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Joel Veitch British artist

Joel Veitch is a British web animator, singer-songwriter, and member of the humour website B3ta. Veitch is owner of the web site RatherGood where he showcases many of his animations. Joel has also created the Mr. Stabby animations in collaboration with Jonti Picking, and his early work includes several installments of Tales of the Blode.

Rick Veitch American comics artist and writer

Richard Veitch is an American comics artist and writer who has worked in mainstream, underground, and alternative comics.

Bill Veitch New Zealand politician

William Andrew Veitch was a New Zealand politician. He began his career in the labour movement, but was a strong opponent of socialism, and rejected the militant views held by many of his colleagues.

Tom Veitch American writer

Tom Veitch is an American writer known for this work in the comic book industry. He is also a novelist and a poet.

Colin Campbell McKechnie Veitch was an English football player in the early 20th century for Newcastle United and manager of Bradford City.

St. Johns Junior Hockey League

The St. John's Junior Hockey League is a Junior B ice hockey league in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, sanctioned by Hockey Canada. Founded in 1980, the SJJHL was a recognized Junior A league from 1989 until 1991. This stretch as a Junior A league marks the last time any Newfoundland or Labrador league competed in the Junior A National Playdowns.

Veitch Nurseries

The Veitch Nurseries were the largest group of family-run plant nurseries in Europe during the 19th century. Started by John Veitch sometime before 1808, the original nursery grew substantially over several decades and was eventually split into two separate businesses—based at Chelsea and Exeter—as it became unfeasible to run the whole operation from one location. Famous plant hunters in the Victorian period employed by the Veitch family include the brothers Thomas Lobb and William Lobb from Cornwall and the David Bowman.

Harry Veitch British botanist and horticulturist

Sir Harry James Veitch was an eminent English horticulturist in the nineteenth century, who was the head of the family nursery business, James Veitch & Sons, based in Chelsea, London. He was instrumental in establishing the Chelsea Flower Show, which led to him being knighted for services to horticulture.

John M. Veitch is an American Hall of Fame Thoroughbred horse trainer. The son of U.S. Racing Hall of Fame trainer Sylvester Veitch, he belongs to a family that has been in the horse-training business for three generations.

Sylvester E. Veitch was a Hall of Fame thoroughbred horse trainer.

Veitch is a Scottish surname, and may refer to:

Michael Veitch is a retired Scottish professional darts player.

Tony Colin Veitch is a New Zealand former reporter and sports broadcaster. He hosted a Radio Sport breakfast show and Television New Zealand's ONE News 6pm sports news. Veitch resigned from all broadcasting roles in the wake of domestic violence revelations in 2008 and a conviction in 2009, but later regained significant roles at Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport, until late 2017.

Trevor Veitch is a Canadian musician/record producer who has worked behind the scenes on many pop trends from the 1960s to the present. He is mostly known for his involvement in the popular 1960s folk rock group, 3's a Crowd. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Evan, and son.

John Gould Veitch British horticulturist and traveller

John Gould Veitch was a horticulturist and traveller, one of the first Victorian plant hunters to visit Japan. A great-grandson of John Veitch, the founder of the Veitch horticulture dynasty, he also visited the Philippines, Australia, Fiji, and other Polynesian islands.

James Herbert Veitch English nurseryman and plant collector

James Herbert Veitch F.L.S., F.R.H.S., was a member of the Veitch family who were distinguished horticulturists and nursery-men for over a century.

Mick Veitch Australian politician, Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council

Michael Stanley "Mick" Veitch is an Australian politician and Labor Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Council. Veitch has been a member of the Council since 24 March 2007.

<i>Nature</i> (TV program) wildlife television program from the US

Nature is a wildlife television program produced by Thirteen/WNET New York. It has been distributed to United States public television stations by the PBS television service since its debut on October 10, 1982. Some episodes may appear in syndication on many PBS member stations around the United States and Canada, and on the Discovery Channel. This series currently airs on Wednesday on PBS.

James Veitch is an English comedian. He is mostly known for his humorous interactions with the authors of scam emails using slideshows and video effects.

JCs Girls Evangelical Christian womens organization in the United States

JC's Girls is an evangelical Christian women's organization in the United States whose members evangelize to female workers in the sex industry. The organization supports women wishing to leave the industry, but does not try to persuade them to do so. The group does not focus upon conversion but rather on communicating its message that Christians exist who are not judging female sex workers and are willing to accept them. The organization also helps both women and men seeking to overcome pornography addiction.