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Native name
Telemach d.o.o.
Type LLC (Private)
Industry Telecommunication

Cable broadband
Cable television

Pay television
Founded Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2010 (2010))
Area served
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Key people
Products Cable Television
Pay television
Broadband Internet
Fixed telephony
Owner BC Partners [3]
Parent The United Group [4]

Telemach (full legal name: Telemach d.o.o.) is the leading cable television and broadband internet service provider, and the largest alternative fixed line operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is owned by British company BC Partners. [5]


In October 2018 US investment company KKR & Co. L.P. has agreed to sell its majority stake in the European telecommunications company The United Group, the owner of cable providers Telemach, Telemach Montenegro, Telemach Slovenia, Telemach Croatia, Nova in Greece, SBB in Serbia and Vivacom in Bulgaria.


Telemach services are available in the following Bosnian cities:


Cable television

Telemach currently (October 2018) offers between 58-60 TV channels [9] via cable television in six major areas (Sarajevo 60, Mostar 58, Zenica, Kakanj i Visoko area, Central Bosnia Canton and ex. BHB CABLE TV markets).

Digital television

Telemach offers several digital packages (EON), and there is also 32 radio stations and 48 Music Choice channels. [10] The digital offer is unique for all areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EON Start

EON Basic (EON Start package + additional channels)

EON Extended package (EON Start, EON Basic + additional channels)

Pink package (including pink channels from EON Start and EON Extended package)

  • 1 - Pink Comedy
  • 2 - Pink Romance
  • 3 - Pink World Cinema
  • 4 - Pink Classic
  • 5 - Pink Serije
  • 6 - Pink Premium HD
  • 7 - Pink Movies
  • 8 - Pink Film
  • 9 - Pink Thriller
  • 10 - Pink Crime & Mystery
  • 11 - Pink Soap
  • 12 - Pink SciFi & Fantasy
  • 13 - Pink Horor
  • 14 - Pink Family
  • 15 - Pink Pedia
  • 16 - Pink Super Kids
  • 17 - Pink Zabava
  • 18 - Pink World
  • 19 - Pink Reality
  • 20 - Pink Show
  • 21 - Pink Style
  • 22 - Pink Fashion
  • 23 - Pink Kuvar
  • 24 - Pink Ha Ha
  • 25 - Pink LOL
  • 26 - Bravo Music
  • 27 - Pink Folk 1
  • 28 - Pink Folk 2
  • 29 - Pink Music 2
  • 30 - Pink Hits 1
  • 31 - Pink Hits 2
  • 32 - Pink n Roll
  • 33 - Pink Koncert
  • 34 - City Play

HBO Premium package

Cinestar Premiere HD package

  • 1 - Cinestar Premiere 1 HD
  • 2 - Cinestar Premiere 2 HD

Arena Sport SD package

Arena Sport HD package

Zadruga Paket

  • 1 – Zadruga Live 1
  • 2 – Zadruga Live 2
  • 3 – Zadruga Live 3
  • 4 – Zadruga Live 4

Radio stations

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Television in Serbia was introduced in 1956. It remains the most popular of the media in Serbia—according to 2009 survey, Serbian people watch on average 6 hours of television per day, making it the highest average in Europe.

Pink BH is a Bosnian cable television channel based in Sarajevo. It was established on 3 September 2018 as Pink Media BH when Pink Media Group sold its terrestrial commercial channels Pink BH and Pink M to The United Group.

Pink M is a Montenegrin cable television channel based in Podgorica. It was established on 3 September 2018 as Pink Media when Pink Media Group sold its terrestrial commercial channels "Pink M" and "Pink BH" to The United Group. is a telecommunications company in Croatia, and has been a subsidiary of Vipnet since 2011. It provides cable television, phone and Internet in Osijek, Rijeka, Solin, Split, Velika Gorica, Zadar and Zagreb.

Skylink is a satellite service that offers Czech and Slovak TV and radio stations to residents of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The package includes channels received without subscription and pay-TV channels.

Television in Bosnia and Herzegovina was first introduced in 1956. Out of 94 TV stations, 71 are commercial, 20 are public, while 3 public services are funded through subscription.

MAXtv is a Croatian pay TV provider owned by Hrvatski Telekom. MAXtv offers both IPTV and DTH paytv. The service was introduced in 2006. The service provides thematic channels, HD channels, video on demand, video recording, the use of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), MAXtv on two TV sets, MAXtv to GO and other services.

BHB Cable TV

BHB CABLE TV is Cable Television and Cable Internet service provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Headquarters is located in Lukavac. BHB was founded in 2005. and for a short time has become one of the major cable distributors in BiH.

Moja TV is a Bosnian IPTV provider, subsidiary of the BH Telecom, which provides various thematic channels, HD and Timeshift channels, Video on demand, video recording, the use of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and other similar services. Customers must purchase or rent an IPTV set-top box and subscribe one of the four basic TV packages: Moja TV Phone, Moja TV Net, Moja TV Full and Moja TV Premi. There is also MojaTV Biz is a service designed for business customers.

RTV Zenica

RTV Zenica (RTVZE) or Radio-televizija Zenica is a Bosnian public television channel founded by Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton. Local public radio station Radio Zenica is also part of this company. Headquarters of RTV Zenica is located in the City of Zenica. The program is mainly produced in Bosnian language.

Super TV is the first Bosnian IPTV provider, owned by Logosoft.

Miss.Net d.o.o. Bihać is one of the leading cable television and broadband Internet service providers in Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company was founded in 2004 and its headquarters is located in Bihać.

Nova BH

Nova BH is a Bosnian commercial television channel launched on 9 October 2018. From 2003 to 2018, this national commercial station formerly was known as Pink BH. Since October 2018, Nova BH is a member of the United Media portfolio, the leading media platform in South East Europe. Headquarters is located in Sarajevo and Nova BH also has offices and studios in Banja Luka.

Pink Media BH is a Serbian cable television channel based in Belgrade and tailored for viewers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established on 3 September 2018 when Pink Media Group sold its terrestrial commercial channels "Pink BH" and "Pink M" to The United Group.

Sevdah TV is specialized music television channel from Bosnia and Herzegovina dedicated to sevdah and traditional sevdalinka songs. Cable television channel is based in city of Travnik and it was established in 2015 by TNT Group. The program is produced in Bosnian language.

Radio Zenica is a Bosnian local public radio station, broadcasting from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina and it broadcasts a variety of programs such as news, music, morning and talk shows. Program is operated by RTV Zenica and it is mainly produced in Bosnian language.


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