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Thorsteinsson and Thorsteinsen are patronymic surname of Scandinavian origin, meaning son of Thorsteinn. The names may refer to:

A patronymic, or patronym, is a component of a personal name based on the given name of one's father, grandfather, or an earlier male ancestor. A component of a name based on the name of one's mother or a female ancestor is a matronymic. Each is a means of conveying lineage.

A surname, family name, or last name is the portion of a personal name that indicates a person's family. Depending on the culture, all members of a family unit may have identical surnames or there may be variations based on the cultural rules.

Scandinavia Region in Northern Europe

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. The term Scandinavia in local usage covers the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The majority national languages of these three, belong to the Scandinavian dialect continuum, and are mutually intelligible North Germanic languages. In English usage, Scandinavia also sometimes refers to the Scandinavian Peninsula, or to the broader region including Finland and Iceland, which is always known locally as the Nordic countries.


Raymond (Ray) Thorsteinsson, was a Canadian geologist who focused on the geology of the high Arctic. He was a Fellow of The Arctic Institute of North America, primarily known for his contribution to the geology of the Proterozoic and Paleozoic rocks.

Steingrímur Thorsteinsson Poet and writer

Steingrímur Thorsteinsson (1831–1913) was an Icelandic poet and writer. He translated many works of literature into Icelandic, including Arabian Nights and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Thorbjorn Thorsteinsson, also known as Thorbjorn the Clerk, was a pirate from the Orkney Islands who was executed in 1158.


Cecilie Thorsteinsen is a Norwegian team handball player.

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Skúli Þórsteinsson was an 11th-century Icelandic poet and warrior. He was the grandson of Egill Skallagrímsson and a courtier of Jarl Eiríkr Hákonarson. A short account of his life is given at the end of Egils saga:

Icelandic Basketball Federation Basketball governing body in Iceland

The Icelandic Basketball Federation is the national governing body of basketball in Iceland and is a member of the continental association FIBA Europe and the global International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It directs and oversees all of the national basketball teams of Iceland, including both the junior and senior national teams of both men and women.

Statistics of 1. deild in the 1993 season.

Statistics of 1. deild in the 1997 season.

Þorsteinsson is a surname of Icelandic origin, meaning son of Þorsteinn. In Icelandic names, the name is not strictly a surname, but a patronymic. The name may refer to:

Bjarnason Island is an island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the territory of Nunavut. It lies in the Arctic Ocean, north-west of Axel Heiberg Island, separated from it by Bukken Fiord to its north and Bunde Fiord to its south.

Pól Thorsteinsson Danish footballer

Pól Thorsteinsson is a retired Faroese football player. He has been spent most of his career in the Faroe Islands, while he had brief stints in Iceland and Denmark. At the end of his career Pól Thorsteinsson played with VB/Sumba, who won the Faroese 1. division; in 2010 they changed their name to FC Suðuroy, and the team will be playing in the best division Vodafonedeildin, but Pól Thorsteinsson decided to end his football career at the end of the 2009 season. He has been capped for the Faroe Islands at senior level.

Steinþór Freyr Þorsteinsson Icelandic footballer

Steinþór Freyr Þorsteinsson is an Icelandic footballer who currently plays for KA in the Úrvalsdeild. He is known for his outstanding athleticism and long throw-ins. He was voted the best player of the first seven rounds of the Icelandic deild in both 2009 and 2010.

Gjerpen Idrettsforening is a sports club in Skien, Norway. It was founded in 1918. Among the club's activities are handball, skiing and athletics. In handball the club's women's team has won the National championships several times. Notable players are Kjerstin Andersen, Hanne Hegh and Siri Eftedal.

Pól is a masculine given name in both the Irish and Faroese languages.

Óðinn Björn Þorsteinsson Icelandic shot putter

Óðinn Björn Þorsteinsson is an Icelandic athlete competing in the shot put and discus throw. He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics without qualifying for the final.

Eggert Gíslason Þorsteinsson was an Icelandic politician. He was the minister for social affairs from August 1965 to July 1970.

The Cabinet of Bjarni Benediktsson in Iceland was formed 14 November 1963. It dissolved 10 July 1970 due to the death of the Prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, who was killed in a house fire the night before along with his wife and grandson.

Sálin hans Jóns míns (band) band

Sálin hans Jóns míns sometimes abbreviated to just Sálin was an Icelandic rock band established in Reykjavík by Guðmundur Jónsson, Jón Ólafsson and Stefán Hilmarsson. Soon Rafn Jónsson and Harald Þorsteinsson joined for their inaugural year. The band held its first concert in March 1988 considered the year of establishment. In 1989, Rafn Jónsson and Harald Þorsteinsson were replaced by Friðrik Sturluson and Jens Hansson as permanent members.

Loftur Þorsteinsson, was an Icelandic Galdrmaster. He is known in Icelandic folklore, where he is the subject of many folksagas about his alleged magical performances.

Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson may refer to:

Thórarinn Ingi Thorsteinsson was an Icelandic track athlete who specialized in hurdling and sprinting. He participated in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki in the 110 meter hurdles, 400 meter hurdles and 4 x 100 meter relay.

Erik Thorsteinsen Toft is a Norwegian handball player, who plays for Mors-Thy Håndbold.