Thrill of a Lifetime

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Thrill of a Lifetime
Created by Sidney M. Cohen
StarringDoug Paulson, Teri Austin
Country of originCanada
ProducersBarrie Diehl, Tracy Cohen
Running time22 minutes
Original release
ReleaseNovember 2, 1981 (1981-11-02) 
April 10, 1987 (1987-04-10)

Thrill of a Lifetime is a television reality series (before that term was coined) created by Sidney M. Cohen (who also directed many of the episodes) and Willie Stein. It was telecast from 1981 to 1988 in Canada on the CTV network. Thrill of a Lifetime gave viewers the chance to live their dreams, [1] with thrills ranging from daredevil adventures to the romantic. The program was hosted by Doug Paulson, [2] with Teri Austin joining as co-host later in its run. One of the program's more notable episodes was in its first season, when it arranged for an aspiring model named Shannon Tweed to pose for Playboy , which led to her becoming 1982's Playmate of the Year and launching an acting career. [1] [3] [4]


Thrill of a Lifetime was revived in 2002 with new episodes produced and telecast in Canada and other countries.[ citation needed ]


The original run of Thrill of a Lifetime ran for six seasons. [5]

Season 1

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
1-01November 2, 1981An actress rides a killer whale as it performs before a crowd of 2,000; a Victoria man recreates a flight on a B-25 bomber; a Montreal man meets Miss Canada 1981, Dominique Dufour.
1-02November 9, 1981A nine-year-old Little Leaguer pitches to Montreal Expos catcher Gary Carter; a model (Shannon Tweed) auditions for Playboy ; an insurance agent confronts wrestling's "Masked Destroyer".
1-03November 16, 1981A man washes windows on the CN Tower, then climbs to the top; a railroad worker becomes rich for a day; a woman takes over as host of The Alan Thicke Show ; a man puts his pet, Queenie, through her paces.
1-04November 23, 1981An eleven-year-old boy appears in a guest role on The Littlest Hobo ; newlyweds ride a biplane; a car owner "takes revenge" on her automobile; a songwriter has one of her songs performed on national television.
1-05November 30, 1981A man plays the first black James Bond (including driving one of the original Bond cars); a 65-year-old couple travel to the Arctic; a fourteen-year-old girl takes a beachcombing trip in B.C.; after ten years as pen pals, a Canadian and British correspondent meet for the first time.
1-06December 21, 1981A limo chauffeur drives a racing car; a woman gets a "make-over" and is featured in Homemakers magazine; a man sings with one of his favourite stars; a girl in a wheelchair rides in a hot air balloon with country music star Carroll Baker.
1-07January 4, 1982A construction worker crowns "Mr. Thrill of a Lifetime" in an all-male beauty pageant; a professor and best-selling author takes on 13-year-old tennis star Carling Bassett at a tennis academy in Sarasota, Florida; a teenager is reunited with her father.
1-08January 18, 1982An ordinary person makes an emergency landing in a jet liner; two brothers are reunited; a participant makes a country singing debut.
1-09January 25, 1982A 15-year-old amateur boxer spars with Commonwealth and Canadian heavyweight champion Trevor Berbick; a computer operator rescues a damsel in distress; a boy learns magic from two magicians.
1-10February 15, 1982A woman skates with Toller Cranston on the set of Stars on Ice; a man goes over the rapids of Hell's Gate; a couple are married in a traditional Oriental setting.
1-11March 15, 1982An 80-year-old pianist-composer, Cliff Carter records his first album, Mr. Nostalgia; [6] a grocery clerk tries bull-riding; an eighth-grader teaches a classroom of teachers.
1-12March 22, 1982A twelve-year-old skates pairs with Canadian Figure Skating champion Tracy Wainman; a 17-year-old Scarborough high school student performs in concert with rock group Triumph; a Montreal librarian becomes a comic strip star.
1-13April 5, 1982A seven-year-old skates with Montreal Canadiens star Guy Lafleur; a woman becomes a plus-size model; a pastor tries motorcycle ice racing.
1-14April 12, 1982A woman makes her comedy debut with comedian Marty Allen; a man goes helicopter skiing; a man joins forces with Chuck Norris.
1-15April 19, 1982A seven-year-old Manitoba youngster battling a serious illness becomes "The Baby Trucker"; a Toronto firefighter shoots pool with Minnesota Fats; a Nova Scotian woman is reunited with her mother, whom she has not seen for twenty years.
1-16May 3, 1982A marketing executive swims with dolphins in a marine aquarium; an Edmonton baker plays oil baron; an aspiring ballerina gets her chance to dance.
1-17May 10, 1982A taxi dispatcher plays disc jockey on an FM radio station; a prison inmate plays saxophone before a studio audience; a waitress is permitted to wear $1 million in diamonds.
1-18UnknownAn Ottawa woman receives a pass from Wayne Gretzky and scores her first goal; an advertising executive participates in a western cattle round-up; 12-year-old girl sings the national anthem at an Ottawa hockey game.

Season 2

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
2-01September 2, 1982A 10-year-old girl dances "The Nutcracker" with ballerina Veronica Tennant; a teenager plays tuba with the Canadian Brass; a baker runs an oil company for a day; an executive swims with dolphins.
2-02September 20, 1982A Thunder Bay firefighter fires the cannons on HMCS Haida for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's performance of the 1812 Overture ; a follow-up with Playmate of the Year, Shannon Tweed; a school teacher gives host Doug Paulson an anniversary surprise.
2-03September 16, 1982A Calgary sales representative plays with the Montreal Expos; two teenage girls are serenaded by their favorite singing group, The Nylons; a married couple goes on a wild rollercoaster ride through a mountain of shaving cream; pen pals who have been writing to each other for more than 60 years meet.
2-04October 4, 1982A pizza baker joins the RCMP Musical Ride; a high school student plays Shakespeare opposite Len Cariou at Stratford, Ontario; an Ottawa civil servant demolishes a 14-storey apartment building; a 9-year-old boy imitates his idol, Elvis Presley.
2-05October 11, 1982A student plays stuntman and falls from a three-storey building; a waitress pilots a blimp; a girl rides a circus elephant.
2-06October 18, 1982A Quebec postal worker attempts to qualify for his professional drag-racing license; a couple honeymoon in Niagara Falls; an 11-year-old hockey goalie receives a complete set of official equipment; an aspiring singer from the Prairies makes her debut performing Slow Hand .
2-07October 25, 1982A 12-year-old Alberta boy takes command of HMCS Athabaskan; an explosive technician learns falconry and gives an outdoor performance; a woman overcomes her fear of heights by jumping 2,000 feet with skydiving champion Kathy Cox; a Nova Scotian woman plays bagpipes with the Toronto Police Pipe Band.
2-08November 8, 1982A father of two goes one-on-one against New York Islanders' Mike Bossy; a 12-year-old girl from Calgary plays a duet with Liona Boyd; a B.C. woman proclaims her love for her husband on national television.
2-09November 15, 1982An 11-year-old boy captains his classmates in a football game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders; a husband and wife stay at an exclusive hotel and cruise on a private yacht on their "millionaire's holiday"; an accountant goes fishing with angler Red Fisher.
2-10November 22, 1982An 87-year-old woman helicopters to a remote ice field in B.C. that she and her husband first discovered 50 years earlier; a woman substitutes for John Byner on Bizarre ; a 12-year-old boy plays soccer with the Montreal Manic; four sisters are reunited after twenty-four years apart.
2-11November 29, 1982An airline employee is home-plate umpire at a Pearson Cup game between the Expos and the Blue Jays; a teen-ager rides The Black Stallion; two sisters mud wrestle; an English man travels to Canada to surprise his twin sister, whom he has not seen in over 25 years.
2-12January 10, 1983A Manitoba couple goes deep-sea fishing off the Mexican coast; a Vancouver university student dances a pas de deux with national ballet dancer Frank Augustyn; a deaf girl receives a hearing dog; a Saskatchewan grandmother rides a 1942 Harley Davidson motorcycle.
2-13January 17, 1983A baton twirler (Tanya Swinimer) from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, marches in the Grey Cup Parade; an 18-year-old body builder from Golden, B.C. works out with Mr. Universe, Roy Callender; a Moose Jaw homemaker sings at Gilley's country and western night in Pasadena, Texas; best friends are reunited after a lengthy separation.
2-14January 24, 1983A homemaker rides a Great Lakes freighter as it is launched; an Alberta illusionist performs at Hollywood's Magic Castle; two high school students ride to school in a helicopter.
2-15January 31, 1983A young businesswoman selects the second annual "Mr. Thrill of a Lifetime"; a university student flies with the Ray-Ban Reds; after a 22-year separation, a woman is reunited with the aunt who raised her.
2-16February 7, 1983A 12-year-old boy flies in a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora, a Canadian Forces maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft; a Nova Scotia school girl performs with her favourite singers; a woman joins the Toronto Argonauts' cheerleading squad.
2-17February 14, 1983A girl spends her birthday on The Dukes of Hazzard set; a forest ranger pilots the Canada 1, Canada's entry in the America's Cup yacht race; a B.C. couple get married.
2-18February 21, 1983A high school student plays basketball with Julius Erving; an Ontario family attends a gala film festival opening for a film starring their late grandfather; an executive secretary travels in Canadian Forces submarine HMCS Ojibwa; Saskatchewan grandparents jitterbug.
2-19February 28, 1983A Thunder Bay student visits the Playboy Mansion; a 16-year-old girl pilots the Bluenose II in a parade of tall ships; a Victoria man sings on stage to his mother.
2-20March 7, 1983A Calgary homemaker sings in concert with Toronto; a 12-year-old boy "pilots" a NASA Space Shuttle simulator; a teenage girl rides with Olympic equestrian, Mark Laskin; a Montreal housewife is reunited with Quincy star Robert Ito, who was once her dance partner.
2-21March 21, 1983A delivery driver participates in a demolition derby, a 19-year-old Dave Foley performs comedy at The Improv in Los Angeles; [7] a secretary learns to scuba dive in Mexico; a B.C. grandmother meets her African foster-child after 20 years.
2-22March 28, 1983An Ontario secretary coaches her hometown hockey team, the Peterborough Petes; a logger plays rodeo clown; a Winnipeg woman works with penguins; a pair of nine-year-olds are reunited.

Season 3

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
3-01September 19, 1983A boy participates in military exercises at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright; a 15-year-old girl works as an investigative reporter for Canada AM ; twin sisters have a food fight.
3-02September 26, 1983A woman plays wide receiver with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats; a 15-year-old girl dresses up as Barney Rubble at Canada's Wonderland; an amateur painter visits Robert Bateman's studio.
3-03October 3, 1983A man brews his own beer at a major brewery; [8] a woman rides a dirt bike before a crowd at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.
3-04October 10, 1983A man learns how to crash a car like a stunt driver; a teenager acts out her favorite television commercial; a woman operates a streetcar 40 years after having been a streetcar driver 40 years earlier.
3-05October 17, 1983A man takes rides a buffalo; a woman models for the Sears catalog; an amateur violin maker hears his creation played by Stéphane Grappelli.
3-06October 24, 1983A musical impersonator appears onstage with Johnny Cash; a girl goes on a date with a robot; a table tennis player plays against the Chinese National Table Tennis team; a Winnipeg teenager hears his own composition played by Andre Gagnon and they play a duet.
3-07October 31, 1983A writer plays one of her characters; a woman plays in a horror scene; a girl plays a duet with Frank Mills; a woman is made into a vampire by a professional makeup artist.
3-08November 14, 1983A high school soccer team plays with the Toronto Blizzard; a calypso music fan plays with The Merrymen; a grandmother goes to the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival.
3-09December 19, 1983A man flies in a jet fighter; a housewife meets fitness star Ed Allen; a 10-year-old Mark Edwardson Jr. makes a movie mentored by an Oscar-winning[ citation needed ] filmmaker Eugene Fedorenko.
3-10December 26, 1983A 9-year-old girl trains with gymnast Elfi Schlegel; two mothers dance in a casino revue chorus line; a couple drives a team of Carlsberg draft horses.
3-11January 9, 1984A telephone lineman climbs a 100-foot pole in an exhibition against lumberjacks; a man celebrates his 100th birthday riding in a Rolls-Royce; a woman is serenaded by Chris de Burgh; a woman is reunited with five generations of her family for a family portrait.
3-12January 16, 1984A woman rides a bronc bareback at the Calgary Stampede; a bus mechanic works in the pits at Mosport during a championship race; a man from the Prairies goes fishing on the Atlantic; a woman has tea with comedian Anna Russell.
3-13January 30, 1984A history buff recreates 19th-century military life at Old Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario; a man climbs a sheer rockface; a woman performs with the National Tap Dance Company; two 11-year-old girls visit Government House, the official residence of British Columbia's Lieutenant Governor.
3-14February 20, 1984A participant travels aboard the Concorde; a fan meets David Cronenberg; a boy goes to the bottom of the Atlantic in a submersible.
3-15February 27, 1984A steelworker takes the helm of a restored steamboat in the Muskoka region of Ontario; a woman visits Tom Jones backstage in Atlantic City; a pack of Cub Scouts performs a Grand Howl.
3-16March 12, 1984A 12-year-old girl sings the national anthem before a crowd of 40,000 at a Montreal Expos game; a student models in the Creeds Winter Fashion Show; a backhoe operator operates the world's largest earth-mover; a homemaker meets a lifelong friend whom she has not seen in 40 years.
3-17March 19, 1984A 13-year-old girl skates with Canadian champion and Olympic silver-medalist Brian Orser; twin brothers participate in air-sea rescue maneuvers aboard a Canadian Forces helicopter; Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan becomes the provincial capital for a day.
3-18March 26, 1984An amateur chef prepares dinner for celebrities; a high school flautist plays with Paul Horn; a photographer shoots press photos of celebrities; a father and daughter are reunited after a 35-year separation.
3-19April 2, 1984Two senior citizens are in Dino Bravo's corner for a wrestling match; a man proposes to his girlfriend in an unusual way; a man plays harmonica with the Downchild Blues Band; a woman participates on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
3-20April 9, 1984A 12-year-old boy spends a day training at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division; a woman shows her designs to Oscar de la Renta; a young couple eat breakfast in Halifax, lunch in Toronto, and supper in Vancouver.
3-21April 16, 1984A team of boys takes on the Vancouver Canucks in a game of street hockey; a blackjack player serves as croupier in an Atlantic City casino; a woman goes hang gliding over Lake Ontario.

Season 4

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
4-01October 13, 1984A teenage girl joins the Winnipeg Jets in a softball game against the Calgary Flames; a working mother appears in Flare magazine with the help of Vidal Sassoon; three grandmothers join the circus.
4-02October 27, 1984A boys' basketball team competes against the Harlem Globetrotters; a businessman prepares sushi; a couple visit the Northwest Territories where they build and sleep in an igloo.
4-03November 17, 1984An executive helps complete the construction of a new skyscraper; a teenager meets World Figure Skating Champions Martini and Underhill; a young cartoonist meets Mad Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones.
4-04November 24, 1984A 14-year-old swimmer races Alex Baumann; a woman competes in her first horse race; an art teacher meets Ella Fitzgerald; an English grandmother meets her Canadian granddaughter for the first time.
4-05December 8, 1984A 12-year-old speed skater races Olympic champion Gaetan Boucher; a harness racing fan calls a feature race; a waiter performs with the Temptations at Toronto's Ontario Place.
4-06December 15, 1984A 15-year-old boy rides in a speedboat with Robert Theoret; a music teacher accompanies photographer Freeman Patterson on a field expedition; a man participates in a Brazilian festival in Montreal and is rewarded with a trip to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
4-07December 29, 1984A skier causes an avalanche in the cause of safety; a son sings a song he wrote for his father while he was recovering from an accident; a French chef cooks for an oil rig crew; and a bowling fan is reunited with someone at a provincial tournament.
4-08January 14, 1985A group travels to Nashville to meet a number of country music acts, including The Oakridge Boys, Minnie Pearl, Roy Acuff, Loretta Lynn, and Gary Morris.
4-09January 28, 1985A skier joins champion Todd Brooker on a downhill course; a girl plays a part in a Platinum Blonde video; an animal lover mothers a baby monkey.
4-10February 18, 1985A man rides in a giant four-wheel drive truck as it crushes a row of cars at Toronto's Exhibition Stadium; a highschool teacher competes in a trapshooting match against Susan Nattrass; a man joins the crew of a water bomber on a practice flight.
4-11February 25, 1985An architect helms a tall ship; a 13-year-old boy teams up with fiddler Lee Cremo; a young man gets tips from Rummy Bishop on the way to an appearance on Snow Job .
4-12March 4, 1985A 102-year-old man visits St. Catharines, Ontario, where worked on the construction of the Welland Canal; a teacher races Olympic silver-medalist Curt Harnett at Montreal's Olympic Velodrome.
4-13March 18, 1985A 15-year-old boy participates in a Toronto Blue Jays pre-game warm-up; a family of amateur ventriloquists performs with Shari Lewis and Lambchop; a firefighter learns the latest techniques.
4-14March 25, 1985A student and his friends challenge the Canadian rowing team (Olympic gold medal winners at the Los Angeles games); two men settle a bet involving a Porsche.
4-15UnknownA curling fan skips Ed Werenich's rink for a day; an 18-year-old girl dances in a Toronto night club.
4-16UnknownA water-skier is towed by a ferry; an Air Force veteran conducts the Air Command Band in concert; a 12-year-old presents the news.
4-17UnknownA septuagenarian minister flies over his parish in a World War II Tiger Moth biplane; a rockhound travels to an Arctic mine; and a man, after 40 years of marriage, has some songs he wrote for his wife published.

Season 5

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
5-01October 3, 1985A grade 9 student spends a day at the Toronto Argonauts' training facility; a man helps assembly-line workers build his own car; a middle-aged mother swings from the Hotel Vancouver's chandelier.
5-02October 10, 1985A 12-year-old boy travels by helicopter to surprise his father on an east coast oil rig; a university student learns the trapeze; a darts buff plays one of the best in the world.
5-03October 17, 1985A businessman tours Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse; a housekeeper spends a day with Charley Pride; Mark Edwardson, whose previous thrill was animating a cartoon drawing, returns to animate a television commercial.
5-04October 24, 1985A teacher plays Santa Claus at Toronto's Eaton Centre; a trumpet player performs with the Canadian Brass; a retired teacher meets one of her former sixth-graders, Karen Tilley, Miss Canada 1985.
5-05October 31, 1985Thrill seekers participate in aerial siding, speedboat racing, and canoe racing on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City in February.
5-06November 7, 1985A receptionist observes sharks in their habitat in The Bahamas; a civil servant explores the Blue Holes; a mechanic helps build an undersea structure.
5-07November 14, 1985A highschool student meets her idol, soap opera star Michael Damian from The Young and the Restless .
5-08November 21, 1985A 13-year-old girl dives with Olympic gold-medalist Sylvie Bernier; a mother becomes a police constable for a day; a farmer meets accordion player Frank Yankovic at a Ukrainian New Year's party.
5-09November 28, 1985A peewee hockey team plays the Quebec Nordiques; a businessman plays squash with Sharif Khan; a teenager raps with The Fat Boys.
5-10December 5, 1985A man windsurfs in The Bahamas with an Olympic champion; a young mother dances the can-can with a professional troupe; a young man bobsleds with the Canadian national team near Lake Placid, N.Y.
5-11February 20, 1986A fan tap dances with Maurice Hines; a man bounces on top of BC Place's inflatable roof; a school teacher water skis at Cypress Gardens, Florida.
5-12February 27, 1986An engineer performs 25,000 feet in the air; a waiter has his cartoon published; a girl becomes a princess at a beauty pageant.
5-13March 6, 1986A man captains his own ship; a high school student dangles from a helicopter over the Rocky Mountains; a fan joins Honeymoon Suite in concert.
5-14March 13, 1986A fan plays with Canada's water polo team; a bank teller becomes a cowgirl for a day; a businessman rides in the sky.
5-15March 20, 1986A telephone repairman goes whitewater rafting; a fan joins the Famous People Players on stage; a mother steps into the fashion world.
5-16March 27, 1986A crown prosecutor becomes a model for a day; a student plays tennis with Jimmy Arias.
5-17April 3, 1986An amateur jams with Elvin Jones; a music fan becomes a disc jockey; a horse enthusiast joins the Canadian equestrian team.
5-18April 10, 1986A dentist plays a million-dollar organ; a farm girl goes to Marineland of Canada in Niagara Falls, Ontario; a teenage bodybuilder meets Mr. Universe.
5-19April 17, 1986A juggler steps into the spotlight at Circus World.
5-20April 9, 1986A 12-year-old boy spends a day training at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division; a woman shows her designs to Oscar de la Renta; a young couple eat breakfast in Halifax, lunch in Toronto, and supper in Vancouver.
5-21UnknownA truck driver switches to funny cars; a fan jams with a blues legend; a gardener rides in a horse race.

Season 6

EpisodeOriginal air dateSummary
6-01October 10, 1986A designer of the first Greyhound bus meets some old friends; a husband and wife sail on Canada's entry in the America's Cup; a woman makes and eats Turtles chocolates; army friends are reunited after 40 years.
6-02November 21, 1986A thrill-seeker plays with Canada's World Cup Team; a fan meets Loretta Lynn; a bus operator drives a chuckwagon; friends are reunited after 28 years.
6-03December 5, 1986A man cleans the ice for the Montreal Canadiens; a teenage girl skis with Laurie Graham; a 78-year-old fiddler plays with a champion; a brother and sister are reunited after 40 years.
6-04December 12, 1986A 5-year-old boy goes on a date with Keshia Knight Pulliam of The Cosby Show ; a man learns some tablecloth magic; a woman receives a dressage lesson from Canadian champion Cindy Ishoy.
6-05January 9, 1987A woman cooks with Ruth Fremes of What's Cooking; a man competes in a tractor-pull competition; a grandmother works with elephants; a brother and sister are reunited after 80 years.
6-06January 16, 1987A student becomes a hotel manager; a girl presents an award at the CASBYs; a man receives the guitar of his dreams.
6-07January 23, 1987A music lover plays guitar with Domenic Troiano; a girl dances with prima ballerina Evelyn Hart; a man is reunited with his foster parents.
6-08January 30, 1987A student appears on The Campbells ; a data processor works at Toronto's Molson Indy; a grandmother releases balloons at a circus.
6-09February 13, 1987A dentist learns photography from Yousef Karsh; a girl kayaks with 1984 Olympic gold-medalist Alwyn Morris; a teenager plays with wild animals.
6-10February 20, 1987A 12-year-old navy cadet runs an army obstacle course; a student races a Nova Scotian dory; a grandmother travels by helicopter to a tea party.
6-11February 27, 1987A theatre lover performs with William Hurt; a highschool teacher rides a tank; a grandmother roller skates with a Canadian champion; sisters-in-law are reunited after 40 years.
6-12March 6, 1987A Canadian Forces mechanic drives a Lamborghini; a woman appears in a bridal magazine; a girl plays hockey with the Winnipeg Jets.
6-13March 13, 1987A man records his favorite song; two women throw things off a six-storey building; an 8-year-old boy becomes an executive for a day; pen pals are united after 30 years.
6-14March 27, 1987Two young boys meet Toronto Maple Leaf hockey star Wendel Clark; a woman plays in a military marching band; a man flies in a restored W.W.II B-25 Mitchell bomber.
6-15April 3, 1987A woman works on CTV's Live It Up! ; a woman rides a railway handcar; a teenage boy becomes a chef in the military; two friends are reunited after 25 years.
6-16April 10, 1987A fan meets Ben Johnson; a retiree dances with a Canadian champion ballroom dancer; a homemaker wears jewelry worth millions; sisters are reunited after 21 years.
6-17UnknownA woman commands an army parade: a man junks a car; a 100-year-old woman is reunited with her niece after 60 years.
6-18UnknownA woman sings with Ronnie Hawkins; a married couple coach a CFL team; two sisters are reunited after 20 years.
6-19UnknownA student goes over the edge of the CN Tower; a man steers a lifeboat; a teacher goes to a Montreal gala; a boy is reunited with his pet.
6-20UnknownA B.C. man joins the Canadian Coast Guard for a search-and-rescue mission; an executive secretary produces, directs and stars in her own music video; a New Brunswick man is reunited with his two sons, whom he has not seen in 30 years.
6-21UnknownA man wears knight's armor; Cats Can Fly play at the prom of a small graduation class; a brother and sister are reunited after 64 years' separation.

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During the 1979–80 and 1980–81 seasons, four more Canadian teams, the Edmonton Oilers, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, and Calgary Flames, joined the NHL. The Oilers and Flames were featured frequently as the two teams were contenders the 1980s; in contrast, as the Nordiques were owned by Carling-O'Keefe, a rival to the show's sponsor Molson and whose English-speaking fanbase was very small, the Nords were rarely broadcast, and never from Quebec City during the regular-season.

Donald MacPherson was a Canadian broadcast executive who served as head of First Choice from 1981 to 1984 and CBC Sports from 1984 to 1988.


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