Thomas Schneider

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Thomas Schneider may refer to:

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Toby is a popular, usually male, name in many English speaking countries. The name is from the Middle English vernacular form of Tobias. Tobias itself is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew טוביה Toviah, which translates to Good is Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of the Jewish God. Toby is also an alternate form of Tobias.

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Schneider is a very common surname in Germany. Alternative spellings include: Schneyder, Schnieder, Snyder, Snider, Sneider, Schnyder, Znaider, Schnaider, Schneiter, Shneider, and Sneijder, Snijder (Dutch), Snither (English), Snyman (Afrikaans), Schnider, Sznajder, Szneider (Polish), Snaider, Šnajder (Serbo-Croatian), and Schneidre (French),speyer (german),spacir(slovak)prochadzka(czech,walker

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Thomas James was an English librarian and Anglican clergyman.

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Jens is a male given name and a Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Faroese and Frisian derivative of Johannes. It was the top given name for boys in Denmark in 2008.

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