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Thomas Trane is a Danish freelance photographer. He is best known for his live- and promo pictures of musicians and made his international break-through 2003 when he started working closely with the band Evil Masquerade.

Evil Masquerade Scandanavian band

Evil Masquerade is a Scandinavian band formed in 2003. Their wide range of musical influences make them difficult to categorize. Evil Masquerade themselves claim to be playing 'Devilish Rock'n'Roll'. But since that is a self-invented genre they are usually filed under heavy metal by the music industry.



In the period 1990-2000 he was active in Danish film production and was involved in films such as:

Snøvsen ta'r springet
Carl TH. Dreyer – Min Metier
Carlo & Ester
Sunes familie
Skat det er din tur
Stora och små män
Brødrene Mortensens jul
Loppe kan også gø, En

Sunes familie is a Danish children's and family comedy that premiered in Denmark on 10 October 1997.


Today Thomas Trane has put the film making on the shelf to focus solely on photography.

A recent exception was the 2006 promo video for Evil Masquerade's "Black Ravens Cry" (taken from the album Third Act) where he was involved in the production. See the video on YouTube: . 2009 he is once again involved in the production of an Evil Masquerade video. "Desire and Pain" (taken from the album Fade To Black) can also be seen on YouTube:.

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