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Thomas Leonard "Tom" Wells was a politician in Ontario, Canada. He served in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party from 1963 to 1985 and was a cabinet minister in the governments of John Robarts and William Davis. There is also a school in Scarborough,Ontario named after him.

Downton was a parliamentary borough in Wiltshire, which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons from 1295 until 1832, when it was abolished by the Great Reform Act.

Tommy Wells American politician

Tommy Wells is an American politician from Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Council of the District of Columbia where he served as a Democrat representing Ward 6. Wells is now the director of the District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE). Appointed January 2015, he is chiefly responsible for protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources of the District of Columbia.


Thomas B. Wells American judge

Thomas B. Wells is a judge of the United States Tax Court.

Dorothy Dunbar American actress

Dorothy Dunbar Lawson was an American actress and socialite, who appeared in silent movies in the 1920s.

Thomas M. Wells Recipient of the Medal of Honor

Thomas McCoy Wells was an Irish born Union Army soldier and officer during the American Civil War. He received the Medal of Honor for gallantry during the Battle of Cedar Creek fought near Middletown, Virginia on October 19, 1864. The battle was the decisive engagement of Major General Philip Sheridan's Valley Campaigns of 1864 and was the largest battle fought in the Shenandoah Valley.

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Thomas Welles was an American politician in 17th-century Connecticut.

Welles is an English locational surname originating from Well, a village and mill in Lincolnshire. Its oldest public record is noted ca. 1086. Variations include Well and Wells. People with the name include:

Wells is a surname of English origin, but is occasionally used as a given name too. It derives from occupation, location, and topography. The occupational name derives from the person responsible for a village's spring. The locational name derives from the pre-7th century waella ("spring"). The topographical name derives from living near a spring. The oldest public record is found in 1177 in the county of Norfolk. Variations of Wells include Well, Welman, Welles, Wellman and Wellsman. At the time of the British Census of 1881 Wells Surname at Forebears, its relative frequency was highest in Berkshire, followed by Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Kinross-shire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Sussex, Lincolnshire, Dumfriesshire and Bedfordshire. People with the name include:

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