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Genre Indie rock
Country of origin United States
Location Brooklyn, New York
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Threespheres is a record label from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2001.


The label has released albums by six bands, including The Forms, The Desert Fathers, By Symmetry and First Nature.


Alex Tween, singer of The Forms and co-founder of Threespheres, gives some history of the label on

"To date we've always released all of our projects on our own label Threespheres (including the new Forms album, though that is being distroed through ADA, which I believe is what Merge and Saddle Creek use). At the time we thought the album would do well because The Forms' album Icarus had recently come out and sold a few thousand copies despite us having no idea what we were doing, it being our label's first release. But the release of the Desert Fathers album happened to coincide with the high-profile bankruptcy of our distributor The Telegraph Company. We had leaned on Telegraph a lot because we were all on tour all the time and couldn't tend to the day-to-day business of a label very effectively, it being the days before wifi on interstates. So once the Kindercore disaster and subsequent bankruptcy started happening, basically the whole support system behind the releases at the time fell apart, not just for the Desert Fathers album but others too, and so it pretty much got hung out to dry. The bankruptcy contributed to putting our label in a financial hole that it took years to recover from, which is largely why it's taken a few years since the last Forms album."

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