Thomas Sinclair

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Thomas Sinclair may refer to:

Thomas Sinclair, was an Irish unionist politician.

Thomas Sinclair was a farmer and political figure in Manitoba. He served in the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia.

Tom Sinclair was the 1979 NCAA Division I national champion for the javelin throw. He competed for the University of Washington. At Washington, Sinclair was a multi-year All-American. Tom Sinclair also holds the Washington state high school (WIAA) record for the javelin throw at 239-1.

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Major Thomas Sinclair Harrison was a World War I fighter ace credited with 22 aerial victories. He was a balloon buster, as he destroyed two enemy observation balloons. This made him the fourth highest scoring South African.

Thomas Sinclair Holden was an Australian politician and judge.

Sinclair Thomas is a former wheelchair basketball player and current coach. He was part of the Great Britain team that came fourth at the 2000 Summer Paralympics and won bronze medals at the 2004 event. He retired from playing in 2007 to become head coach of the Wolverhampton Rhinos, and was assistant coach of Great Britain team that won bronze at the 2008 Paralympics.

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