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Thrane as a surname of Danish origin may refer to people:

Josephine Thrane was a Norwegian teacher and political activist.

Marcus Thrane Norwegian politician

Marcus Møller Thrane was a Norwegian author, journalist, and the leader of the first labour movement in Norway. It was later known as the Thrane movement (Thranebevegelsen).

Mathias Thrane is a Danish football player who plays for Nykøbing FC.

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Magnus the Good King of Norway and Denmark

Magnus Olafsson, better known as Magnus the Good, was the King of Norway from 1035 and King of Denmark from 1042, ruling over both countries until his death in 1047.

Morten Thrane BrĂ¼nnich Danish zoologist and mineralogist

Morten Thrane Brünnich was a Danish zoologist and mineralogist.

Thorite nesosilicate mineral

Thorite, (Th,U)SiO4, is a rare nesosilicate of thorium that crystallizes in the tetragonal system and is isomorphous with zircon and hafnon. It is the most common mineral of thorium and is nearly always strongly radioactive. It was named in 1829 to reflect its thorium content. Thorite was discovered in 1828 on the island of Løvøya, Norway, by the vicar and mineralogist, Hans Morten Thrane Esmark, who sent the first specimens of this black mineral to his father, Jens Esmark, who was a professor of mineralogy and geology.

Morten Olsen Danish footballer

Morten Per Olsen is a Danish football manager and former football player. He was the head coach of the Danish national team for 15 years from 2000 until 2015, guiding Denmark to the 2002 FIFA World Cup, 2004 European Championship, 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2012 European Championship. He has also managed Brøndby IF to two Danish Superliga championships and Ajax to the Double of the 1998 Dutch Eredivisie championship and Dutch Cup trophy. He is the only person ever in football to achieve 100 national matches for his country both as player as well as coach.

Norwegian Constituent Assembly

The Norwegian Constituent Assembly is the name given to the 1814 Constitutional Assembly at Eidsvoll in Norway, that voted the Norwegian Constitution and formalised the dissolution of the union with Denmark. In Norway, it is often just referred to as Eidsvollsforsamlingen, which means The Assembly of Eidsvoll.

Jens Esmark Danish-Norwegian professor of mineralogy

Jens Esmark was a Danish-Norwegian professor of mineralogy who contributed to many of the initial discoveries and conceptual analyses of glaciers, specifically the concept that glaciers had covered larger areas in the past.

Morten Fevang Norwegian footballer

Morten Fevang is a Norwegian professional football midfielder, who currently Norwegian Second Division side Notodden.

Øystein Lønn is a Norwegian writer. He made his literary debut in 1966 with the short stories Prosesjonen, and followed up with the novel Kontinentene in 1967.

Hans Morten Thrane Esmark was a Norwegian priest and mineralogist. He is most noted for first locating the mineral thorite.

Esmark is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Morten is a common given name in Norway and Denmark. Approximately 22,138 have this name as a given name in Norway and about 52 people have it as a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Morten Wormskjold Danish botanist

Morten Wormskjold was a Danish botanist and explorer. He collected plants in Greenland and Kamchatka. The standard author abbreviation Wormsk. is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.

Morten Lund may refer to:

Christian Fleischer was a Danish civil servant in the naval administration.

Events from the year 1827 in Denmark.

Events from the year 1737 in Denmark.

The Denmark national rugby league team represents Denmark in the sport of rugby league. They are official observers of members of the Rugby League European Federation. Danish rugby league stats, news, team results and other information can be seen on Denmark's RLEF Page.

Andreas BrĂ¼nniche Danish painter

Andreas Pedersen Brünniche was a Danish portrait painter, active in the period called either late Baroque or early Rococo.

Brünnich is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: