Thomas Weston

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Thomas Weston may refer to:

Thomas S. Weston New Zealand politician

Thomas Shailer Weston, often referred to as Thomas S. Weston, was a judge and 19th-century Member of Parliament from Westland, New Zealand. Weston was the patriarch of one of two dominant Canterbury families of the legal profession.

Thomas Weston was the member of Parliament for Cricklade for various parliaments between 1369 and 1388.

Thomas Weston was baptized on December 21, 1584, at Rugeley, Staffordshire England. He was the son of Ralph Weston and Anne Smith. He was admitted to the Ironmongers Company of London in 1609

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Tommy Weston (jockey)

Thomas "Tommy" Weston, born Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire, was a British horse racing jockey. One of the most successful jockeys of the inter-war years he won eleven English Classics, eight as stable jockey for the Earl of Derby including two Derby Stakes winners in Sansovino and Hyperion.He was British flat racing Champion Jockey in 1926.