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Thomas Roth may refer to:

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Philip Roth American novelist

Philip Milton Roth was an American novelist and short-story writer.

Eamonn Andrews, was an Irish radio and television presenter, employed primarily in the United Kingdom from the 1950s to the 1980s. From 1960 to 1964 he chaired the Radio Éireann Authority, which oversaw the introduction of a state television service to the Republic of Ireland.

Steve or Steven Jones may refer to:

Klaus Roth British mathematician

Klaus Friedrich Roth was a German-born British mathematician who won the Fields Medal for proving Roth's theorem on the Diophantine approximation of algebraic numbers.

Ian or Iain is a name of Scottish Gaelic origin, derived from the Hebrew given name יוֹחָנָן and corresponding to the English name John. The spelling Ian is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic forename Iain. It is a popular name in the English-speaking world and in Scotland, where it originated.

The 27th Academy Awards honored the best films released in 1954. The Best Picture winner, On the Waterfront, was produced by Sam Spiegel and directed by Elia Kazan. It had twelve nominations and eight wins, matching two other films, Gone with the Wind (1939) and From Here to Eternity (1953), though those each had thirteen nominations.

Tom Williams or Tommy Williams may refer to:

The 23rd Academy Awards Ceremony awarded Oscars for the best in films in 1950. All About Eve received 14 Oscar nominations, beating the previous record of 13 set by Gone with the Wind.

The 24th Academy Awards honored the best in film in 1951, as recognized by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Thomas Edwards or Tom Edwards may refer to:

Gene Roth actor (1903-1976)

Gene Roth was an American film actor and film manager.

Roth is an English, German, or Jewish origin surname. There are seven theories:

  1. The spilling of blood from the warrior class of ancient Germanic soldiers;
  2. Ethnic name for an Anglo-Saxon, derived from rot, referencing red-haired people;
  3. Topographical name, derived from rod, meaning a dweller in such a location;
  4. Derivative from hroth ;
  5. Local name for 18th-century Ashkenazi refugees to Germany;
  6. Derivative from roe in the ancient Danish language to signify (of) a king;
  7. Of the red colour of clay, as in pottery (German).
Thomas Roth (journalist) German television presenter

Thomas Roth is a German news anchor presenter and television presenter.

Events in the year 1951 in West Germany and East Germany.

Events in the year 1955 in Germany.

Martha Roth was an Italian-born Mexican film actress. She became a star during the Golden age of Mexican cinema.

Karma is an upcoming American reality television children's program, that will be shown on the new streaming platform HBO Max in 2020.