Three Seasons (band)

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Three Seasons
Origin Sweden
Genres Blues rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, folk rock
Years active2009-present
LabelsTransubstans Records
MembersSartez Faraj
Olle Risberg
Thomas Broman
Past membersChristian Eriksson

Three Seasons is a Swedish rock band and trio made up of Sartez Faraj on vocals, Olle Risberg and Christian Eriksson, releasing rock music heavily influenced by 1960s and 1970s music. It is signed to the Swedish Transubstans record label.


The trio was formed in 2009 and their debut album was the double vinyl album Life's Road, with heavy blues rock, psychedelic jams, with touches of folk music, groovy funk and jazz. It was immediately followed by 7" single "Escape". Encouraged by the success, they released a second LP in 2012 entitled Understand the World and an arrangement with Dutch distributors Clear Spot to repress the initial vinyl for Life's Road and wider distribution throughout Europe. Three Seasons engaged on a wide European tour to market the albums. Greatly successful in Spain, the Spanish magazine Rock The Best Music chose the band as "one of the ten best 70′s-style bands of the whole century".

Three Seasons released a third album release in 2014 titled Grow, [1] [2] [3] their highest charting release in Sweden.




YearAlbumPeak positionsCertification
2011Life's Road45
2012Understand the World 


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