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Thomas Smolej (born 24 September 1982 in Villach) is an Austrian actor and director.



Thomas Smolej grew up in Carinthia, completing high School in 2001 at BORG Klagenfurt with a concentration on music (Piano, Voice) and completed acting degree at the Viennese Examination Board (Paritätische Prüfungskommission Wien). Alongside his civil service in a retirement home he studied voice with Ronald Pries at the Klagenfurt Conservatory. Since 2002 Thomas Smolej has been living in Vienna. After moving there he took private acting lessons with Erhard Pauer and Isabel Weicken, as well as voice with Christian Koch und Jack Poppell and had speech training with Biggi Weidinger. Since then he has worked as a freelance actor in stage productions, doing voiceovers for radio and TV, and as an acting coach and lecturer for speech technique (“Introduction to Theoretical and Practical Speech Technique”, „Einführung in die theoretische und praktische Sprechtechnik“) at the Theater Film and Media department of the University of Vienna. Since 2005 Thomas Smolej has been a member of the permanent ensemble of Kabarett Simpl, has worked as a director, and has been on the Jury of the Examination Board for Equal Representation in the Stage Profession (Paritätischen Prüfungskommission für den Bühnenberuf) since 2012.

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ZOOM – Children's exhibition, Österreichischer Rundfunk, Servus TV, McDonald's, Nissan, Sony, ÖAMTC, Dulcolax, Alpla, 3, T-Mobile, IKEA, Kurier (Tageszeitung), Schwarzkopf (Haarkosmetik), Schartner Bombe, NÖ-Card, Vereinigte Bühnen Wien.

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