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Tom Shaw (politician) British politician

Thomas Shaw, known as Tom Shaw, was a British trade unionist and Labour Party politician.

Thomas Shaw was an English Liberal politician who represented Halifax.

Thomas Shaw, 1st Baron Craigmyle Scottish Liberal politician and judge

Thomas Shaw, 1st Baron Craigmyle, known as The Lord Shaw from 1909 to 1929, was a Scottish radical Liberal Party politician and judge.


Thomas Shaw was the last known Irish World War I British Army veteran. He served in the Royal Irish Rifles after joining up in 1916 and fought in battles such as Passchendaele.

Thomas Shaw (Medal of Honor) United States Army Medal of Honor recipient

Thomas Shaw was a Buffalo Soldier in the United States Army and a recipient of America's highest military decoration – the Medal of Honor – for his actions in the Indian Wars of the western United States.


Thomas Edgar Shaw, aka Tom Shaw, was an American blues singer and guitarist.

Thomas Shaw was an English violinist and composer. His father, also Thomas Shaw, was a leading string player and early 18th-century concert director in Bath, England. Shaw's earliest known performance was in Bath in April 1769, but he was clearly an accomplished player by then, for during the following autumn and spring of 1770 he led the orchestra in Thomas Linley's subscription concerts. He was a member of the theatre band in 1771 and his first known composition, an overture, was performed in a concert at the end of December. By 1772 he was playing his own compositions in Bath and Bristol but difficulties with Thomas Linley made London a more attractive centre for him and his last known performance in Bath was in November 1774. That same year Six Favourite Minuets by Shaw were published by Thomas Whitehead in Bath.

Tommy Shaw American musician

Tommy Roland Shaw is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and performer best known as the front man and guitarist for the rock band Styx. In between his stints with Styx, he has played with other groups including Damn Yankees, Shaw Blades as well as releasing several solo albums.


Thomas Shaw (1694–1751) was an English cleric and traveller.

Thomas Shaw, 3rd Baron Craigmyle, was a British aristocrat, a prominent convert to Roman Catholicism and a philanthropist.

Thomas Claye Shaw, FRCP, often published as T. Claye Shaw, was a British physician and hospital administrator with a special interest in mental illness.

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Alexander Shaw, 2nd Baron Craigmyle was a Scottish Liberal Party politician.

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