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Hammel town in Denmark

Hammel is a town in central Denmark with a population of 7,095, and a former railway town at the Aarhus-Hammel-Thorsø railroad which was closed in 1956. The town is located in Favrskov municipality in Jutland. Until 1 January 2007 it was also the site of the municipal council of the now former Hammel Municipality.

<i>The Onedin Line</i> 1971–1980 UK TV-series

The Onedin Line is a BBC television drama series, which ran from 1971 to 1980. The series was created by Cyril Abraham.

Galten, Denmark town in Denmark

Galten is a former railway town in central Denmark, at the Aarhus-Hammel-Thorsø railroad which was closed in 1956. The town is located in Skanderborg Municipality, Region Midtjylland, Jutland – about 17 kilometres – west of Aarhus and is now more or less a satellite town of Aarhus. Today, Galten has almost fused with the neighbouring eastern town of Skovby into an urban area with a population of 8,647.


Sall is a village and a church parish in the Favrskov municipality in the Danish region of Midtjylland. In former times the village has been known as Sal, Sald (Pontoppidan) and Salle (Trap). The village itself has a population of 239 and is situated centrally in Sall Parish. It is situated at 56°16′43″N9°49′30″E.

Tose may refer to:

Katti Anker Møller Norwegian womens rights activist

Katti Anker Møller was a Norwegian feminist, children's rights advocate, and a pioneer of reproductive rights.

Becquerel is a 167 km-diameter crater at 22.1°N, 352.0°E on Mars, in Arabia Terra in Oxia Palus quadrangle. It is named after Antoine H. Becquerel.

Thaumasia quadrangle one of a series of 30 quadrangle maps of Mars

The Thaumasia quadrangle is one of a series of 30 quadrangle maps of Mars used by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Astrogeology Research Program. The Thaumasia quadrangle is also referred to as MC-25 . The name comes from Thaumas, the god of the clouds and celestial apparitions.

Trouvelot (Martian crater) crater on Mars

Trouvelot is a crater on Mars, located in the Oxia Palus quadrangle at 16.2° north latitude and 13.1° west longitude near the crustal dichotomy in the circum-Chryse region. It is roughly located along the dichotomy between Arabia Terra to the northeast and the southernmost of the circum-Chryse outflow channels to the southwest. Trouvelot crater measures approximately 149 kilometers in diameter and was named after Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, a French astronomer (1827–1895). The naming was adopted by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature in 1973.

Spallanzani (Martian crater) crater on Mars

Spallanzani is a crater on Mars, located in the Hellas quadrangle at 58.0° south latitude and 86.4° east longitude. It measures approximately 72 kilometers in diameter and was named after Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729–1799). The name was adopted by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature in 1973.

OSO 3 solar space observatory

OSO 3, or Third Orbiting Solar Observatory was launched on March 8, 1967, into a nearly circular orbit of mean altitude 550 km, inclined at 33° to the equatorial plane. Its on-board tape recorder failed on June 28, 1968, allowing only the acquisition of sparse real-time data during station passes thereafter; the last data were received on November 10, 1969. OSO 3 reentered the Earth's atmosphere and burned up on April 4, 1982.

Kai Møller Norwegian politician

Kai Bisgaard Anker Møller was a Norwegian land owner and politician.

Thorsø, Denmark Village in Central Denmark, Denmark

Thorsø is a village, with a population of 1,837, located in Favrskov Municipality of the Central Denmark Region in the Jutland peninsula of Denmark.

Thorsø, Norway Village in Østfold, Norway

Thorsø or Tose is a farm located in the former municipality of Torsnes in Østfold county, Norway. The first written source found about this farm is from 1472, in the form of Tosowe. This is one of three placenames in Østfold that are believed to derive from Old Norse Þórshof and thus indicate an old location for worshipping the Norse god Thor, a temple or "hof". Jan de Vries pointed out in his work on Germanic religion that although instances of placenames derived from Þórshof are fairly common in Norway, they are all grouped around the Oslofjord.

Terje Venaas jazz musician

Terje Venaas is a Norwegian jazz musician, known from dozens of recordings and a number of international cooperation.

Oluf Petersson Kalips (c.1520-1592) was a Norwegian nobleman, landowner and Chancellor of Norway.

Tove Mohr Norwegian womens rights activist

Tove Kathrine Mohr was a Norwegian physician, socialist, and proponent for women's rights.

Old St Peters Church, Thurso church building in Highland, Scotland, UK

Old St Peter's Church is a ruined parish church on Wilson Lane, in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. Dedicated to Saint Peter, it dates to at least 1125, and at one time was the principal church for the county, administered by the Bishops of Caithness. It became a scheduled monument in 1929 and from 1975 until 2016 it was also a Category A listed building.

Crommelin (Martian crater) crater on Mars

Crommelin Crater is an impact crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 5.1°N latitude and 10.2°W longitude. It is 113.9 km in diameter. It was named after British astronomer Andrew Crommelin (1865–1939), and the name was approved in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN).

Janus Laurentius Ridter Danish painter

Janus (Ianus) Laurentius Jørgensen Ridter was a Danish painter and illustrator. He is remembered above all for his illustrations of Danish industrial establishments in the 1880s and his topographical watercolours and drawings of Copenhagen in the 1890s and 1900s.