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Thomas or Tom Shannon may refer to:


Thomas A. Shannon Jr. American diplomat

Thomas Alfred Shannon Jr. is an American diplomat, who served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2016 to 2018. In early 2017, Shannon served as acting United States Secretary of State until President Donald Trump's nominee, Rex Tillerson, was confirmed. He was also acting Deputy Secretary of State of the United States until the Senate confirmed President Trump's nominee, John J. Sullivan.

Thomas Bowles Shannon American politician

Thomas Bowles Shannon was a California merchant and politician who served as member of the California State Assembly and the U.S. House of Representatives for California.

Thomas Shannon was a U.S. Representative from Ohio.


Thomas "Tommy" Shannon was an English professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1930s and 1940s. He played at representative level for England, and at club level for Widnes, as a stand-off, i.e. number 6. He also appeared for Wigan as a World War II guest player.

Thomas K. Shannon

Rear Admiral Thomas Kenneth Shannon (USN) is a retired naval officer. His final assignment was as commander of the US Navy Military Sealift Command.

Tommy Shannon American bass guitarist

Tommy Shannon is an American bass guitarist, who is best known as a member of Double Trouble, a blues rock band led by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Born in Tucson, Arizona, Shannon moved to Dumas, Texas when he was nine, where he originally started as a guitarist, though he started playing bass at the age of 21. He appeared with Johnny Winter at Woodstock in 1969. He later joined Double Trouble in 1981 and became a permanent member of Double Trouble until Vaughan's death in 1990. Shannon and bandmate Chris Layton later formed supergroups such as the Arc Angels and Storyville.

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Thomas Corwin American politician

Thomas Corwin, also known as Tom Corwin, The Wagon Boy, and Black Tom was a politician from the state of Ohio. He represented Ohio in both houses of Congress and served as the 15th Governor of Ohio and the 20th Secretary of the Treasury. After affiliating with the Whig Party, he joined the Republican Party in the 1850s. Corwin is best known for his sponsorship of the proposed Corwin Amendment, which was presented in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid the oncoming American Civil War.

Wilson Shannon American politician (Democrat)

Wilson Shannon was a Democratic politician from Ohio and Kansas. He served as the 14th and 16th Governor of Ohio, and was the first governor of Ohio born in the state. Shannon was the second governor of the Kansas Territory.

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