Thompson Lake

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Thompson Lake or Lake Thompson may refer to:

in Canada
Thompson Lake (Manitoba)

Thompson Lake is a glacial lake approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) northeast of Bakers Narrows which drains into Murray Lake. It is part of the Nelson River watershed, in the Hudson Bay drainage basin in the Northern Region of Manitoba, Canada. The lakes sits in Churchill River Upland portion of the Midwestern Canadian Shield forests and is surrounded by mixed forest with stands of black spruce, white spruce, jack pine, and trembling aspen. The shoreline is characterized by steeply sloping irregular rock ridges and poorly drained areas of muskeg. The lake contains northern pike, walleye, and yellow perch.

in New Zealand
in the United States
Lake Thompson (California)

Lake Thompson is a former lake in California. The name is derived from an academic who first speculated on the possibility that a lake existed in lower Antelope Valley. It occupied the area of the lower Antelope Valley and of the lakes Rogers Lake and Rosamond Lake during the Pleistocene. It dried up during the Holocene.

Thompson Lake is a lake in Meeker County, in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

Thompson Lake is a lake in St. Louis County, in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

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Thomsons Lake is a lake nature reserve in the City of Cockburn, Western Australia, approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) south of the central business district of Perth, the state capital, and on the southern fringes of the Perth metropolitan area. It in the suburb of Beeliar, 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south-west of Jandakot Airport. It is a still largely natural wetland, with adjoining native vegetation, surrounded by land developed for housing and agriculture, that regularly supports large numbers of shorebirds and other waterbirds.

Thompson Pond lake of the United States of America

Thompson Pond in Pine Plains, New York is a 75-acre (30 ha) 15,000-year-old glacial kettle pond at the foot of 1,403-foot (428 m) Stissing Mountain. It is the source of Wappinger Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River that drains much of Dutchess County.

Thompsons Lake State Park

Thompson's Lake State Park is a 308-acre (1.25 km2) state park located near East Berne in Albany County, New York.

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Custer National Forest

Custer National Forest is located primarily in the south central part of the U.S. state of Montana but also has separate sections in northwestern South Dakota. With a total area of 1,188,130 acres (4,808 km2), the forest comprises over 10 separate sections. While in the westernmost sections, Custer National Forest is a part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the easternmost sections are a combination of forest "islands" and grasslands. A portion of the forest is also part of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and constitutes over a third of the wilderness land. South of Red Lodge, Montana, the Beartooth Highway passes through the forest en route to Yellowstone National Park.

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The Methodist Episcopal Church was the first Methodist denomination founded in the United States.

Fairy Lake Lake in Gallatin County, Montana

Fairy Lake is a lake in Gallatin County, Montana at the base of the Sacagawea Peak, a part of the Bridger mountains in south central Montana. It is located within the northwestern section of the Gallatin National Forest and sits at an elevation of 7,557 ft (2,303 m).

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The Regional designations of Montana vary widely within the U.S state of Montana. The state is a large geographical area that is split by the Continental Divide, resulting in watersheds draining into the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Hudson's Bay. The state is approximately 545 miles (877 km) east to west along the Canada–United States border and 320 miles (510 km) north to south. The fourth largest state in land area, it has been divided up in official and unofficial ways into a variety of regions. Additionally, Montana is part of a number of larger federal government administrative regions.

Johnson Lake is a glacial lake in Elmore County, Idaho, United States.