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Thomas Wagner may refer to:

Thomas Wagner (footballer) Austrian football player

Thomas Wagner is an Austrian football striker currently playing for SV Rohrbrunn. He spent his mainly professional career with SV Mattersburg.

Thomas Wagner is an Emmy-Award-winning, American writer, producer and composer working primarily in documentary films. He is known for his work on Finding Lucy, an American Masters PBS documentary about actress Lucille Ball. Wagner won a prime-time Emmy Award for writing and producing that film. His script for Finding Lucy was also nominated for Best Documentary Script by the Writers Guild of America. Wagner also co-produced another PBS American Masters documentary, Rod Serling: Submitted for your Approval, and his script for that film bio, co-written with John Goff, was again nominated for Best Documentary Script by the Writers Guild of America. The Serling documentary also won a Bronze Plaque at the Columbus Film Festival and a Cine Gold Eagle. Wagner also composed the music for the Academy Award nominated film, Daughter of The Bride which aired on HBO.

Thomas M. Wagner American military officer

Thomas M. Wagner was a lieutenant colonel in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He was killed when a cannon exploded during an inspection at Fort Moultrie. The main fortification on Morris Island was subsequently named for him and was the site of the First and Second Battle of Fort Wagner.

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Richard Wagner German composer

Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor who is chiefly known for his operas. Unlike most opera composers, Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music for each of his stage works. Initially establishing his reputation as a composer of works in the romantic vein of Carl Maria von Weber and Giacomo Meyerbeer, Wagner revolutionised opera through his concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk, by which he sought to synthesise the poetic, visual, musical and dramatic arts, with music subsidiary to drama. He described this vision in a series of essays published between 1849 and 1852. Wagner realised these ideas most fully in the first half of the four-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Gesamtkunstwerk "total artwork" making use of many or all art forms

A Gesamtkunstwerk is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so. The term is a German word which has come to be accepted in English as a term in aesthetics.

John Wagner Scottish/American comics creator

John Wagner is an American-born British comics writer. Alongside Pat Mills, he helped revitalise British comics in the 1970s, and continues to be active in the British comics industry, occasionally also working in American comics. He is best known as the co-creator, with artist Carlos Ezquerra, of the character Judge Dredd.

Alan Grant (writer) writer

Alan Grant is a Scottish comic book writer known for writing Judge Dredd in 2000 AD as well as various Batman titles from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. He is the creator of the characters Anarky, Victor Zsasz, and the Ventriloquist.

Wagner College private college in Staten Island, New York, United States

Wagner College is a private, regional liberal arts college in the New York City borough of Staten Island, New York, United States. Founded in 1883 and with a current enrollment of approximately 2,200 students, Wagner is known for its academic program, the Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts. The college is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Westminster College (Pennsylvania) liberal arts college in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

Westminster College is a liberal arts college located in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in 1852, it is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The student population is approximately 1,307 undergraduate and graduate students.

Michael Robert Wagner is a former professional football player, a safety for 10 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He won four Super Bowls as a member of the famed Steel Curtain defense.

Barry Wagner is a retired American football player in the Arena Football League for the Orlando Predators, with whom he won his first ArenaBowl Championship, and the San Jose SaberCats, with whom he won two championships. He also played in the World Indoor Football League as a wide receiver/defensive back with the Daytona Beach Thunder. Wagner is the all-time AFL all-purpose yardage leader. He is considered the best Arena Football player of all time. During the 2012 Arena Football League season, Wagner was named the league's greatest player of all time.

David Wagner (soccer) association football player and manager

David Wagner is a German-American football manager and former professional player who was most recently the head coach of Premier League club Huddersfield Town.

ArenaBowl IX

ArenaBowl IX was the Arena Football League's ninth ArenaBowl. The game featured the #6 Orlando Predators (7-5) of the National Conference against the #1 Tampa Bay Storm (10-2), also of the National Conference. This would be the very first ArenaBowl to have the "War on I-4" rivalry featured in it. For the Predators, this was their third ArenaBowl appearance in their first five years of existence. For the Storm, this was their fourth overall appearance with a chance to get three titles in five years.

<i>Tristan</i> (novella)

Tristan is a 1903 novella by German writer Thomas Mann. It contains many references to the myth of Tristan and Iseult. The novella alludes in particular to the version presented in Richard Wagner's opera of the same name. As such, it can be seen as an ironic paraphrase, juxtaposing the romantic heroism of Wagner's characters with their essentially flawed counterparts in the novella. It also heavily deals with psychology and a major part of the novel is set in a sanatorium and details the lives of two people who are patients at the sanatorium.

Wagner (surname) Surname list

Wagner is derived from the Germanic surname Waganari, meaning "wagonmaker" or "wagon driver". The Wagner surname is German. The name is also well established in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, eastern Europe, and elsewhere as well as in all German-speaking countries, and among Ashkenazi Jews. The Wagner surname was first found in Saxony, where the family became a prominent contributor to the development of the area from ancient times.

FK Kvik

Fotballklubben Kvik is a Norwegian association football club from Trondheim. To avoid confusion with the other Norwegian football club named Kvik, which was also known as FK Kvik until 1997, FK Kvik is sometimes referred to as Kvik Trondheim. The club was founded in 1900, and is the oldest football club in Trondheim.

Hollywood blacklist people banned from American entertainment for suspected Communism

The Hollywood blacklist—as the broader entertainment industry blacklist is generally known—was the practice of denying employment to screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and American entertainment professionals during the mid-20th century because they were accused of having Communist ties or sympathies. Artists were barred from work on the basis of their membership, alleged membership in, or sympathy with the Communist Party USA, or their refusal to assist investigations into the party's activities. Even during the period of its strictest enforcement, from the late 1940s through to the late 1950s, the blacklist was rarely made explicit or verifiable, but it directly damaged the careers of scores of individuals working in the film industry.

Michael I. Wagner American writer

Michael Wagner was an American television writer and producer who worked on several television shows between 1975 and 1992, and won an Emmy Award in 1982 for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series for his work on the television show Hill Street Blues. He co-created, produced and wrote several episodes for the one-season ABC series Probe.

The Wagner Seahawks football program is the intercollegiate American football team for Wagner College located in the U.S. state of New York. The team competes in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and are members of the Northeast Conference. Wagner's first football team was fielded in 1927. The team plays its home games at the 3,300 seat Wagner College Stadium in Staten Island, New York. The Seahawks are coached by Jason Houghtaling.

Stephen, Steven, or Steve Wagner may refer to:

Michael Wagner may refer to:

Bobby Wagner American football player

Bobby Joseph Wagner is an American football linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Utah State, and was drafted by the Seahawks in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.