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Thorfinnsson may refer to:

Björn Thorfinnsson is an Icelandic chess player and journalist. He holds the title of International Master.

Bragi Þorfinnsson chess player

Bragi Þorfinnsson is an Icelandic chess grandmaster.

Paul Thorfinnsson and Erlend Thorfinnsson were brothers who ruled together as Earls of Orkney. Paul and Erlend were the sons of Thorfinn Sigurdsson and Ingibiorg Finnsdottir. Through Ingibiorg's father Finn Arnesson and his wife, the family was related to the Norwegian Kings Olav II and Harald II. They are both described as "tall, handsome men, shrewd and gentle, taking rather more after their mother's side of the family. Their lives and times are recounted in the Orkneyinga Saga, which was first written down in the early 13th century by an unknown Icelandic author.

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Magnus Erlendsson, Earl of Orkney Earl of Orkney

Saint Magnus Erlendsson, Earl of Orkney, sometimes known as Magnus the Martyr, was Earl of Orkney from 1106 to about 1115.

Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir Icelandic explorer

Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir was a Norse explorer, born at Laugarbrekka in Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

Snorri is a masculine given name. People with the name include:

Snorri Thorfinnsson 11th century Icelandic explorer

Snorri Thorfinnsson probably born between 1004 and 1013, and died c. 1090) was the son of explorers Þorfinnur Karlsefni and Guðríður Þorbjarnardóttir. He is considered to be the first white child to be born in the Americas, apart from Greenland. He became an important figure in the Christianisation of Iceland.

Thorfinn Torf-Einarsson also known as Thorfinn Skull-splitter was a 10th-century Earl of Orkney. He appears in the Orkneyinga saga and briefly in St Olaf's Saga, as incorporated into the Heimskringla. These stories were first written down in Iceland in the early 13th century and much of the information they contain is "hard to corroborate".

Icelandic Canadians are Canadian citizens of Icelandic ancestry or Iceland-born people who reside in Canada.

Haukr or Hauk Erlendsson was lawspeaker (lawman) of Iceland, later lawspeaker and knight of Norway, known for having compiled a number of Icelandic sagas and other materials mostly in his own hand, bound in a book called the Hauksbók after him.

Thorfinn (Þorfinnr) is a Scandinavian name, which originally referred to the god Thor and which survived into Christian times.

Haakon Paulsson was a Norwegian Jarl (1105–1123) and jointly ruled the Earldom of Orkney with his cousin Magnus Erlendsson. Their lives and times are recounted in the Orkneyinga Saga, which was first written down in the early 13th century by an unknown Icelandic author.

Erlend Haraldsson was joint Earl of Orkney from 1151–1154. The son of Earl Harald Haakonsson, he ruled with Harald Maddadsson and Rögnvald Kali Kolsson.

Orcadians are the people who live in or come from the Orkney islands of Scotland. Historically, they are descended from the Picts, Norse and Scots.

Willard Fiske American librarian, book collector, and chess player

Daniel Willard Fiske was an American librarian and scholar, born on November 11, 1831, at Ellisburg, New York.

Jóhann Hjartarson Chess Grandmaster

Jóhann Hjartarson is an Icelandic chess grandmaster. He is a six-time Icelandic Chess Champion and a two-time Nordic Chess Champion. He is the No. 3 ranked Icelandic player as of October 2017.

Ragnhild Eriksdotter was the daughter of Eric Bloodaxe and his wife, Gunnhild. According to the Orkneyinga Saga, she was an ambitious and scheming woman who sought power through the men of the family of Thorfinn Torf-Einarsson, who was Earl of Orkney. The period after Thorfinn's death was one of dynastic strife.

The following lists events that happened in 1979 in Iceland.

Stefán Kristjánsson

Stefán Kristjánsson was an Icelandic chess grandmaster and professional poker player.

Margeir Pétursson Icelandic chess grandmaster

Margeir Pétursson is an Icelandic banker and chess grandmaster. He founded MP Bank in 1999. He was Icelandic Chess Champion in 1986 and 1987, and Nordic Chess Champion in 1987.