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Thorell may refer to various people

Tamerlan Thorell Swedish arachnologist

Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell was a Swedish arachnologist.

Sven Thorell Swedish canoeist and sailor

Sven Gustav Thorell was a Swedish sailor who competed in the mixed one-person dinghy event at the 1928 and 1932 Summer Olympics. He won the gold medal in 1928 and finished ninth in 1932. In 1933–34 Thorell was president of the Swedish Canoe Federation.

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Wolf spider family of spiders

Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae, from the Ancient Greek word "λύκος" meaning "wolf". They are robust and agile hunters with excellent eyesight. They live mostly in solitude and hunt alone, and do not spin webs. Some are opportunistic hunters pouncing upon prey as they find it or even chasing it over short distances. Some wait for passing prey in or near the mouth of a burrow.

Nursery web spider spider family

Nursery web spiders are spiders of the family Pisauridae. They resemble wolf spiders, but they carry their egg sacs by means of their jaws and pedipalps. When the eggs are about to hatch, a mother spider builds a nursery "tent", puts her egg sac inside, and mounts guard outside. The name "nursery web spider" is especially given to the European species Pisaura mirabilis, but the family also includes fishing spiders and raft spiders.

Miturgidae family of arachnids

Miturgidae is a family of araneomorph spiders, including nearly 160 species in about 33 genera worldwide.

Long-jawed orb weaver family of arachnids

The long-jawed orb weavers or long jawed spiders are elongated spiders with long legs and chelicerae.

Liocranidae family of arachnids

Liocranidae is a family of araneomorph spiders, consisting of about 160 species of wandering spiders in 30 or so genera. Along with other groups, they are sometimes called "sac spiders". The best known are those in the Holarctic genus Agroeca. Various genera of rather obscure spiders are included in the family, which still lacks a diagnosis. Two species in the North American genus Neoanagraphis are found in often hyperarid conditions in the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts. The females apparently live in animal burrows and the males wander and are often caught in pitfall traps.

Corinnidae family of arachnids

Corinnidae is a family of araneomorph spiders, sometimes called corinnid sac spiders. The family, like other "clubionoid" families, has a confusing taxonomic history. Once it was a part of the large catch-all taxon Clubionidae, now very much smaller. The original members of the family are apparently similar only in that they have eight eyes arranged in two rows, conical anterior spinnerets that touch and are generally wandering predators that build silken retreats, or sacs, usually on plant terminals, between leaves, under bark or under rocks.

Pacullidae is a family of araneomorph spiders. It was merged into Tetrablemmidae by Brignoli in 1973 and by Lehtinen in 1981. In 2016, a large phylogenetic study proposed reviving the family. As of May 2018, the family is accepted by the World Spider Catalog.

Murder at the Savoy is a Swedish/German film from 1993, based on the book Murder at the Savoy.

Hildegard Thorell Swedish artist

Hildegard Katarina Thorell was a Swedish painter. Thorell was born in Kroppa parish, Värmland County on 22 May 1850, the daughter of an ironworks owner.

<i>A Million Thoughts and Theyre All About You</i> 2010 studio album by Alice in Videoland

A Million Thoughts and They're All About You is the fourth studio album by Swedish electronic band Alice in Videoland, released in Sweden on 11 February 2011 by Artoffact Records. It includes the singles "Spaceship" and "Something New" as well as the hit anthem "Little Bird."

Erik Thorell is a Swedish professional ice hockey player. He currently plays with HIFK in SM-liiga, the Finnish elite league.

Gustaf Thorell is a Swedish professional ice hockey player. He played with Modo Hockey in the Elitserien during the 2010–11 Elitserien season.

<i>Roseanna</i> (1993 film) 1993 film by Daniel Alfredson

Roseanna is a 1993 Swedish police film about Martin Beck, directed by Daniel Alfredson, based on the novel Roseanna (1965).

Göran Thorell is a Swedish actor. He studied at the Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting.

<i>The Hypnotist</i> (2012 film) 2012 film by Lasse Hallström

The Hypnotist is a 2012 Swedish crime thriller film directed by Lasse Hallström, based on the Swedish novel of the same name by Lars Kepler. The film was selected as the Swedish entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

<i>Idol 2013</i> (Sweden) season of television series

Idol 2013 was the Swedish Idol series' ninth season which premiered on August 19, 2013. and ended on December 6, 2013. In January 2013, TV4 confirmed that the Idol series would be returning after a year's hiatus after Idol 2011.

<i>Caerostris</i> genus of arachnids

Caerostris is a genus of spiders in the Araneidae family. They are sometimes called bark spiders. The genus Caerostris was created by the noted Swedish arachnologist Tamerlan Thorell (1830-1901) in 1868. Most species are found in south eastern Africa and neighbouring Madagascar.

Niklas Westring was a Swedish entomologist and arachnologist.

Black Roses is a 1945 Swedish drama film directed by Rune Carlsten and starring Viveca Lindfors, Anders Ek and Ulf Palme.