Italian wine-based cocktail

A Spritz Veneziano is an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. It consists of prosecco, digestive bitters and soda water.

Suter's Tavern, also known officially as The Fountain Inn, was a tavern located in Georgetown, which later became part of Washington, D.C., and it served as Georgetown's best-known hostelry until the emergence of several newer taverns in the 1790s.

Boars Head Inn Pub in the United Kingdom

The Boar's Head Inn is the name of several former and current taverns in London, most famously a tavern in Eastcheap that is supposedly the meeting place of Sir John Falstaff, Prince Hal and other characters in Shakespeare's Henry IV plays. An earlier tavern in Southwark used the same name, and an inn of the name in Whitechapel was used as a theatre.

Cock Tavern Theatre

The Cock Tavern Theatre was a pub theatre located in Kilburn in the north-west of London. The venue specialised in new works and critical revivals. Resident companies Good Night Out Presents and OperaUpClose were also based at the venue. It shut in 2011, due to health and safety problems regarding the Victorian staircases that serviced the theatre.

Oliver White Tavern United States historic place

The Oliver White Tavern is a historic former tavern at 2 Brandy Street in Bolton, Connecticut. Built approximately 1750 as a residence, it is a good example of Georgian architecture. The tavern is historically significant because of its association with the march of Rochambeau's army during the American Revolutionary War, on their way to the Battle of Yorktown. The building, now a private residence, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

The Tavern Knight is a 1920 British silent historical film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring Eille Norwood, Madge Stuart and Cecil Humphreys. It was based on the 1904 novel The Tavern Knight by Rafael Sabatini. It is not known whether the film currently survives, and it may be a lost film.

The White Horse Inn is a 1930 operetta set in Austria.

Boars Head Inn, Eastcheap

The Boar's Head Inn was a tavern in Eastcheap in the City of London which is supposed to be the meeting place of Sir John Falstaff, Prince Hal and other characters in Shakespeare's Henry IV plays.

Manuels Tavern United States historic place

Manuel's Tavern is a historic tavern in the Poncey–Highland district of Atlanta, Georgia. Established by Manuel Maloof in 1956, the location is notable as a meeting place for influential people in the Democratic Party. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2020.

Olive B. White American college dean

Olive Bernardine White was an American writer, college professor and longtime Dean of Women at Bradley University in Illinois.